The Philippines: Protect, don’t attack lawyers, foreign delegation tells Duterte

March 18, 2019


A delegation of foreign lawyers has asked President Rodrigo Duterte to protect, and refrain from “publicly attacking,” lawyers, after it found a “sharp increase” in human rights violations against legal professionals during the current administration.

The President should instead publicly condemn attacks, the nine-member delegation said after conducting a brief study of 13 violent incidents against lawyers in the last two years.

The mission learned there was “no structural protection, compensation or remedy for the victims and their families,” as well as a “lack of effective oversight of executive bodies  and law enforcement agencies, supporting a culture of impunity.”

As part of their study, the delegation, whose members come from Belgium, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, and the United States, also interviewed officers from the Department of Justice and the National Bureau of Investigation, which they said recognized the problem but seemed “frustrated” about local investigations.

At least 37 lawyers have been killed in the line of duty since the Duterte administration began, according to the count of the National Union of People’s Lawyers, one of the local groups that hosted the international mission.–F61b027iZ9zGmNC5NJCloC2nJc4BPi14K6T0eAP8

Click to access EN_HRL_20190325_Phillipines_Murder-of-lawyer-Rex-Jasper-Lopoz.pdf (FRANCAIS)

19 March 2019

Knowing How it Feels:

Int’l Lawyers Looking Into Attacks on Ph Lawyers Harassed

It was so for real. And it stared at us right in our faces.

The International Delegation. of Lawyers which just concluded a Colloquium and issued a critical Initial Findings on the query into the attacks on Filipino judges, prosecutors, lawyers and paralegals was itself the subject of brazen threats, harassment, and surveillance yesterday.

At the press conference at the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), a man in civilian clothes who identified himself as a military personnel approached an IBP staff and boasted that “these foreigners are now under surveillance.” Afterwards, he milled around the Delegation and was not-so-discreetly taking our pictures and snooping on our conversation. Meanwhile, a woman in sloppy civilian clothes was also close by and was looking ill at ease, reporting at the top of her voice to somebody over the phone. When asked by our hosts to identify herself, she claimed to be a media person but could not produce any form of identification at all.

Thereafter, the Delegation was closely tailed from the IBP to a mall where we took lunch
by two men in bullcaps riding in tandem on a motorcycle with no plate number. We were tailed until we reached our hotel where more men in civilian clothes and bullcaps were posted at both entrances, obviously stalking us and peering into the lobby and monitoring the ingress and egress of people and vehicles.

When one of the men visibly posted close to the entrance was confronted by the hotel security, he claimed he was waiting for his relative to check in though he was just standing outside pounding incessantly on his mobile phone for several hours already. We learned that he actually left for the night.

Also, a member of our host committee was also tailed presumably by the same group of people when she left the hotel.

Earlier today, a heavily tinted car parked at the basement of the hotel tailed the vehicle of our Delegation even while motorcycle-riding men were idly posted at the hotel’s street corner.

We were made to understand that our Delegation was probably the first foreign group to enter the country and conduct a firsthand open inquiry on the reported rights violations under the present Philippine government.

Under the contemporaneous circumstances and in the context of the usual reaction of the Duterte government towards opinions inconsistent with its official line, these vexatious acts against our Delegation appear to have the fingerprints of intimidation and reprisal by State agents.

It is indeed ironic that our lawyers’ delegation representing various legitimate and prestigious organizations from all over the world which openly met with government offices and officials – other than the police and military which gave us a runaround – will be subjected to brazen harassmen ourselves.

Even more outstandingly ironic is that we as international lawyers
made time to see things firsthand on the reported attacks on our peers and brethren out of genuine concern and who in good faith humbly put forward concrete recommendations for consideration by the authorities are ourselves the object of attack.

The respective embassies and missions of the members of our Delegation, the various international lawyers groups which organized, participated, supported and endorsed us, and the international community have been put on notice of this unacceptable harassment.

Indeed, to see and feel is to believe. And no amount of ad hominem insults and official denials of reality can change this matter of fact. But we will be back. #


Suzanne Adely
Hans Gaasbeek
c/o 09159074183

(National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers Facebook, 19/03/19)

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(National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers Facebook, 18/03/19)

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(Leila de Lima Facebook, 24/03/19)

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(Leila de Lima Facebook, 24/03/19)

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