Egypt: Alexandria: Prosecutor Extends Pretrial Detention of Yellow Vests Prisoner

January 8, 2019

Montazah Prosecution, Alexandria, has handed lawyer Mohamed Ramadan another 15-day detention order pending case 16576/2018.

The lawyer will be transferred to El Ghorbaniat Prison in Burj Al Arab Detention Center, according to his lawyer Mohamed Hafez.

Ramadan, known as Abu Baibars, has been held in solitary confinement since December 10 as he is charged with possessing yellow vests to use in demonstrations against the Egyptian regime copycatting the protests that erupted in France.

Hafez, lawyer at AFTE, said that Ramadan’s medical condition is deteriorating because of the solitary confinement and the lack of medical care.
Ramadan is also charged with joining a terrorist group and promoting its ideologies through social media, publishing fake news, and possessing illegal publications. (ARABIC)


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