Honduras: Another Lawyer Killed In Honduras, 153 Since 2002

December 4, 2018

A Honduran lawyer was brutally gunned down in a restaurant near the Supreme Court on Monday. Only 10% of the murders of lawyers go punished in the country.

The Honduran Human Rights Commission says that 153 lawyers have been murdered in Honduras between 2002 and 2018, and 90 percent of these cases have gone unpunished. The national commission released a statement on Monday after lawyer Reynaldo Barahona was found murdered.


As many as 130 of the cases took place between 2010 and 2018 alone, said the rights body, that condemned the planned assassination of Barahona brutally shot at Monday morning by armed men wearing bulletproof vests who converged on the lawyer as he ate breakfast in a restaurant near the country’s Supreme Court in Tegucigalpa. Local media says the defender was riddled with bullets in the restaurant where police and military officials were also dining.

The Honduran state agency called on the authorities to establish effective security mechanisms to protect against these homicides.

“It is urgent that Honduran authorities establish security mechanisms to safeguard the physical integrity and life of legal professionals and their families,” the commission underlined.



Click to access EN_HRL_20181221_Honduras_Murder-of-lawyer-Reynaldo-Barahona.pdf

https://www.elheraldo.hn/videos/?mId=pRE9BnPp (ESPANOL)

https://www.laprensa.hn/sucesos/1238877-410/abogado-asesinado-frente-corte-suprema-justicia (ESPANOL)

https://menafn.com/1097789622/Honduras-surge-in-lawyers-killings-after-new-murder (ESPANOL)

https://www.elheraldo.hn/pais/1238914-466/presidenta-del-colegio-de-abogados-exige-justicia-tras-asesinato-de-reynaldo-barahona (ESPANOL)

https://www.elheraldo.hn/fotogalerias/1239288-468/familia-y-amigos-despiden-los-restos-del-abogado-reynaldo-barahona-asesinado (ESPANOL)

https://hch.tv/2018/12/05/dan-ultimo-adios-al-abogado-reynaldo-barahona-y-otros-sucesos-en-tgu/ (ESPANOL)

https://elpulso.hn/dos-abogados-a-quienes-mataron-en-2018-habian-pedido-proteccion-al-estado/?fbclid=IwAR1bFl7wRgJEY3wkOggKNADaLLX92hkw1BTROUtyaWPfPD7wqHvLqHxVdWI (ESPANOL)

http://conadeh.hn/ (ESPANOL)

HONDURAS – 3 décembre 2018
Reynaldo Barahona
Abattu en face de la Cour suprême de justice à Tegucigalpa.
Il avait demandé une protection car il figurait sur une liste des personnes à exécuter établie par les services spéciaux. Elle lui avait été refusée.

La menace a été exécutée…


(L’Observatoire des Avocats Facebook, 06/12/18)


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