Egypt: Court arrests lawyer from ‘Helwan Brigades’ case

November 19, 2018

Building of the Egyptian High Court of Justice [Bastique/Wikipedia]

The Egyptian North Cairo Criminal Court, Sunday, arrested Mohsen Qurani Abdel Razek, who turned out to be a lawyer defending one of the detainees during the 35th trial session of 215 people opposed to the military coup, known in the media as Helwan Brigades.

The representative of the Public Prosecution read out the indictment against the arrested detainee number 176, known as Mohsen Sayed Qurani, while his defence, Ala Elmuddin, objected to the name of the detainee, and said his name is Mohsen Sayed Makhlouf.

The representative of the Public Prosecution demanded maximum sentance for the detainee, while the defence committee objected to the charges against him, noting that he is a lawyer of one of the detainees in that case.

The lawyer requested to be released. He also requested the court to consult the Civil Affairs Department about Mohammed Sayed Makhlouf, as the latter has to be the real detainee according to the trial order, and the person in question is not the one in charge of the indictment, and is his name is not the same mentioned in the trial order.

The defence added that what the Public Prosecution reported that the detainee, whose name is Mohsen Sami, is proof against him and the testimony of the detainee’s birth certificate, which the prosecution has submitted, is not an evidence that he is accused.

The defence requested summoning the first, second, and third witnesses to discuss the detainee’s investigations and to determine the source of those investigations, as they are the only evidence in the case before the detainee.

The court adjourned the trial session until December 12 to complete the proceedings.


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