Pakistan/The Netherlands/UK: Lawyer of Asia Bibi: Don’t deprive me of my honour


For lawyer Saif-ul-Malook (62) the Asia Bibi-affair far and wide is the most delicate matter with which he had to deal during his time as a jurist. „As I took this affair upon me, it felt as putting on a bomb jacket. To declare oneself a lawyer of the most well-known suspect of blasphemy in Pakistan stands equal to suicide.”

He looks energetic, the lawyer of Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian who in 2010 was sentenced to death. After the Supreme Court had recalled the judgement at Wednesday, Malook left his home country at Saturday. Shortly after he had spoken to the international media at The Hague Monday afternoon, he takes some time for an interview.

Malook, short in stature, looks with a penetrating view from above the rim of his glasses. “Just pose questions to me, I have time, even if it takes me three, four hours. The fact that I am now in the Netherlands is part of my vocation, for if I hadn’t been a lawyer, I wouldn’t have been here. I have lost my freedom, but not my self-regard and not the respect from the Western world for my role in the Bibi-affair too, as I hope.”

Malook became involved in the affair on the position of Christians in his country after the murder on the governor of the province of Punjab, Salman Taseer, in 2011. This politician plead for abolishing the notorious blasphemy laws. In Pakistan, these are applied frequently to condemn Christians and other minorities because of doubtful accusations. (“On Wednesday, there will be a debate on the case of Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian woman recently acquitted of blasphemy after spending eight years on death row. Antonio Tajani is due to hold a press conference in Strasbourg with Saif-ul-Malook, Asia Bibi’s lawyer, and MEP Peter Van Dalen.”) (NEDERLANDS) (NEDERLANDS)



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