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Cameroon: Manifestation du MRC: Me Michelle Ndoki aux arrêts

le 27 octobre, 2018

Michelle Ndoki 311247995

L’avocate du MRC Michelle Ndoki , est aux arrêts, elle se trouve actuellement en détention à la Police judicaire de Bonanjo,. Elle prenait part à une grande manifestation à Douala pour contester le hold-up électoral.

LIRE AUSSI: URGENT: un plan d’élimination physique de Maurice Kamto révélé

Une forte présence policière et gendarme est actuellement sur le lieu de la manifestation. Le siège du MRC de Deido est attqué au gaz lacrymogène en ce moment, et l’on apprend également qu’une trentaine d’autres manifestants sont arrêts.














https://www.bbc.com/pidgin/world-46003314?fbclid=IwAR2w6nAyOAteZAZt2aF9Q23pErnQMLLdwJC25r896-MqmF7sOVfFjHSFyko (PIDGIN)

Me Michelle NDOKI vient d’être interpellée et conduite à la DRPJ littoral. Tous les Confrères sont invités à se rendre d’urgence à cette unité pour exiger sa libération immédiate. *On ne touche pas à l’Avocat*

(Facebook, 27/10/18)

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Enfin Libre!!
La Conseur Ndocky Michèle a été libérée !!!!

(Facebook, 28/10/18)

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Notre Consoeur Me NDOCKY interpellée à la PJ, dans l’intervalle ,venu l’assister un Confrère Me Bayo battu par un policier à la PJ .

(Facebook, 27/10/18)

USA/Ecuador: Chevron Intimidation Led Boston Mother to Sign False Affidavit Attacking Landmark Ecuador Pollution Judgment

October 25, 2018

Chevron Feeling “Heat” From Asset Seizure Action In Canada As Company Lawyers Try to Pressure Witnesses Based On False Evidence

In a stunning confession, a Boston-area financial manager and mother of four who raised funds for Amazon Indigenous peoples has admitted under oath that Chevron lawyers successfully intimidated her to sign an affidavit with false statements designed by the oil giant to undermine its $9.5 billion Ecuador pollution liability.

Chevron’s pressure tactics were directed against Katie Sullivan, a business owner who had spent months successfully assisting Ecuadorian Indigenous and farmer villagers raise funds to challenge the oil giant. They also come at a time when the company is under enormous pressure in Canada as the Ecuadorian villagers try to seize critical company assets, an effort backed by the nation’s largest Indigenous federation (Assembly of First Nations) which represents 653 tribes. In addition, 36 institutional Chevron shareholders in the U.S. recently challenged CEO Michael Wirth over his mishandling of the Ecuador litigation.

Sullivan, whose owns a company called Streamline Family Office that manages assets for wealthy families, testified in a sworn deposition on September 28 that she lived in “fear” from Chevron before signing an affidavit written entirely by company lawyers at the Gibson Dunn firm who have been directed by Wirth to retaliate against the Ecuadorians and their legal advisors, primarily Harvard Law graduate and New York human rights advocate Steven R. Donziger. Chevron has used false testimony, witness bribery, and fraudulent evidence to try to taint Donziger and other lawyers for the Ecuadorians, according to evidence summarized in a criminal referral letter against the company submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Donziger said Chevron subpoenaed Sullivan last March for documents as part of its long-running campaign to seek “dirt” on him and supporters for the Indigenous peoples. Chevron then forced Sullivan to sit for two sworn depositions. It was during the second of these that she admitted under questioning from Donziger that Chevron lawyers pressured her to sign off on several false statements, all an apparent violation of ethics rules governing attorney conduct.

In her sworn testimony on Sept. 28, Sullivan made the following admissions under oath:

**That Chevron lawyers Robert Blume and Anne Champion were part of a team from the Gibson Dunn law firm that wrote the entirety of her 23-page affidavit.

**That Chevron lawyers failed to incorporate several of her requested changes to the affidavit before she signed it under pressure just minutes before the start of her second deposition while “praying” the company’s litigation against her would end.

**That her affidavit contained multiple misleading or false statements written by Chevron lawyers intended to taint Donziger for which she possessed no knowledge, and which were demonstrably false.






Poland/Tajikistan: Tajik dissidents attempt to challenge ruling class from Poland

October 26, 2018

Tajiks ‘banned’ at home form opposition alliance in Poland, where Islamophobia and anti-refugee sentiment is rising.

There are around 500 Tajiks in Poland [File: Kacper Pempel/Reuters]

To human rights campaigners, Alim Sherzamonov is a civil society activist.

But in his native Tajikistan, he is considered an “extremist”.

Sherzamonov is from Khorog in eastern Tajikistan’s Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, which borders Afghanistan, and is a local opposition leader.

Tensions between the Tajik government in Dushanbe and the people of Gorno-Badakhshan run high. Demonstrations six years ago turned deadly as the army and local armed forces clashed.

Like other Tajik opposition dissidents, Sherzamonov fled Tajikistan for Poland.

“We hope that Polish authorities will help us endorse our plight,” said Sherzamonov, who reached the Eastern European country last year.

In early September, he was appointed as a deputy leader of the National Alliance of Tajikistan – an opposition coalition of four Tajik dissident parties and organisations: the Forum of Tajik Freethinkers, the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT), the Association of Central Asian Migrants, and the People’s Movement “Reforms and Development in Tajikistan”.

The Alliance represents a broad section of Tajik society, including secular and traditional figures, and is based in Poland.

Jamshed Yorov, a lawyer from Dushanbe, is also among the Tajiks living in Poland. He was detained several times in his homeland on various charges before he escaped to Poland. Meanwhile, his brother Buzurgmehr Yorov, a human rights lawyer, was sentenced to 28 years in prison for defending political dissidents from the banned IRPT.






Peru: Jenny Nolasco, la abogada asesinada por defender a las mujeres de Manchay


En el recuerdo de un pueblo. Investigación policial reveló que ella recibía protección desde agosto del 2017. Su asesinato deja a merced de los traficantes de terreno a familias humildes.

Jenny Nolasco dejó su ciudad natal de Huancayo para atender a familias humildes.

–¿Tienes un proceso? ¿Te ha pegado tu marido? ¡ Entonces, vamos a denunciarlo!

Estas eran las frases que la doctora Jenny Nolasco Tomas solía decirle a sus clientes al tomar conocimiento de una denuncia por maltrato o desalojo ilegal en Manchay, una zona convulsionada del distrito de Pachacámac por el tráfico de tierras y donde la presencia del Estado es casi nula.

Para la abogada huancaína que llegó hace más de diez años a este centro poblado ubicado entre cerros y arenales en la periferia de Lima, ni el dinero o la falta de recursos era un requisito para tomar el caso.

“La justicia por sobre todas las cosas”, repetía a su familia cada vez que le preguntaban del porqué había tomado un caso sin parpadear.

“Tenía un gran corazón, defendió a muchas mujeres contra la violencia familiar, entre ellas, a mí”, recuerda con tristeza Micaela Huapaya. Su hermana, Valeria, le agradeció también por su gran apoyo cuando desapareció su sobrino. Estos son dos testimonios que pintan de cuerpo entero el amor por su profesión que durante su vida Jenny Nolasco (46) supo plasmar y proyectar en su comunidad.

Por eso no es de extrañar que el día de su asesinato cientos de madres y familias enteras acudieran a la posta, al velatorio, e incluso acompañaran sus restos en su recorrido por las zonas de Vista Alegre y Portada I, donde la abogada de los pobres, como solían llamarla, se ganó el cariño de todos por la gran labor social que realizó en favor de mujeres víctimas de violencia y aquellos vulnerables a los desalojos ilegales en Manchay.



PEROU – 13 octobre 2018
Jenny Nolasco Tomás, “l’avocate des pauvres” de Manchay abattue devant son cabinet après avoir reçu des menaces de mort pendant huit mois.

Le 13 octobre, deux tueurs à gages sur une moto ont tué de cinq balles Jenny Nolasco Tomás, 46 ans. Ce jour-là, un appel sur son téléphone portable a forcée Jenny Nolasco à quitter son domicile pour se rendre à son cabinet d’avocats, situé au n ° 1 de l’avenue Víctor Malásquez, à Manchay. Il était 10 heures lorsqu’elle s’est garée devant le cabinet d’avocats Nolasco & Asociados, où elle avait été prétendument appelée pour y rencontrer un client. Deux …

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(L’Observatoire des Avocats Facebook, 26/10/18)