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October 9, 2018

Venezuelan opposition denies jailed politician took own life

The disputed jailhouse death of an opposition councilman arrested on allegations of plotting to kill President Nicolas Maduro has triggered alarm among many Venezuelans and swift condemnation from several foreign dignitaries.

Venezuela’s government said on Monday that Fernando Alban took his own life by leaping from the 10th floor of the state intelligence agency’s headquarters. But opposition leaders denied the official version and a few dozen of Alban’s supporters gathered outside the building yelling “Maduro killer!” contending that he had been murdered.

“There’s no doubt this was an assassination,” opposition leader Julio Borges said in a video from exile in neighboring Colombia, without providing evidence of his claim.

Alban, 56, was taken into custody Friday at Caracas’ international airport upon arriving from New York, according to his lawyer.



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China: Chinese rights lawyer’s new strategy: Outlast the oppressors

October 22, 2018

Attorneys and activists lay low as Xi’s government bares its teeth

A Chinese human rights lawyer knew it was time to put his battles with the government and state enterprises on hold when he saw his young son waiting for the “bad guys” to come.

“My son was looking out the window at night with a stick in his hand, like he was keeping watch,” the lawyer said. “And he said, ‘I’m going to beat up the bad guys if they try to take dad away.'”

The lawyer, who is in his late 40s, has handled cases involving land expropriations, arbitrary decisions by authorities and commitments broken by state-owned enterprises. His clients have included both individuals and businesses. But he fears the effects on his son’s psyche, not to mention the risk that the increasingly oppressive government might retaliate against his family.

The tide started to change in 2012 and 2013, coinciding with President Xi Jinping’s rise to power. “I had this scope where I could feel safe,” he said, “but I felt it start narrowing fast.”

In July 2015, the government turned more aggressive, detaining over 300 activists, lawyers and other individuals. The lawyer said there was little he could do to help his comrades; he is still not sure why he was not taken in, too.

Today, the lawyer speaks out little and avoids participating in overseas protests like he used to. Inaction, for him, is a survival strategy.








Nigeria: Controversy over bloody attack on Innoson’s lawyer

October 22, 2018

The counsel to embattled Innoson Nigeria Limited, Professor McCarthy Mbadugha is lying critically injured  in an undisclosed hospital in Lagos after he was attacked by hired assassins in his chambers at Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, last week. 

The attack was carried out after the lawyer complained about threats to his life over his ability to successfully win cases in favour of his client, Innoson. He reportedly complained bitterly about an anonymous message of threat to his life and asked for protection.  The following is the result of our investigation:







The Philippines: Police nab suspect in ambush on Ilocos Norte court staff

October 4, 2018

A suspect in an ambush that killed a clerk of court and injured a process server in Batac City, Ilocos Norte has been arrested in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur.

Sherwin Daguipon Rinen, who was identified by Regional Trial Court branch 65 process server Teodoro Daguipon as the shooter, was caught by Batac City policemen led by Chief Inspector Rodel Santos in a lawyer’s house in Vigan City on Tuesday.

Rinen, a distant relative of Daguipon, ambushed the court employees at around Monday afternoon along the national highway in barangay Baay, near the Bungon National High School in Batac City. Rinen’s accomplice in the attack is still at large.

Clerk of Court Randell Villaruz, who was driving when he was ambushed with Daguipon, died at the hospital. Daguipon, meanwhile, survived seven gunshot wounds.

Senior Superintendent Cesar Pasiwen, Ilocos Norte police director, said Daguipon was likely the target of the ambush, although police have yet to determine a motive for the shooting.

READ: Ilocos Norte clerk of court shot dead in ambush

The Ilocos Norte chapter of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines has condemned the attack.

This violence against lawyers and court employees creates “an environment of fear” in the justice system, IBP-Ilocos Norte chapter public relations officer Ernielineo Labrador said, quoting from the group’s statement.

“An assault against a lawyer or a court personnel is an affront to the legal profession and the Judiciary,” IBP-Ilocos Norte further stressed, adding,  “when lawyers and court officers are made to live under threat of violence, our sworn functions are not proficiently rendered and the rule of law is seriously degraded.”







France: Réforme de la Justice : les représentants des avocats invitent les avocats à se rassembler en robe devant l’Assemblée nationale le 15 novembre

le 22 octobre, 2018

Le Conseil national des barreaux (CNB), la Conférence des bâtonniers et le barreau de Paris appellent à un rassemblement des avocats en robe devant l’Assemblée nationale le 15 novembre prochain pour dénoncer notamment “de nouvelles régressions des droits de la défense” et contester “l’expérimentation hasardeuse et dangereuse du tribunal criminel départemental”.

Alors que le vote solennel sur le projet de loi Justice a lieu demain après-midi au Sénat, les instances représentatives de la profession d’avocat ne sont pas satisfaites du texte modifié et souhaitent mobiliser les avocats pour peser sur les débats à l’Assemblée nationale qui débuteront le 6 novembre prochain.

Ainsi, le CNB, la Conférence des bâtonniers et le barreau de Paris dénoncent notamment “de nouvelles régressions des droits de la défense” et “contestent l’expérimentation hasardeuse et dangereuse du tribunal criminel départemental”.

Par ailleurs, ils n’admettent pas “le gouvernement soit revenu sur ses engagements s’agissant du processus de spécialisation des juridictions qui constitue une atteinte à l’égal accès de chacun à la justice et à un juge”.

Ils invitent donc les avocats à interpeller leurs députés dans leurs circonscriptions à partir du 6 novembre, jour de présentation du texte à la commission des Lois.

Enfin, le 15 novembre prochain, en amont de l’examen du texte en séance publique, ils appellent à un rassemblement en robe à 11h00 devant l’Assemblée nationale “afin de conforter les évolutions du texte initial et les avancées obtenues au Sénat”.








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India: Indian Association of People’s Lawyers condemns Maharashtra Police’s threat to arrest Justice Hosbet Suresh

October 22, 2018

IAPL condemns the threat issued by Shivaji Pawar, ACP, Maharashtra Police to arrest IAPL’s President Justice Hosbet Suresh (Retd.) and the most alarming portrayal by him of IAPL as a frontal organisation of CPI (Maoist). IAPL believes that such attacks on Judges and Human Right defenders which includes lawyers and organisations, require to be understood in the in the light of rising authoritarianism and fascist attacks in the country. It is the need of the hour for all organisations and individuals to come together and resist this onslaught collectively and to strongly condemn and resist this brazen attempt to intimidate Justice H. Suresh (Retd) and members of IAPL.

Justice H Suresh, now in his late 80s, is a former judge of the Hon’ble Bombay High Court and is leading figure in Human Rights activism in India. After his brief but glorious judicial service, he led a number of Commissions of Inquiry that investigated violations of human rights. Justice Suresh investigated the Kaveri Riots (1991) in Bangalore, post-Babri Bombay riots (1992/1993) publishing their findings in a 1993 report titled ‘The People’s Verdict’. In August 1995, Justice Suresh issued “Forced Evictions – An Indian People’s Tribunal Enquiry into the Brutal Demolitions of Pavement and Slum Dwellers’ Homes”, a report documenting the use of brutal and indiscriminate force against slum dwellers in Mumbai. In 2000, joined by former Supreme Court judge Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer, Justice Suresh held a two-day hearing into the slum clearances in which about 60,000 people had been evicted. The Inquiry covered both legal aspects of the clearances and the human impact.





UK/Colombia/Egypt/China/Honduras etc: Occupational hazards

October 22, 2018

Turkey arrest

Lawyers all over the world risk losing their liberty – and worse – when they seek to uphold fundamental human rights. Jonathan Rayner reports


Across the world in places once deemed ‘safe’, the rule of law is under pressure to give way to populism and authoritarianism – meaning lawyers’ clients and their own support for justice are putting them personally at risk. In Colombia, 120 lawyers were murdered in 2017. President Erdogan’s crackdown in Turkey has seen 22 advocates put on trial for ‘terrorism’, and the list of countries where similar incidences are occurring is long – including China, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Venezuela, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar and Kenya. Yet international solidarity between lawyers is strong, and many are organising to protect and support persecuted colleagues in a battle for justice that can feel like it must be fought street-by-street.


English lawyers, and this is perhaps to over-dramatise matters, have been at imminent risk of violent death since 1591. That was the year that Shakespeare wrote Henry VI part two and placed the words, ‘The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers’, into the mouth of a rebellious Dick the Butcher. Some 427 years later, the Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2018 was marked by lawyers in 35 European and other cities worldwide. They were showing solidarity with their persecuted Egyptian counterparts, the same way that in the previous two years they had demonstrated their support for imperilled lawyers in China and Honduras.

Egypt, China, Honduras – three nations on three different continents. The threat to lawyers, although small in the UK, is global. Dick the Butcher’s rantings have been supplanted by something altogether more sinister: extra-judicial executions, state-sanctioned wrongful imprisonment and harassment, electronic surveillance and an autocratic disregard for the rule of law. Sir Patrick Elias, president of the Alliance for Lawyers at Risk and a retired Appeal Court judge, says the problem is widespread: ‘It flourishes wherever there are dictatorships.’