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Maldives: Criminal Court drops bribery charges against ex-top court justices

October 10, 2018

Former Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed (L) and former Judge Ali Hameed of the Supreme Court. IMAGE/MIHAARU

The Criminal Court on Wednesday annulled the bribery charges levied against former Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and former Judge Ali Hameed of the Supreme Court.

Saeed and Hameed were arrested and indicted of several charges over the top court’s landmark ruling of February 1 to release political prisoners. The state charged the two former justices and former Chief Judicial Administrator Hassan Saeed with accepting bribes, under accusations that Jumhooree Party founder Qasim Ibrahim’s Villa Group had paid for expensive properties in Malaysia that were acquired by people linked to the three.

The Criminal Court annulled their charges, stating that it could not proceed with the case based on the burden of proof.

The court also nullified the case against Qasim Ibrahim’s son Siyad Qasim, who was arrested and charged with giving bribes, in the case. The court annulled the charge, stating that the prosecution had not submitted evidence that proved Villa Group had paid for the properties in Malaysia.

While the court has dropped their bribery charges, Abdulla Saeed and Ali Hameed are serving jail sentences of more than three years over two convictions, while Hassan Saeed is imprisoned for four months and 24 days over one conviction.

The state has also levied terrorism charges against Abdulla Saeed and Ali Hameed. Their trials are currently ongoing.






India: Arrested Advocate Surendra Gadling Says Police Framing Him on Alleged Maoist Links

October 11, 2018

Gadling said the invocation of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) against him and other accused for making “rebellious” speeches was a “misuse” of the law.

Arrested Advocate Surendra Gadling Says Police Framing Him on Alleged Maoist Links

Surendra Gadling, who was arrested in June for alleged Maoist links, told a court here on Wednesday that police wanted to take “revenge” on him as he was arguing several cases against them in his capacity as a lawyer.

Arguing for himself on his bail application, Gadling told session judge K.D. Vadhane that he was innocent and should be released.

“Since I have been fighting several cases, including [those under the acts such as] TADA, MCOCA, UAPA, those related to fake encounters by police and also fighting on behalf of tribals, Dalits and minorities in the courts, the police are taking revenge by implicating me in a false case,” he alleged.

Police wanted to settle scores against him as he was successful in almost 99% of cases the cases he took up, Gadling said.

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Referring to invocation of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) against him and other accused for making “rebellious” speeches, the lawyer said it was a “misuse” of the law.

“According to the constitution, making rebellious speeches is not an act against the sovereignty of the country and does not pose threat to the security of the nation nor does it amount to an act of terrorism,” he said.








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China: She was ‘strip-searched’ in a police station. And she’s a lawyer

October 10, 2018

Image result for lawyer Sun Shihua

Having practiced law in China for two decades, Sun Shihua is no stranger to how Chinese law and order is often enforced.


But never in her wildest imagination did she think that she would be strip-searched and assaulted in a police station.


“It was the darkest, most terrifying and shameful day in my 20 years as a lawyer,” Sun told Inkstone.


The 48-year-old lawyer said she was mistreated on September 20 in a police station in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, where she was representing a client.


Sun said that following a scuffle with police at the station, she was forced to strip off all her clothes in a detention room.


Following a complaint that Sun filed on September 21, the Guangzhou Lawyers Association said on Monday it would investigate the case and make sure all lawyers’ rights were protected.


However, the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, which oversees all local police stations, denied any wrongdoing.








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