Turkey/Norway: Report by Norwegian Bar Association: Working conditions for lawyers in Turkey

October 4, 2018


Ms Jacobsen's visit to Istanbul Bar Association.

After the three-day monitoring visit to Turkey, the Norwegian Bar Association’s Human Rights Committee (HRC) published a report entitled ‘Working Conditions For Lawyers In Turkey.’

Visit and report was carried out by  Ms. Maria Hessen Jacobsen who is the member of the HRC of Advokatforeningen (Norwegian Bar Association).

The report is based on a trial observation where defendants were lawyers, interviews with Istanbul Bar Association, a human rights organization,  lawyers, and family of a detained lawyers.

As of September 2018, 1546 lawyers have been prosecuted, 590 arrested and 181 have been convicted since the failed coup d’état in 2016. In March 2018 the UN called for an end in the state of emergency, accusing the Turkish government of mass arrests, arbitrary sackings and interference in the independence of the judiciary . More than 160,000 people have so far been arrested, and nearly the same number of citizens have been dismissed. The numbers are “staggering” according to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. In July Turkey ended the state of emergency, but the trials against lawyers, judges and journalists continue.’ said in the report.

Based on the gathered information, the Human Rights Committee of the Norwegian Bar Association expressed the following:

Report by Norwegian Bar Association: Working conditions for lawyers in Turkey

Click to access rettssaksobservasjon_tyrkia_mai_2018_-_menneskerettighetsutvalget_v__maria_hessen_jacobsen-1.pdf




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