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Turkey/Norway: Report by Norwegian Bar Association: Working conditions for lawyers in Turkey

October 4, 2018


Ms Jacobsen's visit to Istanbul Bar Association.

After the three-day monitoring visit to Turkey, the Norwegian Bar Association’s Human Rights Committee (HRC) published a report entitled ‘Working Conditions For Lawyers In Turkey.’

Visit and report was carried out by  Ms. Maria Hessen Jacobsen who is the member of the HRC of Advokatforeningen (Norwegian Bar Association).

The report is based on a trial observation where defendants were lawyers, interviews with Istanbul Bar Association, a human rights organization,  lawyers, and family of a detained lawyers.

As of September 2018, 1546 lawyers have been prosecuted, 590 arrested and 181 have been convicted since the failed coup d’état in 2016. In March 2018 the UN called for an end in the state of emergency, accusing the Turkish government of mass arrests, arbitrary sackings and interference in the independence of the judiciary . More than 160,000 people have so far been arrested, and nearly the same number of citizens have been dismissed. The numbers are “staggering” according to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. In July Turkey ended the state of emergency, but the trials against lawyers, judges and journalists continue.’ said in the report.

Based on the gathered information, the Human Rights Committee of the Norwegian Bar Association expressed the following:

Report by Norwegian Bar Association: Working conditions for lawyers in Turkey

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Cuba/CCBE: Situation of lawyers in the Republic of Cuba

October 1, 2018

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I am writing to you on behalf of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE), which represents the Bars and Law Societies of 45 countries, and through them more than 1 million European lawyers. The CCBE places great emphasis on respect for human rights and the Rule of Law, and is particularly concerned with the situation of human rights defenders around the world.
The CCBE would like to express its concern regarding the situation of lawyers in Cuba.
According to the information received by the CCBE, the criminal justice system is being used to harass lawyers and human rights defenders who have been critical of the Cuban authorities. The use of broad provisions in the Penal Code such as “dangerousness”, are regularly used to threaten or charge people who are perceived to be a threat to the State.
The CCBE understands that lawyers can only work in the public system and that it is difficult for independent human rights lawyers to work legitimately as it is problematic for them to obtain licenses for legal self-employment.

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http://www.onbc.cu/ (ESPANOL)

https://centrocubalex.com/ (ESPANOL)

https://www.cubanet.org/noticias/abogado-julio-ferrer-recibe-respuesta-minrex/ (ESPANOL)

Hong Kong/China: Hong Kong NGOs to highlight China’s suppression of lawyers, labour groups at United Nations

October 3, 2018

A representative from the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) will speak at a United Nations conference next week to highlight human rights abuses in China such as the suppression of lawyers and labour unions.

Ming Lam, Albert Ho Emily Lau

Ming Lam of HKCTU will be speaking at a pre-session of the UN’s Universal Periodic Review, which examines the human rights performance of member states once every five years. The pre-session is designed for civil organisations to raise issues before the Human Rights Council conducts its inquiry in November.

Lam will travel to Geneva next week accompanied by Albert Ho and Emily Lau, both representatives of the China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group (CHRLCG).

Ho will also represent the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, one of the largest pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong.

Ho said the group will prioritise the issue of oppressed dissidents: “We have to pinpoint the imprisonment or detention of a number of dissidents [who were detained] simply because of their exercise of the freedom of speech in a peaceful and non-violent manner,” he said.

The group demanded that China release all detained dissidents and stop the persecution of human rights activists. It raised examples including Wang Quanzhang, a human rights lawyer who has been detained for over 1,100 days without trial, as well as lawyers Yu Wensheng, Li Yuhan and Jiang Tianyong.