Turkey: Detained CHD lawyers released then re-arrested

September 15, 2018

https://www.evrensel.net/haber/361472/tahliye-edilen-chdli-ve-hhbli-avukatlar-icin-gozalti-karari (TURKCE)

https://ilerihaber.org/icerik/savci-itiraz-etti-sabah-tahliye-edilen-avukatlar-icin-yakalama-karari-89737.html (TURKCE)

http://gazetekarinca.com/2018/09/bu-sabah-serbest-birakilmislardi-kozagacli-dahil-12-avukat-hakkinda-yakalama-karari/ (TURKCE)

http://grihat.com/hukuk-ayaklar-altinda-tahliye-edilen-avukatlar-hakkinda-yeniden-gozalti-karari/ (TURKCE)

http://t24.com.tr/haber/cagdas-hukukcular-dernegi-davasinda-tum-avukatlar-tahliye-edildi,700258?utm_medium=social&utm_content=sharebutton (TURKCE)

http://bianet.org/bianet/siyaset/200861-tahliye-edilen-avukat-selcuk-kozagacli-darp-edilerek-emniyete-goturuldu (TURKCE)

Three of the 17 CHD lawyers released by an Istanbul court on September 14th (in pre-trial detention for one year) were arrested again today, and there is a search warrant for nine of them. The prosecutor had objected to the release decision and the same court which decided to release them accepted the prosecutor’s request.

(Facebook, 15/09/18)

Message from Selçuk Kozağaçlı to our international associations; ELDH-AED and IADL
Dear Friends,

I was just on the phone with Selçuk. He is at the courthouse now. He asked me to send a message from him and it is my honor to pass it to you. I believe this message is extremely important not only because explains this dark atmosphere and fascism in Turkey but also the ongoing tradition of revolutionary struggle in Turkey and the history of CHD’s practice of lawyering.

Selçuk is at the courthouse and he wants you to know that he did not go there to give himself up to the court. He persistently stressed that this scandal that is now being staged in Turkey has nothing to do with law and the code. Under this dark period of fascism, on the face of this monstrosity and scandal, nobody in her right mind could and should be expected to recognize the legitimacy of the courts nor their null verdicts and give herself up to the courts. The discussions about law and respecting the law do not make sense where the courts act as the puppets of political power. To put it most clearly, those court decisions are nothing but garbage.

Yes, Selçuk is at the courthouse but the only reason he went there is that he has a case to bring and a word to say. Selçuk is at the courthouse because he is going to tell those rogues and cowards in court dresses how helpless they are. He is at the court to speak aloud how impertinent, fearful and shameful they are. He underlined that he welcomes anybody who disobeys such scandalous court decisions from now on. Therefore, nobody should think that Selçuk has been abiding by a court decision! On the contrary, as the chair of our association, Selçuk is at the courthouse to bring the court panel into account, to speak the words of our association and to declare that no member of the oppressed would submit in the face of oppression.

He is sending, with his usual commitment and fervor, his thanks and love to us all for our support and solidarity. He salutes and embraces us all with the belief that we will win.

(Facebook, 16/09/18)








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