Burma: Lawyer for U Ko Ni’s family accuses defence of delaying verdict

July 23, 2018

Eighteen months after the murder of prominent lawyer U Ko Ni and after 62 pre-trial hearings, a lawyer representing the family of the victim has accused the defence of deliberately delaying proceedings.

U Nay La told reporters outside Yangon’s Northern District Court on Friday that lawyers acting for Ko Ni’s suspected killer and conspirators were delaying the course of justice. Late last month, the defence submitted a list of 50 witnesses.

Ko Ni, a senior legal adviser to the National League for Democracy, was killed outside Yangon International Airport. The rare assassination shocked the country and has not been fully explained, but is believed to have been politically motivated.

On Friday, the second witness for the defence testified; U Aung Win Zaw is one of four defendants in the case and is charged with premeditated murder under 302(1)(b) of the Penal Code. He is alleged to have hired gunman U Kyi Lin, who was detained at the scene, to carry out the killing.

Aung Win Zaw on Friday repudiated allegations by prosecution witness U Aung Soe that in June 2016, six months before the murder, Aung Win Zaw offered him up to K100 million to kill an unnamed “diplomat” in downtown Yangon.






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