China: Chinese Rights Lawyer ‘Nervous, Forced to Take Medication’ in Detention

July 19, 2018

Shandong-based Liu Weiguo, the attorney of jailed Chinese rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang, is shown in an undated photo.

Chinese rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang, who has been held in police detention without trial for three years, has been forced to take medication while in the custody of the Tianjin No. 1 Detention Center, his wife said on Thursday.

Three years after his ‘disappearance’ during a nationwide police operation targeting human rights attorneys, Wang Quanzhang was allowed a lawyer, Shandong-based Liu Weiguo, his wife Li Wenzu told RFA.

Just days after Li was told by a lawyer that Wang was looking well, she was informed by Liu that her husband had been force-fed an unknown medication while in police detention. Liu had just visited Wang, and has been engaged as his attorney, she said.

“The lawyer told me that the doctors had carried out a health check, and said he had high blood pressure,” Li said. “I would like to say that he never had it before he was detained; he was in very good health.”

“I don’t know why his health is in such a poor state now, because [high blood pressure] takes a long time to do damage.”

She added: “Mr. Liu told me that during his meeting with Wang Quanzhang, Quanzhang seemed very frightened, as if he daren’t speak too loudly. For a lot of the time, he just mouthed what he needed to say.”

She said Liu was unable to much of what Wang said clearly, but he did hear him say that he had high blood pressure, and that they were making him take medication.

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(China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group / 中國維權律師關注組 Facebook, 7/7/18)


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