Latvia: Office of murdered lawyer announces €10,000 reward for leads

June 21, 2018

Image result for Mārtiņš Bunkus

The practice of lawyer and insolvency administrator Mārtiņš Bunkus has announced a €10,000 reward for leads in the case, the office said.

Bunkus’ firm says it has experts qualified to record such information and that it would cooperate with the State Police.

“By announcing a reward, we hope to keep the investigation intense and discover significant facts… The police are working actively, but several weeks have passed and we don’t want to waste time,” Jekaterina Galuška, the head of the office, told the press.

The reward does not have an expiry date and it will be paid to the person or group of persons whose information will mark a significant shift in the investigation.

People who have leads are asked to call +371 200 93 332 or use the email

Bunkus was shot on May 30 in broad daylight near a military cemetery in Rīga (LATVIAN) (LATVIAN)


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