Turkey: ELDH demands the immediate release of CHD lawyers from prison

June 14, 2018

ÇHD’li avukatlar hakim karşısında

Since November 2017 Selçuk KOZAĞAÇLI , the president of ÇHD, the Progressive Lawyers Association has been detained in pre-trial solitary confinement in the Silivri prison camp. He is suffering as a result of the isolation. His repeated demands for occasional contact with other prisoners have been rejected.

Selçuk KOZAĞAÇLı is accused together with 19 other ÇHD lawyers of membership  in a terrorist organisation (DHKP-C, the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front ) .Some of them are also charged with  leadership of DHKP-C. 8 of them are also accused in the ÇHD lawyer’s trial in which  22 lawyers are on trial. The trial started in December 2013, and will be continued on 24 October. The lawyers who are accused in both trials are accused of more or less the same crime, membership in a terrorist organisation, DHKP-C. Their trial is expected to start on 10th September 2018.

ÇHD is one of the two member organisations of ELDH in Turkey. Selçuk KOZAĞAÇLI himself is member of the ELDH Executive Committee. He has a high reputation outside Turkey as a human rights defence lawyer. In 2014 he was awarded the Hans-Litten-Prize by the German lawyers’ association Vereinigung Demokratischer Juristinnen und Juristen e.V. VDJ. The biggest German lawyers association Deutscher Anwaltsverein DAV wrote on occasion of his arrest in November 2017: “According to the DAV, the arrest of Kozağaçlı exemplifies a number of cases in which lawyers in Turkey have been arrested for defending their clients.”



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