Turkey: Persecution of Turkish Lawyers | May 2018, 24 Lawyers were sentenced

June 2, 2018


Bolu, 29 May |Lawyer Erol Altıntas was sentenced to nine years
Lawyer Erol Altıntas who is former board member of Bolu Bar Association was sentenced to eight years and nine months in prison after 22-month pre-trial detention.

In wake of the attempted coup, Mr Altıntas was detained on 24.7.2016 and was released on 5.8.2016 but he was re-arrested same day after ruling party AKP’s regional chair’s intervention. He has been incarcerated since then and the Bolu High Assize Court decided to hold him in remand.

Adana, 29 May |Two more lawyers were sentenced in Adana
Adana 11th High Assize Court sentenced lawyers MD and ÖA to 1 year 6 months and 22 days with the charge of being the member of an armed terrorist organisation. So far, ten members of Adana Bar Association were sentenced with the terrorism charges.

Samsun, 16 May |Thirteen Members of Samsun Bar Association were sentenced to long prison terms
Samsun 3rd High Assize Court convicted thirteen (13) lawyers of the membership to the armed terrorist organisation and sentenced them to ranging from two to ten and half years.

Persecution of Turkish Lawyers | May 2018, 24 Lawyers were sentenced


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