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Maldives: High court reduces jail term for justices

June 3, 2018

The High Court has on Sunday reduced the jail term imposed on Supreme Court Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Justice Ali Hameed.

The two were proven guilty for influencing the conduct of a public official and influencing court orders and sentenced to a total of one year, seven months and six days in prison on the 10th of May.

The High Court reduced the jail term by over four months, following which both justices will now serve a jail term of one year, two months and 12 days.

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Saeed and Hameed are also charged with obsruction of justice for their refusal to hand over their mobile phones to the police service. They were arrested and taken into police custody on February 6 following allegations of planning a coup.

An additional sentence on Saeed includes a jail term of four months and 24 days in prison over charges of interfering with the functions of the government. Saeed is accused of blocking the Supreme Court from recieving messages by ordering employees to halt the Government E-Letter Management System (GEMS).

Saeed and Hameed also face terrorism charges for the alleged coup plot and if found guilty, they stand to lose their positions in court as well as face a jail term of upto 17 years.












The Philippines: Philippines Duterte tells U.N. human rights expert: ‘Go to hell’

June 3, 2018

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has told a U.N human rights expert who said the country’s judicial independence was under threat to ‘go to hell’, warning against interference in domestic affairs.

The Philippine Supreme Court voted last month to remove Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, whom Duterte had called an “enemy” for voting against controversial government proposals, citing violations in the way she was appointed.

Her dismissal is sending a chilling message to other supreme court judges and members of the judiciary, Diego García-Sayán, special U.N rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, said on Friday.

“Tell him not to interfere with the affairs of my country. He can go to hell,” Duterte told a news conference late Saturday night, prior to leaving for an official visit to South Korea.

The outspoken Philippine leader is known for defying international pressure and his diatribes against critics.

In particular, he has railed against former U.S. President Barack Obama and U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings, Agnes Callamard, for criticizing the bloody war on drugs, his signature public safety project.

Sereno, the first chief justice to be removed by her peers, had voted against several of the Duterte’s proposals including the extension of martial rule in the volatile southern Philippines.

















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Morocco: Affaire Bouachrine: le coup de gueule du bâtonnier Birouaine contre les avocats

le 26 mai, 2018


Le bâtonnier du barreau de Casablanca, Me Hassan Birouaine, tire à boulets rouges sur des avocats au procès de Taoufik Bouachrine, et dont le comportement est jugé hystérique.

Hassan Birouaine, le bâtonnier du barreau de Casablanca dénonce le comportement de certains avocats au procès du journaliste Taoufik Bouachrine. Dans une note rendue publique, Me Birouaine qualifie ce comportement d’indigne. Il vise aussi bien la défense que la partie civile.


Le bâtonnier va même jusqu’à accuser certains avocats de «piétiner» l’uniforme de la profession lorsqu’ils s’échangent des expressions obscènes. «Parmi ces avocats, certains portent des titres honorables. Ceux-là même qui sont censés donner l’exemple ont, au contraire, exacerbé la situation en tenant des propos honteux» souligne Me Birouaine.


“Quiconque suit de prêt le déroulé du procès de M. Taoufik Bouachrine, constatera que certains avocats, de part et d’autre, se sont éloignés du bon sens et ont perdu la sérénité et la clairvoyance qu’un avocat est tenu d’observer en exerçant son devoir” a t-il ajouté.






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Turkey: Persecution of Turkish Lawyers | May 2018, 24 Lawyers were sentenced

June 2, 2018


Bolu, 29 May |Lawyer Erol Altıntas was sentenced to nine years
Lawyer Erol Altıntas who is former board member of Bolu Bar Association was sentenced to eight years and nine months in prison after 22-month pre-trial detention.

In wake of the attempted coup, Mr Altıntas was detained on 24.7.2016 and was released on 5.8.2016 but he was re-arrested same day after ruling party AKP’s regional chair’s intervention. He has been incarcerated since then and the Bolu High Assize Court decided to hold him in remand.

Adana, 29 May |Two more lawyers were sentenced in Adana
Adana 11th High Assize Court sentenced lawyers MD and ÖA to 1 year 6 months and 22 days with the charge of being the member of an armed terrorist organisation. So far, ten members of Adana Bar Association were sentenced with the terrorism charges.

Samsun, 16 May |Thirteen Members of Samsun Bar Association were sentenced to long prison terms
Samsun 3rd High Assize Court convicted thirteen (13) lawyers of the membership to the armed terrorist organisation and sentenced them to ranging from two to ten and half years.

Persecution of Turkish Lawyers | May 2018, 24 Lawyers were sentenced