Romania: Over 900 Romanian magistrates sign resolution for “defending rule of law”

May 22, 2018

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More than 900 Romanian magistrates signed by Monday evening, May 21, a “resolution for defending the rule of law,” a document made public by the Forum of Judges in Romania and initiated on Saturday during a protest staged in front of the Palace of Justice, attended by more than a hundred judges and prosecutors, local reported.

The magistrates said they adopted this resolution amid the recent public developments on amending the laws of justice, which seriously jeopardize the independence of the judiciary and the course of the Romanian state within the European Union and the Council of Europe. They also said that the overwhelming majority of Romanian judges and prosecutors didn’t accept the draft laws on the activity of the judiciary, the magistrates’ opinion being ignored.

The Romanian magistrates also noted the statements of the justice minister and of the representatives of the legislative power, which they say minimize the report of the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body. They also said that the legislative proposals that are currently under public debate represent an involution in the creation of a modern criminal justice system adapted to the new social realities, as well as a distortion of the purpose of the criminal process and the state’s criminal policy.

They also remind of the unprecedented attacks on numerous judges and prosecutors who are also involved in cases of high corruption, as well as the most important state institutions, with a defense and public security role, including the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA). Also, the magistrates said the minister of justice is allowed to publicly attack all the DNA prosecutors, speculating that they manage evidence in violation of the law.


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