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Iran: Rights lawyer summoned to Culture & Media Court for “disturbing public opinion”

May 25, 2018

An Iranian attorney representing several cases involving rights violations, Zeynab Taheri, tweeted yesterday that she has been

“summoned to Branch 2 of the Culture and Media Court for the charges of ‘disturbing pubic opinion’ and ‘spreading falsehoods!’ This is the same court that issued an order to ban Telegram. And I am the same attorney who complained about the ban to the Supreme Leader. Have you ever encountered a more lawless country? #DefinitionOfInjustice

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France/Israel/Palestine: #LibérezSalah

le 23 mai, 2018

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Le tribunal réuni mardi 22 mai 2018, à Jérusalem a confirmé le maintien en détention administrative de Salah Hamouri jusqu’au 30 juin 2018 et a émis la forte possibilité que cette détention soit renouvelée à l’issue de l’emprisonnement actuel.

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salah_Hamouri (ENGLISH)


Romania: Over 900 Romanian magistrates sign resolution for “defending rule of law”

May 22, 2018

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More than 900 Romanian magistrates signed by Monday evening, May 21, a “resolution for defending the rule of law,” a document made public by the Forum of Judges in Romania and initiated on Saturday during a protest staged in front of the Palace of Justice, attended by more than a hundred judges and prosecutors, local News.ro reported.

The magistrates said they adopted this resolution amid the recent public developments on amending the laws of justice, which seriously jeopardize the independence of the judiciary and the course of the Romanian state within the European Union and the Council of Europe. They also said that the overwhelming majority of Romanian judges and prosecutors didn’t accept the draft laws on the activity of the judiciary, the magistrates’ opinion being ignored.

The Romanian magistrates also noted the statements of the justice minister and of the representatives of the legislative power, which they say minimize the report of the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body. They also said that the legislative proposals that are currently under public debate represent an involution in the creation of a modern criminal justice system adapted to the new social realities, as well as a distortion of the purpose of the criminal process and the state’s criminal policy.

They also remind of the unprecedented attacks on numerous judges and prosecutors who are also involved in cases of high corruption, as well as the most important state institutions, with a defense and public security role, including the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA). Also, the magistrates said the minister of justice is allowed to publicly attack all the DNA prosecutors, speculating that they manage evidence in violation of the law.




Algeria: Ghardaïa : le FFS dénonce une «cabale judiciaire» contre l’avocat Ahmine

le 26 mai, 2018

FFS cabale Ahmine

Le Premier secrétaire du Front des forces socialistes (FFS), Mohamed Hadj Djilani, dénonce une véritable «cabale judiciaire» contre maître Noureddine Ahmine, avocat à la cour de Laghouat et défenseur des droits de l’Homme poursuivi dans le cadre de l’exercice de ses fonctions. Poursuivi pour outrage à corps constitués et présentation de fausses preuves concernant un crime commis lors des évènements de Ghardaïa, l’avocat va comparaître encore une fois devant la cour de Ghardaïa, le 28 mai courant. Pour le Premier secrétaire du FFS, le pouvoir veut punir cet homme de loi pour son engagement aux côtés des opprimés.

«Cette cabale judiciaire constitue une énième supercherie visant à intimider les militants des droits de l’Homme, notamment dans le sud du pays», affirme dans un communiqué Mohamed Hadj Djilani. Le plus vieux parti de l’opposition dénonce le harcèlement judiciaire et l’injustice contre cet avocat et d’autres militants des droits de l’Homme. «Ces poursuites judiciaires portent gravement atteinte à la profession d’avocat», ajoute Mohamed Hadj Djilani.

Le FFS appelle ainsi les autorités à «cesser toute poursuite judiciaire contre les militants des droits de l’Homme et contre les militants politiques». Il réitère ses principes fondamentaux de solidarité avec tous les mouvements pacifiques qui défendent la dignité des Algériens. Le Premier secrétaire du parti annonce qu’une délégation de la direction du parti et des avocats assisteront au procès.




The Philippines: PNP Calabarzon lawyer killed in Antipolo ambush

May 5, 2018

The Manila Times Online

The Chief of the Legal Division of Police Regional Office in Calabarzon was killed while his live-in partner was wounded in an ambush in Antipolo City early on Friday morning.

Chief Supt Guillermo Eleazar, Calabarzon regional director, said Supt. Ramy Tagnong, of YCM Compound,
Barangay Mahabang Parang in Angono, Rizal died from gunshot wounds.

His live-in partner, Maria Angela Cabaltera Hadap, 36 was wounded.

Eleazar said Tagnong and Hadap were on board a Toyota Innova when two unidentified suspects riding a red motorcycle blocked their path along Barangay Dalig 1 and fired at them.

The victims were rushed to the Antipolo Doctors Hospital but Tagnong was dead on arrival.

Hadap sustained three gunshot wounds on her back and left arm. She is in stable condition at the hospital.
The suspects who escaped are now the subject of a manhunt.

Tagnong handles cases of abusive policemen and investigators are eyeing this as one of the possible motives in his killing.






Brazil: Authorities must not let the Pau D’Arco massacre go unpunished

May 23, 2018

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The Brazilian authorities must solve the killing of 10 land rights activists by military and civil police officers in the city of Pau D’Arco, Amnesty International said today on the one-year anniversary of the massacre. The victims’ families continue to await justice, while the number of people murdered in land conflicts has soared in the past year, with impunity continuing to feed the cycle of violence.

“On 24 May 2017, Brazilian security forces gunned down ten rural workers on the Santa Lúcia farm in Pará state. It was one of the bloodiest days for rural workers in decades and it marked the start of an escalation in violence perpetrated by state officials. Over the past year in Brazil, at least 70 people were murdered in land conflicts,” said Jurema Werneck, Executive Director of Amnesty International Brazil.

“Those who ordered the Pau D’Arco Massacre have still not been identified, and survivors and relatives of those killed continue to suffer threats and harassment. We join them today in calling for justice for these crimes. It is the duty of the Brazilian authorities to protect rural workers and to guarantee justice, truth and reparation to the families of the victims and survivors.”

José Vargas Junior, the lawyer for survivors and victims’ families, said: “Brazilian security forces have a false perception that a vulnerable group of people can be killed without any legal consequences, investigation and punishment.”

The investigation remains ongoing, with federal police issuing 12 search and seizure warrants in four cities earlier this month.

José Vargas Junior and Rivelino Zarpellon, another lawyer who has worked on the case, have been the targets of threats that intensified at the end of last year. Both were forced to leave the region due to the grave nature of the threats, which have continued through late April and early May 2018.


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Egypt: #AnaKaman: How #MeToo Has Helped Egyptian and Middle Eastern Women Break The Silence

May 24, 2018

”Ana Kaman” is what Azza Soliman, lawyer and founder of the Center for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance says in an interview with Times. She claims that the global #MeToo campaign -whose Egyptian equivalent is Ana Kaman- is “helping women break the silence about sexual harassment”.

Having risked her own safety and freedom to ensure that sexual harassment victims are not quietened, she states that this campaign has created a space for women in Egypt and the world to speak out. She insists on the importance of investing in this movement to ensure a valuable change with which women are encouraged to voice out their experiences.

Soliman explains that the protection of the women reporting sexual harassment should be governed by laws that safeguard the impartiality of the investigations.

Azza Soliman has currently had her assets frozen and has been banned from traveling; she was accused of receiving foreign funds aimed at harming the image of Egypt and the national interest of her country. The Amnesty lawyer was also viciously defamed by local media and accused of “encouraging women to know their rights and seek divorce.”

Being a part of Amnesty International’s Brave Campaign, she repaints the international #MeToo campaign with a color of her own.




Venezuela: Maduro’s power grab can teach us how to defend against tyranny

May 24, 2018

Marco Rubio: It's time to hasten Maduro's exit from power

Without a hint of irony, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro tweeted, “Let the world know. Millions of people are voting freely … In Venezuela, it is the people who elect the president.”


The world, of course, already knows, as do the Venezuelan people, that the country long ago ceased to be a democracy. Maduro, no matter what he claims happened in Sunday’s election, is a dictator.
At a time when a global wave of authoritarianism is rising, a closer look at the Venezuelan tragedy reveals what was at the center of the power-grab: the dismantlement of the rule of law. It was this crucial tactic that turned one of Latin America’s most enduring democracies into a basket case of social and economic collapse.

Venezuela offers a case study in how by politicizing the law, the regime — incompetent in every other respect — managed to seize control of the country without the need to impose military rule.
It is no surprise that the World Justice Project ranks Venezuela dead last in its global Rule of Law Index.

Although the constitution guaranteed judicial independence, the Supreme Court, through its Judicial Commission, has the power to remove at will any of the “provisional” judges — more than half of the judges in Venezuela. According to the International Commission of Jurists, “the separation of powers is non-existent,” in Venezuela. The judiciary has become an instrument of the President and his party.




May 23, 2018



The Human Rights Defenders Support Network (DYYAD), a joint venture of the Hellenic Action for Human Rights “Pleiades” and Lawyers Without Borders, observed the press releases ( of 16 may 2018 and a subsequent one on the same day mounting the attack) of the Ministry of Justice and the Minister’s stance towards the body of Lawyers, as primarily expressed via an attack against the President of the Athens Bar Association, also under his identity as President of the Coordinating Committee of the Presidents of Greek Bar Associations.

On 15 May 2018 the Minister of Justice had visited the Prosecutor’s Office and the Athens 1st Instance Courts, calling them in a wide meeting on the situation of Corts and Justice, which included several stakeholders (President of the Directory Council of the Athens 1st Instance Courts, Head of the Prosecutors’ Office at the 1st Instance Court, Head of the B.D. of the Union of Judicial Functionaries, General Secretary of the MoJ, Head of Informatics and Technology of Austrian Technical Help, Technical Service of the Ministry of National Defense), completely excluding a Lawyers’ representative.

On the same day, in a MoJ’s press release about this meeting, the Minister of Justice announced the fragmentation of the Athens Courts of 1st Instance in 3 parts, the creation of new Courts in other areas and other issues regarding the Athens Lawyers’ working environment.

On the next day, 16 May 2018, the president of the country’s highest administrative Court, the Council of State, resigned, in an emotionally tense ambiance, often citing that economic interests should not outweigh institutions, decrying a situation of severe institutional breaches.

On the same day, the Athens Bar Association announced that an exceptional B.D. meeting  of the Bar, open to Lawyers “because of the severity of the matter” would urgently (on 22 May) follow “about the Minister’sannouncement on the creation of two new 1st instance Courts in Attica region”.

The President of the Athens Bar, Mr.Vervesos, also made a statement about the resignation of the High Judge, which he characterized as unprecedented, and also on what is happening in the sphere of Justice, expressing the views of the lawyers’ body.



Turkey: Turkey’s pro-Kurdish human rights defender Eren Keskin awarded 2018 Anna Lindh Prize

May 26, 2018

The Sweden-based Anna Lindh’s Memorial Fund has awarded human rights lawyer Turkey’s pro-Kurdish Eren Keskin with the 2018 Anna Lindh Prize.

“She has worked tirelessly to help violence-deprived girls and women, as well as LGTBQ people and Syrian needers in Turkey,” said Lena Hjelm-Wallén, chairman of the memorial fund’s board.

“Even when her work led to captivating, she still stood up for human rights without regard to political or religious background. Keskin’s brave voice is needed today more than anything and is a work entirely in Anna Lindh’s spirit, Hjelm-Wallén said.

The prize will be delivered with a ceremony in Stockholm on June 19.

The prize, awarded in the memory of slain Swedish politician Anna Lindh since 2004, aims “to encourage primarily women and youth who, in Anna Lindh’s spirit, show the courage to work against indifference, prejudice, oppression and injustice in order to stimulate a society where human rights are respected.” (turkey purge.com)




Eren Keskin, human rights defender from Turkey. receives 2018 Anna Lindh Prize





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