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Turkey: Istanbul lawyer sent to prison due to social media postings: report

May 16, 2018

Istanbul lawyer sent to prison due to social media postings: report

Istanbul-based lawyer Sibel Sevinç Deveci has been sent to prison by an İstanbul court due to her postings, deemed to be making propaganda on behalf of the Gulen group.

The group is accused of masterminding a coup attempt in 2016.

Deveci was detained at his home as part of an investigation in Istanbul on Tuesday.

Her detention came three days after he tweeted: “As a judicial member I know that they will try to pretend like they did not supported the AKP. It will happen very soon. Do not forget.” These postings has drawn harsh reaction from pro-government social media accounts since then.

Deveci is accused of making propaganda for the Gulen group, which the Turkish government blames for the July 15, 2016 failed coup. The group denies involvement in the failed attempt.

Hurriyet newspaper said Deveci also posted, at the night of the coup, the following tweets: “We have nothing to do on streets. The soldiers belong to us”, “Nothing bad comes from whatever our soldiers do”, “They are trying to Turkish soldiers against our soldiers”, ”They are calling on everybody including the President, Interior Minister and AKP provincial heads to get to the streets”, “ Do not dare.”



https://www.yeniakit.com.tr/haber/sibel-sevinc-deveci-fetoden-tutuklandi-465485.html (TURKCE)

Maldives: Justices’ prison sentences filed for appeal

May 16, 2018

Appeals have been filed at the High Court regarding the Supreme Court Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Justice Ali Hameed’s prison convictions.

Saeed’s legal representative Noorul Salam Abubakr said they have requested the appeals on Tuesday.

The appeals are for the one year, seven months, and six days jail term imposed on both Justices on the 10th of May for influencing the conduct of a public official, and the four months and 24 days in prison imposed on Saeed on the 24th of May for interfering with functions of the government.

Read More: Both detained SC justices Saeed, Hameed sentence to imprisonment

While Saeed is doing time for a total of two years in incarceration, several other allegations have also been raised against him including terrorism and accepting bribes. for which the trials have already begun.








Sudan: Lawyer for Sudanese teen who killed her rapist facing intimidation

May 16, 2018

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Five days after a 19-year-old Sudanese woman was sentenced to death for killing the man she was forced to marry, her lawyer was barred from holding a news conference amid an intensifying campaign of intimidation, activists told CNN.


Noura Hussein was imprisoned in Omdurman, Sudan, last year after fatally stabbing her husband, who she says raped her as his relatives held her down.
On Wednesday, Sudanese security forces came to the office of Hussein’s lead attorney, Adil Mohamed Al-Imam, just hours before he was due to brief the media on the latest developments in the case, activists said.
“The National Intelligence Security Services ‘NISS’ banned the press conference and ordered Noura’s defense team to cancel it,” Nahid Gabralla, director of SEEMA, a non-governmental organization working with victims and survivors of gender-based violence in the capital, Khartoum, said in a statement.
Women’s rights activist Amal Habani, coordinator of No Oppression Against Women Initiative Sudan, also confirmed that security forces came to Al-Imam’s office Wednesday morning. Both Habani and and Gabralla were in touch with Al-Imam on Wednesday.








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https://information.tv5monde.com/terriennes/soudan-qui-sauvera-noura-hussein-mariee-de-force-violee-meurtriere-pour-survivre-et (FRANCAIS)

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https://www.stern.de/panorama/weltgeschehen/sudan–19-jaehrige-toetet-vergewaltiger-in-notwehr—dafuer-wird-sie-zum-tode-verurteilt-7980580.html (DEUTSCHE)

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https://lenta.ru/news/2018/05/11/rape/ (RUSSIAN)

This is the photo for the 'Justice for Noura' campaign that is circulating on social media as well as the poster image for the petition on change.org in support of her.

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Ghana: Lawyer Sosu’s suspension: Court to give judgement on May 29

May 17, 2018

The Human Rights Court 1 presided over by Justice Gifty Agyei-Addo, has set May 29, 2018 as Judgement day on one of Lawyer Fracis-Xavier Sosu’s case against the General Legal Council (GLC).

This follows the hearing of an Application for Judicial Review filed by Lawyer Sosu on November 3, 2017. In the said suit numbered HR/0098/2017, the suspended lawyer challenged the basis of his charge, conviction and suspension.

In moving the Application, his Lawyer, Johnson Normesinu, who was holding brief for Samuel Codjoe maintained that the Disciplinary Committee of the GLC constituted itself into complainant, prosecutor and judges in their own cause in clear breach of the rules of Natural Justice and article 23 of the constitution.





Turkey: L4L and FTW in Istanbul for hearings

May 15, 2018

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On 10 May 2018, three hearings were held in Istanbul in cases against lawyers that are suspected of terrorism-related crimes: the KCK-case, the ŐHD-case, and a new case (Cizre-protest). Representatives of Lawyers for Lawyers (L4L) and Fair Trial Watch observed two of those hearings, together with observers from the United Kingdom, Norway, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. They were accompanied by Nardy Desloover, ex-president of the Rotterdam Bar Association, who represented the Dutch Bar Associations.

Since the attempted coup in July 2016, 1.539 lawyers have been persecuted in Turkey. 580 Lawyers have been arrested and 103 lawyers have been sentenced to imprisonment, all for terrorism-related charges (Source: “Incarceration of Turkish lawyers | En masse arrests and convictions”, The Arrested Lawyers Initiative, April 2018, see www.arrestedlawyers.org). Many lawyers are defendants in more than one case.

From conversations with lawyers and organizations in Istanbul, the observers learned that the situation of lawyers in Turkey is still very difficult. All accused and detained lawyers are obviously severely hindered in defending their clients. The accusations and the arrests also have a chilling effect on other lawyers.


The first hearing was the 16thhearing in the KCK-case (ˈKCK Lawyers Trialˈ): the case that started with the arrest of 46 lawyers in November 2011 and is still pending in court. The accused lawyers all represented PKK-leader Abdullah Őcalan and are charged with membership of a terrorist organization and terrorism-related activities. Some of the lawyers had been in pre-trial detention for almost 2,5 years.




China: Communist Party’s Suppression of Lawyers Is a Preemptive Attack Against an Imaginary Threat

May 16, 2018

Beginning last year as the 709 crackdown gradually petered out, the government’s hands were freed up, and they decided to do something about the ‘unconventional lawyers’ (非常规律师) they kept seeing. They have since been targeting these lawyers using a combination of methods that aim at terminating their professional lives. These include straightforward revocation or annulment of legal licences; forcing lawyers to transfer law offices but then gumming up the process so they end up with no place of employment; delaying lawyer annual assessments and more. The community has felt the blow and the sting.

The reason I place these targeted lawyers under the term ‘unconventional’ is because the scope of targets in this round of assault is fairly broad: there are the human rights lawyers like Sui Muqing (隋穆青)Zhu Shengwu (祝圣武)Wen Donghai (文东海)Xie Yanyi (谢燕益), Li Chunfu (李春富), Huang Simin (黄思敏) and so on — the standard group on the receiving end of punishment from the government — and then there are those like Yang Jinzhu (杨金柱), who has experimented with his own performative lawyering, and been called an unorthodox lawyer in the ‘diehard’ school (死磕派)[1]; and finally the orthodox diehard lawyers like Zhou Ze (周泽) and Wang Xing (王兴).

Of course, this taxonomy may itself be problematic. Many diehard lawyers have taken on human rights cases, and human rights lawyers are diehards when fighting in court for procedural justice. Moreover, rights defense lawyers and diehard lawyers have been constantly adaptive. Nevertheless, there is a difference in inclination between the two groups, and most importantly, in the political spectrum of lawyers as imagined by officialdom, the difference between these lawyers does exist.

Communist Party’s Suppression of Lawyers Is a Preemptive Attack Against an Imaginary Threat

https://www.amnesty.org/en/get-involved/take-action/free-chinese-lawyer-wang-quanzhang/ (URGENT ACTION!)

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【“709 Crackdown”】

Latest Data and Development of Cases as of 1800 17 May 2018
As of 18:00 17 May 2018, at least 322 lawyers, law firm staff, human right activists and family members have been questioned, summoned, forbidden to leave the country, held under house arrest, residential surveillance, criminally detained or arrested.

Statistics by category*:
Awaiting Trial: 1 person
1 lawyer: ①Wang Quanzhang

Sentenced and Case Closed: 14 persons
6 persons are serving sentence
①Wu Gan ②Lawyer Zhou Shifeng ③Hu Shigen ④Lawyer Jiang Tianyong ⑤Yin Xu’an ⑥Wang Fang
3 persons are serving suspended sentence
①Lawyer Li Heping ②Gou Hongguo ③Zhai Yanmin
4 persons completed sentence
①Liu Xing ②Zhang Wanhe ③Yao Jianqing ④Li Yanjun
1 person exempted from criminal punishment
①Lawyer Xie Yang

Residential Surveillance: 1 person
1 lawyer: ①Zhang Kai

Bail Condition Lifted: 25 persons
11 lawyer: ①Wang Qiushi ②Huang Liqun ③Siu Muqing ④Xie Yuandong ⑤Li Zhuyan ⑥Wang Yu ⑦Bao Longjun ⑧Ren Quanniu ⑨Liu Sixin ⑩Li Chunfu ⑪Ren Quanniu
4 lawyers’ assistants: ①Liu Peng ②Fang Xiangui ③Gao Yue ④Zhao Wei (Kaola)
1 law firm staff: ①Wang Fang
4 human rights activists ①Liu Yongping (aka Lao Mu) ②Lin Bin (aka Wang Yun Monk) ③Tang Zhishun ④Xing Qingxian
5 religious activists: ①Yan Xiaojie ②Huang Yizi ③Zhang Chongzhu ④Zhang Zhi ⑤Cheng Congping

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France: Les avocats de Guadeloupe en grève générale et illimitée

le 16 mai, 2018

Les avocats de Guadeloupe en grève générale et illimitée

Les avocats étaient réunis en assemblée générale extraordinaire, ce mercredi matin, à la Maison des avocats, à Pointe-à-Pitre, à la demande du Conseil de l’Ordre des avocats du Barreau de la Guadeloupe Saint-Martin & Saint-Barthélemy. Une réunion pour faire suite à l’incident d’audience qui a marqué la fin du procès en appel du meurtre de Yohann Equinoxe, lundi midi (Voir compte-rendu). Le bâtonnier Ézelin, qui devait conclure la plaidoierie pour la défense, a été empêché de prendre la parole par la présidente de la cour d’appel, au motif que l’audience devait se finir à midi.
Solidaires de leur collègue, les avocats ont voté la grève générale, ce jeudi, en bloquant l’ensemble des institutions et juridictions pénales, Prud’hommes y compris. Ce mouvement se poursuivra jusqu’à nouvel ordre par une grève illimitée dans toutes les institutions et juridictions où la présence d’un avocat sera obligatoire. Le Bâtonnier Pancrel ne procèdera, de plus, à aucune désignation.




Turkey/Germany: Gastprofessur angetreten – trotz Ausreiseverbot


Die türkische Menschenrechtsaktivistin Istar Gözaydin Savasir ist die aktuelle Leibniz-Professorin der Universität Leipzig. Aufgrund ihrer angeblichen Nähe zur Gülen-Bewegung darf sie jedoch nicht nach Deutschland ausreisen. Ihre Antrittsvorlesung hielt sie trotzdem – via Skype.

Die türkische Gastprofossorin Istar Gözaydin Savasir ist für ihre Antrittsvorlesung an der Universität Leipzig via Skype zugeschaltet (Dr. Katarina Werneburg/Universität Leipzig)

Uni Leipzig, gestern Abend, 18 Uhr. Rund 70 Zuhörer drängen sich in den kleinen Raum in der Research Academy. Alle Stühle sind belegt, nur der Platz in der ersten Reihe, reserviert für die türkische Professorin Istar Gözaydin Savasir, bleibt leer.

“Good evening, kollegues, the audience, I wish I could be there, however the conditions in turkey do not allow me.”

Auf zwei Mal einem Meter erscheint Gözaydins Gesicht auf einem großen Bildschirm. Während sie zu den Leipziger Studierenden spricht, sitzt sie im türkischen Ankara vor ihrem Computer. Manchmal wackelt das Bild, dann bricht ihre Stimme weg. Das Internet schwächelt, während sie über die Türkei referiert. Die 59-Jährige ist Expertin, was die politischen und religiösen Strömungen ihres Heimatlandes angeht. Sie studierte Jura in den USA, lehrte unter anderem der Technischen Universität Istanbul.

“Ich versuche zu analysieren, welche Schritte zu dem autoritären Regime geführt haben, was wir heute in der Türkei haben. Die Türkei kämpft derzeit mit der Demokratie, mit Prozessen und Institutionen, die seit dem 18. Jahrhundert das Land modernisieren. Es gab viele Auf und Abs – die letzten 15,16 Jahre aber waren in diesem Sinne die dramatischsten.”




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Dün akşam Leipzig Üniversitesi’de dönemin açılış konuşmasını yaptım: bu dönemin Leibniz profesörü olarak. Ama tabii bizzat gidemediğimden teknoloji aracılığıyla…

Yesterday I did the inaugural speech for Summer semester of Leipzig University as the Leibniz professor. Unfortunately it was via technology due to my obstacle in travelling abroad!

(Facebook, 16/05/18)


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+++ Leibniz-Professorin İştar Gözaydın hält Antrittsvorlesung +++

Die neue Leibniz-Professorin İştar Gözaydın spricht heute um 18 Uhr in der Villa Tillmanns zum Thema “The desire was there”.
Die Professorin für Politik und Rechtswissenschaften ist nicht nur eine international renommierte Wissenschaftlerin, sondern zugleich eine der Gründer der Menschenrechtsorganisation Helsinki Citizens Assembly in der Türkei.
Weitere Informationen gibt es hier: www.ral.uni-leipzig.de/

(Research Academy Leipzig Facebook, 15/05/18)