Kenya/Canada: No drama; KNCHR writes to Kihalangwa, wants facilitation of Miguna’s smooth return

May 8, 2018

GSU Officers stand guard at the entrance of JKIA's Terminal 2 where NRM Leader Miguna Miguna was being held before he was deported. /FILE

The National Commission on Human Rights has written to the Immigration PS Gordon Kihalangwa asking him to facilitate smooth re-entry of lawyer Miguna Miguna to Kenya upon his return from Canada in line with court orders.

The self-styled NRMKe General said he will return to Kenya on May 16.

In a letter dated May 5, KNCHR chairperson Kagwiria Mbogori asked Kihalangwa to comply with the court directive and facilitate Miguna’s entry to Kenya.

This includes issuing him with a valid Kenyan passport, purchasing a flight ticket for him and facilitate the commission’s entry to the Custom’s clearance area at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport.

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“We will highly appreciate your feedback by Thursday, May 10. We look forward to your cooperation and support in this regard,” Mbogori said.

Miguna’s re-entry into the country since he was first deported to Canada on February 6 has never been without drama.

The government insists the lawyer who holds both Kenyan and Canadian citizenship is not a Kenyan citizen since he renounced it once he became a Canadian citizen.

Miguna denies ever renouncing his Kenyan citizenship.


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