Turkey: Urgent Call for International Action to Prevent Lifelong Sentencing of Eren Keskin

May 3, 2018

Eren Keskin shows the

Eren Keskin, a prominent human rights lawyer from Turkey, is at risk of a lengthy imprisonment in retaliation for many years of exercising the right to freedom of expression and the right to defend human rights relating to taboo issues in Turkish society. The undersigned organisations call for urgent international action to prevent the imprisonment of Eren Keskin.

Eren Keskin (1959) is a lawyer and co-president of the Human Rights Association in Turkey (İHD). Having worked on contested human rights issues for almost thirty years, Keskin has contributed to the protection of minority rights, countered violence against women, and campaigned to challenge militarism and end torture. Keskin is the founder of a legal office providing pro bono services for trans-persons and women who were raped or sexually abused by the national security forces. An honorary member of the Paris Bar Council, Keskin is the winner of multiple international awards for her peace and human rights work, including the 2018 Helsinki Civil Society Award.

In retaliation for her human rights activities, Keskin has been subject to multiple instances of persecution and harassment, including assassination attempts. An ardent advocate of freedom of expression, Keskin was sentenced and imprisoned in 1995 for using the word Kurdistan. Today, again, Keskin is at immediate risk of the imposition of an exorbitant amount of monetary fines, and of imprisonment for the rest of her life.







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