Turkey: Persecution of Turkish Lawyers | April 2018

April 28, 2018


25 April | Istanbul|Lawyers Akın Atalay, Mustafa Kemal Gungor, and Bulent Utku were convicted of terrorism charges

Lawyers Akın Atalay and Mustafa Kemal Gungor, Bulent Utku who were chair and board members, and also lawyers of the Cumhuriyet Foundation and its enterprise Cumhuriyet daily were convicted of terrorism charges by Istanbul 27th High Assize Court.

At the end of the 18-month trial against journalists and executives of Cumhuriyet Foundation and its enterprise Cumhuriyet daily, 17 of 20 defendants including three lawyers were convicted of terrorism charges.

Akın Atalay who was chair of the Cumhuriyet Foundation, and also lawyer of Cumhuriyet daily and its several journalists was sentenced to seven years and three months.

Lawyers Mustafa Kemal Gungor and Bulent Utku were sentenced respectively three years and nine months, two years in prison.

25 April | Istanbul|Lawyer and Fox TV Anchor were sentenced to jail term.

Istanbul-Bakırkoy 17th Penal Court sentenced  lawyer Fidel Okan and journalist Ismail Kucukkaya 16 monts and 20 days in prison with the charge of humiliating the public servant.

Persecution of Turkish Lawyers | April 2018



Click to access EN_HRL_20180507_Turkey_Convictions-of-lawyers-Ak-n-Atalay-Mustafa-Kemal-Gungor-and-Bulent-Utku.pdf



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