Maldives: Rule of law and freedom under attack in the Maldives

April 30, 2018


THE government of the Maldives is undermining the rule of law and attacking fundamental freedoms as part of their ongoing crackdown on critics and opposition members, a new report from rights groups has found.

President Abdulla Yameen is leading an attack on “on all forms of dissent” which threatens the country’s ability to hold “free, fair and inclusive” elections, according to authors of the report, Civicus and Voice of Women (VoW).

After ignoring a Supreme Court ruling to release his political opponents, Yameen then implemented a nationwide state of emergency to quash protests taking place in the capital Male. In doing so, the president suspended several constitutional rights and gave himself sweeping powers to arrest and detain.

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Two Supreme court judges remain in custody despite international calls for them to be released. They have been charged under terrorism laws for trying to overthrow the government. All deny the charges.

Click to access PolicyBrief.MaldivesApril2018.pdf


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