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Cameroon: Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine Wins First Step Against La Republique Terrorising Government

April 22, 2018


History has recorded that Ayah Paul Abine was the sole Member of Parliament that stood against the 2008 constitutional amendment, lifting presidential term limit, and permitting President Paul Biya to stand the 2011 presidential election. Ayah not only resigned from the CPDM eventually, but he joined People’s Action Party, (now Popular Action Party) – PAP –, and went ahead to contest the 2011 presidential election. His stunning performance, coming 5th of 23 candidates in his first attempt, with little money and time. That created unprecedented panic among the ruling CPDM elite and sent the government into serious intrigues, plots and machinations against the honourable judge.

When attempts to buy over Ayah and other prominent member of PAP failed, the government tabled an unconstitutional Bill, aiming to remove Ayah from parliament. As the move crumbled like a pack of cards, the government hatched plots upon plots to disband/destabilize PAP and/or eliminate its leading members, even physically.

Hiding behind the Anglophone Crisis and taking undue advantage thereof, the government abducted and kept Ayah in captivity for 223 days, along with some other prominent members of the party some of whom are still languishing in dungeons. Some were shot dead; others were shot and wounded; others yet fled the country for their lives as the government erratically held their family relations hostage, including infants in arms… And the atrocities are still ongoing.

Of those affected, Ayah and seventeen others sued the terrorizing Government of Cameroon for reparation at the African human rights court, claiming 100 billion. The said court has found there is a “prima facie case”, and so has ruled the action admissible. It has given the petitioners (Ayah and others) two months to file any additional evidence they may have.



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India: Dalit woman lawyer alleges rape, assault by senior

April 22, 2018

Dalit woman advocate on Saturday lodged an FIR against her senior, accusing him of sexually exploiting her for the past three years. She claimed that though she was being exploited for a long time, she lodged FIR after the man assaulted and insulted her in a hotel room where he took her on the pretext of meeting a client on Friday.
The 34-year-old woman has been practicing in high court with her senior, a resident of Indiranagar. The complainant is also a tenant of the accused advocate.

 The woman said that she came in touch with the advocate in 2015. “He has been exploiting me since then. On Friday night, he took me to a hotel while tricking me that a client had called him there and that I will have to note down details. He, however, raped me in the hotel room,” she said.

He assaulted and insulted me also, she further said. “On returning home, I disclosed the matter to my family who confronted the accused. In the ensuing brawl, the accused attacked me, chopped my hair and fled,” she alleged in her complaint.

Police registered a case of rape, threat and assault against the accused and also booked him under SC/ST Act. The accused is absconding.