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The Philippines: 5 groups file complaint against PH pressure on lawyers, judges

April 18, 2018

In what is expected to irk President Duterte anew, five groups of lawyers have filed a complaint before the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the supposed unjust interference of the state on judges and lawyers in the country.

Neri Colmenares (JOHN JEROME GANZON/Manila Bulletin File Photo)

In today’s press conference in Quezon City, the lawyers’ group denounced the apparent pressure exerted by the President on lawyers and judges who go against his wishes.

The groups unilaterally narrated how the recent actions of the Philippine government have negatively created an impact that put the independence of the judges and lawyers in peril.

Former party-list Rep. Nerie Colmenares of the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) said the President’s supposed vindictive acts is more evident in his support for the impeachment, quo warranto case and his verbal attacks against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

The actions by the President against the Chief Magistrate according to Colmenares had sent “chilling effects’’ on the judges and lawyers.

Using the presidential platform, Colmenares chided the President who is the head of the executive branch of government for publicly issuing threats against Sereno who is his co-equal being in the judicial branch.

Calling Sereno ignorant, stupid, coward and dumb, Colmenares said the President continued his tirade against the Chief Justice upon his arrival from a four-day state visit in China last April 13.

Duterte had lambasted Sereno for telling the judges whom he said were involved in illegal drugs not to surrender to authorities without warrants of arrests issued against them.

Colmenares in reaction to Duterte’s declaration that he is immune from suit agreed but at the same time insisted that he is “not immune from investigation’’.

The lawyers added that the President had not spared Atty. Abdiel Dan Elijah Fajardo president of the 40,000 strong Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) from his tirades.







China: Chinese Human Rights Attorney Formally Arrested For ‘Subversion’

April 20, 2018

File photo of lawyer Yu Wensheng, who had taken up politically sensitive human rights cases and was taken away from his Beijing home by around a dozen police officers on Jan. 19, 2017.

Authorities in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu have formally arrested human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng on subversion charges after holding him with no access to family visits or lawyers for more than two months, his wife said on Friday.

Yu, who is being held incommunicado by authorities in Jiangsu’s Xuzhou city, was formally arrested for “incitement to subvert state power” and “obstruction of officials in the course of their duty,” the arrest notice approved by the Xuzhou municipal state prosecutor said.

Yu’s lawyer said the move makes it likely that the case will now proceed to trial.

But his wife Xu Yan said she is still being prevented from transferring money for her husband to spend in the detention center.

“I went down yet again to the Tongshan district police department in Xuzhou, and an officer from the Xuzhou municipal police department handed me a notification of arrest,” Xu told RFA.

According to the document, Yu is currently being held in the Xuzhou Detention Center, and the case is being handled by the city police department, she said.

“Then I went to the Xuzhou Detention Center to deposit money for him, but there was nobody on duty in the afternoon, so I can’t do it until Monday now,” she said, adding: “I have already spoken to both of his lawyers, who are talking about how best to proceed.”






France: Frank Berton : “Un magistrat n’a pas à juger de la liberté de conscience de l’avocat”

le 20 avril, 2018

 Franck Berton a déposé une QPC examinée le 17 avril

Frank Berton est l’avocat le plus connu du barreau de Lille, défenseur de deux accusés d’Outreau, de Florence Cassez, ou encore de Dominique Cottrez. Poursuivi suite à un conflit avec une présidente de cour d’assises, l’avocat pose aux Sages du Conseil constitutionnel la question de sa liberté de conscience.

C’est une “grande gueule”, le plus célèbre des avocats du barreau de Lille. Loin des cours d’assises où il excelle, il était cette semaine devant le Conseil constitutionnel, pour défendre la liberté de conscience de l’avocat.

Tout est parti d’un procès d’assises, à Saint Omer. C’était il y a quatre ans. Avec Eric Dupond-Moretti, Frank Berton défend un homme accusé d’en avoir tué un autre, en pleine rue, à Lille. Les échanges sont très tendus entre la défense et l’accusation, représentée par l’avocat général Luc Frémiot. Ce dernier accuse Dupond-Moretti de “ne pas aimer” les jurés du Pas-de-Calais. Incident, les avocats quittent le procès, la présidente de la cour d’assises commet d’office Frank Berton, qui refuse, avec l’accord de son client, de continuer à l’assister.

Il estime que les conditions d’un procès équitables ne sont plus réunies. Il est poursuivi devant le conseil de discipline des avocats pour avoir désobéi : selon la loi, l’avocat doit faire approuver ses “motifs d’excuse”, c’est à dire les raisons pour lesquelles il ne peut plus défendre son client, par le président de la cour d’assises qui l’a commis d’office.