China: Jailed Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Suffers Memory Loss in Prison: Wife

February 27, 2018

Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Jiang Tianyong, jailed in a sweeping crackdown on the legal profession launched in July 2015, in undated photo.

The wife of a jailed Chinese rights lawyer caught up in the July 2015 crackdown says he is suffering from memory loss in prison, raising concerns that the authorities may be dosing him with psychoactive medications.

Jiang Tianyong was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment on charges of “incitement to subvert state power” last November, after he pleaded guilty at what his family said was a show trial in August.

Jiang has yet to be transferred to prison from the Changsha No. 1 Detention Center, where he was held under pretrial detention and pending appeal, but was recently permitted a visit from his sister, who found his health deteriorating and his memory unreliable, his U.S.-based wife Jin Bianling told RFA.

Jin said Jiang’s memory has shown “serious deterioration” since the last visit by a lawyer or family member, leading the family to suspect he has been force-fed with psychiatric medications — a method the Soviet Union used against political prisoners that China has also employed.

She said fellow rights lawyers detained in a nationwide police operation that began in July 2015 have reported being force-fed various types of medication.

“All of the lawyers detained in the July 2015 crackdown have been force-fed medication,” Jin said. “That’s why I suspect that Jiang Tianyong has too.”

Click to access EN_HRL_20180226_China_Disbarment-of-Sui-Muqing.pdf (ESPANOL)


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