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February 27, 2018


On 23 February, the bail application of senior counsel and human rights lawyer Upendra Nayak was rejected by the Junior Magistrate First Class (JMFC), Mohana in Gajapati district in Odisha state. He was arrested on 20 February by Paralakhemundi Police. His next bail application will be filed before the District Judge.

On 21 February 2018, Upendra Nayak appeared before Gajapati Judicial Magistrate and was sent to R. Udaygiri Jail.

On 20 February, Upendra Nayak was arrested in relation to ten criminal cases where he himself was the defense lawyer and has been charged under sections 121, 121-A, 124-A of the Indian Penal Code which are related to sedition, waging war against the State, and various sections of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. These cases were registered between 2009 and 2010 wherein he successfully defended adivasi individuals who were arrested under anti-Maoist operations. All the trials ended in acquittals.

This is not the first case where a lawyer representing or working with adivasi people has been subjected to judicial harassment in India. Most recently, Advocate A. Murugan was arrested in 2017 in relation to  criminal cases in which he had been defending the accused.

Front Line Defenders condemns the arrest of of human rights defender Upendra Nayak, as it strongly believes that it is directly linked to hispeaceful and legitimate work as a human rights lawyer in Odisha state in India.



Turkey: Newsletter | The Persecution on Turkish Lawyers (13-28 Feb)

February 27, 2018



Kept in Tekirdağ No. 1 Type T Prison, Süleyman Gökten has told his lawyers that he and the inmates staying in the same cell were battered by guards last morning (February 26).

Speaking to bianet, lawyer Tamer Doğan and Ezgi Çakır conveyed that six of those battered in the cell were kept in room of sponge with their hands and feet handcuffed for six hours. Doğan and Çakır said that they will file a criminal complaint against the prison administration and guards.

According to Gökten’s lawyers Çakır and Doğan, as many as 50 guards entering the cells for morning roll call assaulted and battered them.

Lawyer Doğan added that those who were battered weren’t taken to infirmary on the pretext that there was no doctor in the prison.

Newsletter | The Persecution on Turkish Lawyers (13-28 Feb)





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Romania: Romanians protest at move to fire anti-corruption prosecutor

February 26, 2018

Tudorel Toader sparked demonstrations with call for anti-graft Laura Codruta Kovesi’s dismissal

Protesters against corruption this week outside the Romanian government headquarters in Bucharest. Photograph: Daniel Mihailescu/Getty

Romanians rallied across the country and abroad on Sunday to denounce government attempts to sack the nation’s top anti-corruption prosecutor and pursue reforms that could benefit scandal-plagued politicians from the ruling party.

Thousands gathered on a snowy evening in the capital, Bucharest, and smaller protests took place in other cities and outside Romanian embassies, including in Dublin, in the latest round of demonstrations against the governing Social Democrats (PSD).

Justice minister Tudorel Toader sparked the protests by calling last week for the dismissal of Laura Codruta Kovesi, for allegedly exceeding her powers as head of Romania’s national anti-corruption directorate (DNA). The DNA has been highly praised by international experts for prosecuting numerous deputies, ministers and two ex-prime ministers for alleged wrongdoing in recent years, but Ms Codruta Kovesi has made powerful enemies along the way.





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Belgium: L’avocat de Marc Dutroux placé sous protection policière

le 19 février, 2018

Maître Bruno Dayez a publié un livre « Pourquoi libérer Dutoux ? » dans lequel il plaide pour une réforme du système judiciaire.

d-20171105-3HU47M 2018-02-09 20:53:06

Bruno Dayez, l’avocat de Marc Dutroux, a dénoncé dans son livre (« Pourquoi libérer Dutroux ? ») les conditions de détention de son client, invitant à réformer le système judiciaire.

Vendredi soir, un blogeur a été interpellé par la police après avoir diffusé une vidéo dans laquelle on le voit brûler le livre de l’avocat. Dans la vidéo en question, le blogueur fait valoir que des actes plus conséquents pourraient suivre, notamment à l’encontre de Bruno Dayez. Il appelle les citoyens à se révolter au nom des victimes de ce « monstre », indéfendable selon lui.

Suite à cet incident, Me Dayez a été placé sous protection policière. L’avocat qui confirme sa mise sous protection a déclaré à Sudpresse  : « Il faut vraiment être dégénéré pour penser que l’avocat fait corps avec son client au point de s’y identifier. »






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CCBE/Armenia: CONFERENCE “Current challenges and opportunities of the bars and law societies of the Council of Europe member states” 9 March 2018, Yerevan, Armenia

Support to the Implementation of the Judicial Reform in Armenia

Council of Europe Project “Support to the implementation of judicial reform in Armenia”, CCBE and the Chamber of Advocates of Armenia

The Council of Europe, the CCBE and the Chamber of Advocates of Armenia is organising the conference with the aim to provide a platform for sharing information and experience on the current challenges of the bars and law societies, explore detrimental issues in the bar associations and propose concrete steps for strengthening the cooperation and ties amongst the bar associations and law societies of the Council of Europe member states.

The main objective of the Conference is to facilitate a dialogue and exchange of the best practice between the bars and law societies of different Council of Europe member states. The exchange that will take place between professionals from different countries shall create a solid platform for argumentation and it seeks to generate – and contribute to – a wider debate about the potential improvements in the bar associations and for the profession of an advocate. Even if the directions and the policies of the bar reforms may differ from country to country, discussion on the primary concepts and challenges unites different Council of Europe member states.

The scope of the Conference: The one day-long discussion will include presentations by leading members of CCBE, experts and representatives of bars and law societies of different Council of Europe member states.

The discussions and debates will be held on the following topics: 


Click to access Concept-Note-on-Conference-in-Armenia-9-March-2018.pdf


The Philippines: House justice committee to vote on probable cause in Sereno impeachment

February 27, 2018

Image result for chief justice lourdes sereno

The House justice committee is set to vote next week on the existence of probable cause in the impeachment complaint lodged against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

According to Committee chairman Oriental Mindoro Rep. Reynaldo Umali, the panel will hear for the last time on Tuesday the impeachment complaint against Sereno which was filed by lawyer Lorenzo Gadon.

Umali said next week’s hearing gives members of the justice committee enough time to think about how they would be voting.

“Since it would all depend on the individual appreciation of the committee, I encourage everyone to be mindful of our timeline today so that we will be able to make an informed decision or judgment when we vote on the probable cause,” he told members of the committee.

Sereno is facing impeachment for alleged culpable violation of the Constitution, corruption, and betrayal of public trust.








Press Statement
27 February 2018

On reports that SC Justices asked the Chief Justice to go on leave indefinitely

The NUPL is disconcerted at reports that some magistrates of the High Court have asked the Chief Justice to take an ‘indefinite’ leave in an apparent effort to browbeat her in her own turf.

If true, this
exposes the widening cracks in the institution which impact on
the independence of the Judiciary, the Court’s very integrity, and ironically, on respect for the Constitution apparently because of political designs, personal considerations, or convenient acquiescence to the dark side.

We submit that the Justices are bereft of any basis in law where they could prevent any of their colleagues from discharging their oath of office under the guise of an official leave, much less declaring the post of a sitting justice vacant.

If the reports are accurate, we seriously regret that the concerned Justices have prejudged the impeachment proceedings that is yet to be concluded at the House of Representatives or of a possible trial in the Senate.

Worse, the said Justices have practically impeached their own colleague, instead of letting the process take its course in accordance with the Constitution they swore to uphold and to stand as supposed symbols of law and justice.

The losing party here is not the Chief Justice nor any Justice of the Court. It is also not the Court or the entire judicial system. It is the residual faith of the people in already unresponsive institutions whose roles are being wilted away, willingly or unwillingly, to de facto authoritarianism.#



Atty. Neri Javier Colmenares
NUPL Chairperson

Atty. Edre U. Olalia
NUPL President

(National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers Facebook)