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France/Israel/Palestine: Salah Hamouri’s Administrative Detention Order Renewed

February 26, 2018

Today, 26 February 2018, the decision was taken by the occupation Minister of War, Avigdor Lieberman, to renew the administrative detention order of Salah Hamouri. His order has been renewed for four months, to begin on 28 February 2018. This means that Salah will continue to remain in prison till at least 28 June 2018, at which point he would have been in prison for ten months.

Despite the claim that Salah represents a ‘security threat’, Addameer maintains that Salah has been imprisoned as a result of his human rights promoting activists and his activism. As a documentation field officer, Salah’s is responsible for meeting with ex-prisoners and detainees, and their families, to collect information regarding their detainment and the conditions in which they were kept. Additionally, Salah passed the exam for entrance to the Palestinian Bar Association three days before his arrest.

Due to the fact that his wife has been banned from entering Palestine, this extension of his imprisonment means that there will be another four months where he cannot see his young son. It means another four months where his family will be split across continents. Ultimately, Salah could just leave this all behind as he is a French national. Though this is why his sacrifice is all the more admirable. Despite the cost, he chooses to stay and struggle towards self-determination.

It is evident that closed door diplomacy has achieved little. The requests from French authorities have fallen on the deaf ears of the occupation.

We call on the occupation authorities to cancel their renewal and release Salah immediately. Additionally, the French and EU representatives must publicly condemn the illegal imprisonment of their citizen.






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[AUDIENCE DU 01/03/18]
📍 Salah Hamouri a été présenté ce matin devant le tribunal à Jérusalem. Salah a annoncé devant la cour qu’il boycottait ce tribunal qui n’est qu’une mascarade de justice et qui ne lui permet en aucun cas de prétendre à un procès équitable.
➡️ Cette audience a uniquement pour but de prendre acte de la décision émise le 26 février par le ministre israélien de la Défense, Avidgor Liberman, de prolonger de 4 mois la peine de Salah. Comme toutes les précédentes, elle ne permet en aucun cas qu’un véritable procès se tienne puisque les éventuelles charges contre les détenus administratifs ne sont jamais énoncées et publiques de sorte que la défense ne peut donc pas faire triompher la justice.
Afin de dénoncer ce simulacre de justice ainsi que tout le système de la détention administrative, les 450 Palestinien-ne-s incarcérés sous ce régime mènent actuellement un mouvement de boycott des tribunaux. Le juge a annoncé que cette audience était donc repoussée au 5 mars. Salah a annoncé qu’il boycottera une nouvelle fois l’audience.

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(Liberté pour Salah Hamouri 1/3/18 Facebook)

Kenya/Canada: Miguna now free to return to Kenya

February 26, 2018

File image of Lawyer Miguna Miguna. PHOTO| COURTESY

The High Court in Nairobi has directed the government to issue lawyer Miguna Miguna with a travel document to enable him re-entry into Kenya pending the hearing and determination of a case he filed challenging his deportation.

Justice Chacha Mwita on Monday ruled that should the government fail to issue Miguna with a travel document, then the self-declared NRM general should be at liberty to use his Canadian passport to regain entry into Kenya.

The court also ordered the government to facilitate Miguna’s return to the country on a date and time notified to the respondents by the petitioner.

“During the petitioner’s first re-entry into Kenya, the chairperson of the Kenya National Human Rights Commission be allowed access to the immigration and customs clearance areas at the port of petitioner’s re-entry in order to observe the extent of the respondents observance of the relevant constitutional human rights and immigration laws applicable to the petitioner’s rights to reenter Kenya,” ordered the judge.

Justice Mwita also suspended orders issued by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i on February 6, 2018 declaring that Miguna was not a Kenyan citizen and that his presence in the country was contrary to national interest.














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China: Chinese rights lawyer dies under mysterious circumstances

February 26, 2018

Image result for Li Baiguang

(Li Baiguang, right)

A prominent Chinese human rights lawyer died under mysterious circumstances in an eastern Jiangsu province military hospital on Monday, his close friend said, raising questions about the welfare of those who have defied the country’s authorities.

Li Baiguang was a well-known lawyer who defended farmers and Christian pastors, work that garnered him an award from the Washington-based National Endowment for Democracy in 2008. He died just hours after being admitted to No. 81 People’s Liberation Army Hospital for a minor stomach ache, a relative of Li’s told Bob Fu, a religious activist who has known the lawyer for over a decade.

Fu said in a statement through his U.S.-based Christian nonprofit group China Aid that the “Chinese regime should be totally held accountable” for Li’s sudden and “mysterious” death.

“The hospital alleged that he had liver problems and that he bled to death, but Li was previously healthy,” the statement said. “China has a history of either neglecting the medical conditions of human rights activists until they succumb to them or declaring previously healthy people dead.”

An employee surnamed Yang in the hospital’s propaganda department said he had not heard of Li’s case.

“I do not know who this person is,” Yang said, adding that death and causes of death are a “private matter.”



Click to access EN_HRL_20180226_China_Disbarment-and-Detention-of-lawyer-Yu-Wensheng.pdf



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A renowned human rights lawyer Dr Li Baiguang passed away at 3:00 am this morning at the age of 49. He was reported to have died of liver failure but circumstances of his death have remained unclea

(China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group / 中國維權律師關注組 Facebook)