China/Hong Kong: Hong Kong group calls for release of China lawyers

January 31, 2018

China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group

A Hong Kong group has staged a rally calling for the release of Chinese human rights lawyers detained by mainland authorities.

Fifteen members from the China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group took to the streets on Tuesday.

They marched up to the Chinese government’s liaison office in the territory, chanting that the lawyers are not guilty. They demanded the release of Yu Wensheng and other Chinese human rights lawyers in front of the office.

Yu, a Beijing-based lawyer, was held under police custody on January 19th. He had posted an open letter that said the head of state should be chosen from multiple candidates in open elections. He is suspected of “inciting subversion of state power.”

In 2015, Chinese authorities took into custody or questioned more than 200 human rights and other activist lawyers. Chinese leaders are intensifying their crackdown on human rights lawyers in the past years.

The head of the support group, Albert Ho, said the group strongly protests such a prolonged crackdown. He pointed out that President Xi Jinping has been keeping people who oppose him under long detention periods, and they violate China’s Constitution.

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