Egypt/Day of the Endangered Lawyer/Canada: Law Society Marks the Day of the Endangered Lawyer

January 24, 2018

January 24 is the Day of the Endangered Lawyer. Now in its 8th year, the Day calls attention to the personal and professional safety of lawyers and other human rights defenders around the world, who are harassed, silenced, pressured, threatened, persecuted, tortured or even killed in retaliation for their work to protect the rights of others.

Each year, the Day focuses on the plight of lawyers and human rights defenders in a single country. This year’s country of focus is Egypt.

According to a report of the Foundation for the Day of the Endangered Lawyer , Egyptian lawyers, human rights activists, journalists and political activists face ongoing intimidation, harassment, travel restrictions, arbitrary detentions and physical harm from authorities working to silence critical voices. To learn more about the plight of lawyers in Egypt, please visit the following link:

The Law Society joins with the human rights community, legal organizations and individuals around the world to denounce the treatment of lawyers and other human rights defenders in Egypt, and to call on authorities to respect their rights to practice law or promote human rights without fear of harassment, intimidation or physical harm.

The Law Society is committed to maintaining and advancing access to justice and the rule of law.

Through its Human Rights Monitoring Group, the Law Society has intervened many times in the cases of lawyers in Egypt.

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