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Egypt/AI: Release of activist Mahienour el-Massry a rare moment of justice

January 16, 2018

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In response to the release of human rights lawyer Mahienour el-Massry from prison today, Najia Bounaim, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director of Campaigns for North Africa said:

“This is fantastic news for Mahienour who walks free today. She should never have spent a moment behind bars, as she was detained only because of her peaceful activism in Egypt. Her release will come as a huge relief for her family and all those who mobilized tirelessly on her behalf.


Mahienour el-Massry is a lawyer and former prisoner of conscience. Moataseem Medhat is a labour rights activist.

On 14 June, 2016 Maheinour, Moataseem and activists Asmaa Naeem, Walee el-Amry and Ziad Abu el-Fadl participated in a protest in Alexandria against the Egyptian government’s decision to hand over control of two islands, Tiran and Sanafir, to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

On 18 November, 2017 the Montazah Misdemeanor Court in Alexandria ordered the detention of Mahienour El-Masry and Moataseem Medhat until the verdict in December. On 30 December 2017, the same court sentenced Mahienour and Moataseem to two years in prison for “participating in an unauthorized protest” and “show of force”. The court also sentenced the three other activists to three years in prison, in absentia.

On 13 January 2018, the Montazah Misdemeanor Court of Appeals acquitted Mahienour and Moataseem of all charges.





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Thailand: Anon Nampa charged with contempt of court over social media post

January 16, 2018


On 10 January 2018, Thai human rights lawyer and pro-democracy activist Anon Nampa appeared at the Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) of the police to hear charges against him for contempt of court and violation of cyber crime laws as per the Computer Crime Act. If found guilty, he could face up to five years in prison for violating the Computer Crime Act and up to seven years in prison for contempt of court.

On 10 January 2018, Anon Nampa was charged with contempt of court in relation to a Facebook post which allegedly violated Article 14 of the Computer Crime Act. The Facebook post expressed views on a verdict delivered by Khon Kaen Court on 2 November 2017 in relation to a case where seven anti-junta activists were found guilty of contempt of court for their peaceful gathering in front of the court in support of Jatupat Boonpattararaksa. In the verdict, the seven activists were prohibited from associating with each other or repeating the same activity. In the Facebook post, Anon Nampa questioned whether it was fair or even possible for the court to prohibit the activists from associating with each other.

Anon Nampa has denied all charges. He believes that the charges are politically motivated and that he was exercising his right to freedom of expression. According to his lawyer, it should be noted that the charges were pressed by security officers rather than the Khon Kaen Provinical Court.



Egypt/Day of the Endangered Lawyer: Paris le 24 janvier, 2018

le 16 janvier, 2018

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A l’initiative de l’Association des avocats européens démocrates, du Syndicat des avocats de France et de la Fondation de la journée de l’avocat en danger, se tiendra le mercredi 24 janvier 2018 la journée de l’avocat menacé, organisée en collaboration avec l’Observatoire international des avocats en dangers et l’Institut des droits de l’Homme des avocats européens.

Après la situation des avocates et avocats en Iran, en Turquie, aux Philippines, au Pays Basque, au Honduras et en Chine, la Journée de l’avocat en danger 2018 sera dédiée à la situation des avocates et avocats en Egypte, victimes depuis des années de nombreuses mesures de représailles et de harcèlement de la part des autorités égyptiennes en raison de leur engagement pour la défense des libertés civiles, politiques, sociales et économiques de leurs concitoyennes et concitoyens

Ce 24 janvier 2017 se tiendra une manifestation d’avocates et d’avocats en robe devant l’Ambassade d’Egypte à 11H30, 56 avenue d’Iéna à Paris 16, pour manifester notre solidarité avec les consoeurs et confrères en Egypte.





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Turkey/Spain: Concentración ante la Embajada de Turquía por nuevas detenciones de compañeras abogadas

Este jueves 21, a las 13:30, ALA y el resto de asociaciones que componen la Asociación de Abogados Demócratas Europeos (AED), convocamos una concentración ante la Embajada de Turquía (C/ Rafael Calvo, 18) en protesta por la detención de 16 compañeras abogadas el pasado 12 de septiembre. Con estas detenciones el nº de abogadas represaliadas en Turquía desde el fallido golpe de Estado de julio de 2.016 asciende a 1.343, de las cuales 524 han sido detenidas.

Comunicado conjunto suscrito por AED.

Sept 2017 Comunicado abogadas Turquia

Un gran numero de las abogadas amenazadas y represaliadas pertenecen al CHD, la asociación turca miembro de AED.

A raíz de estas detenciones y de la gravedad de la situación, AED hemos decidido convocar concentraciones mensuales ante las embajadas de Turquía.

Junta Coordinadora de ALA.


https://anwaltverein.de/de/?md-ov-uuid=13b6165f-f6f7-11e7-8b0a-3085a9ee268b (DEUTSCH)

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Egypt/Day of the Endangered Lawyer: Bordeaux, le 24 janvier 2018

le 16 janvier, 2018

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China: China rights lawyer Yu Wensheng loses licence

January 16, 2018

Chinese lawyer Yu Wensheng poses for a portrait in Beijing on January 12, 2017. Toxic smog has found itself in the dock in China, as the authorities are taken to court over a problem that has choked entire regions, put public health at risk and forced the closure of schools and roads.

A Chinese human rights lawyer says his licence has been revoked three months after he wrote an open letter criticising the ruling Communist Party.

Yu Wensheng, 50, received the news in a letter from Beijing’s Bureau of Justice on 15 January, a photo of which he has since tweeted (in Chinese).

Mr Yu has long been a frequent and vocal critic of the government.

He is among hundreds of human rights lawyers who have recently been detained and interrogated by authorities.

According to the letter, Mr Yu’s licence was cancelled because he had not been employed by a licensed legal firm in the past six months.

Mr Yu’s wife, Xu Yan, said in a statement that her husband had tried setting up an independent legal practice after he left his old firm last year.

But he had received another letter on 12 January in which the Beijing municipal authority refused his application to set up a practice.






https://www.voachinese.com/a/yu-wensheng-suspension-20180116/4209585.html (CHINESE)

http://www.europapress.es/internacional/noticia-influyente-abogado-chino-acusa-gobierno-revocar-licencia-criticar-xi-20180116051310.html (ESPANOL)

https://news.okezone.com/read/2018/01/16/18/1845583/sebut-xi-jinping-tak-pantas-pimpin-negara-izin-pengacara-china-dicabut (INDONESIAN)

France: Cour d’appel : la mobilisation des avocats continue

le 16 janvier, 2018

Cour d'appel de Limoges. / © france 3 limousin

Un rapport remis à la ministre de la Justice préconise le maintien des cours d’appel dont celle de Limoges mais les compétences pourraient être revues. La mobilisation des avocats en Limousin va continuer indique le bâtonnier de Limoges.


Lundi 15 janvier, des propositions ont été remises à la garde des Sceaux concernant une réforme de la carte judiciaire. Un dossier chaud pour le ministère de la Justice : plusieurs juridictions dont Limoges ont craint de perdre leur cour d’appel.

Un rapport préconise le maintien des cours d’appel tandis que la ministre Nicole Belloubet avait affirmé jeudi 11 janvier qu'”aucun tribunal ne sera fermé”.

Invité du 12/13 de France 3 Limousin, mardi 16 janvier, le bâtonnier de Limoges, Abel Pleinevert, se dit « un petit peu rassuré, un peu soulagé mais ce n’est pas le débordement de joie que nous espérions ».

Perte de compétences ?

En effet, d’après les propositions, les cours d’appel de taille moyenne semblent perdre des compétences au profit des capitales régionales.















https://www.change.org/p/non-%C3%A0-la-supression-des-cours-d-appel-et-tgi-voir-la-liste?recruiter=510876365&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=share_petition (SIGNEZ LA PETITION!)

https://www.petitions24.net/pour_le_maintien_de_tous_les_services_du_tribunal_a_saint-nazaire(SIGNEZ LA PETITION SVP!)

#Cartejudiciaire #Réforme #Justiceprocheducitoyen #Touchepasamacour

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China: Wang Quanzhang: The 709 Lawyer Not Heard From Since July 2015

January 15, 2018


As of January 15, 2018, human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang (王全璋) had been held incommunicado for 920 days. This makes him the only 709 detainee who hasn’t been heard from since the notorious 709 Crackdown began in July 2015.

Last Friday, two lawyers, a former client, and three wives of 709 victims travelled from Beijing to arrive early morning at the First Detention Center in Tianjin, a half hour ride by high-speed train. The sun had risen, and a rich orange hue cloaked everything. A large-character slogan ran the length of the walls of the Detention Center: “Be Loyal to the Party, Serve the People, Enforce the Law with Fairness.” They were the first visitors waiting for the reception room to open. The three women were unable to deposit “meal charges” for Wang after calling a number thirty or so times and arguing with a female officer. The two lawyers, requesting a meeting with their client, were shown a piece of A4 paper that read “lawyers are not allowed to see Wu Gan and Wang Quanzhang.” Over the 30 months since Wang was arrested, his lawyers have made so many trips to Tianjin that they’ve lost count.

In August 2016, two 709 detainees were given heavy sentences and two others were given suspended sentences. By May 2017, more 709 lawyers and activists were released on bail or given suspended sentences after the government succeeded in forcing them to admit guilt in one form or another. By December 26, 2017, three of the last four 709 detainees received sentences or, as in Xie Yang’s case, were exempted from punishment.

The fate of Wang Quanzhang has been weighing on the minds of many, particularly as those who have been released reveal details of horrific torture.

Wang Quanzhang: The 709 Lawyer Not Heard From Since July 2015







Egypt/Day of the Endangered Lawyer: Halifax Canada

January 16, 2018

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Panel Discussion in Honour of Day Of The Endangered Lawyer

12:00 – 1:30
ROOM 305 

More Information Below!

(JERILS – John E. Read International Law Society Facebook)



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Egypt: Presidential hopefuls take aim at Sisi’s rule

January 15, 2018

Barely a week after authorities set a date for Egypt’s presidential elections, two hopefuls have launched their campaigns with criticism of General-turned-President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi’s rule. One is promising to end “repression” if elected, and the other is claiming the incumbent is establishing a dictatorship.

Sisi has yet to formally announce whether he will run in the March 26-28 election, but he is virtually certain to contest and win another four-year term in office.

Neither of the two presidential hopefuls – prominent rights lawyer Khaled Ali and former lawmaker Mohammad Anwar Sadat – pose a serious challenge to Sisi’s chances of re-election, but both appear willing to take advantage of the opportunity to air scathing criticism of his rule during an election season.

Ali, the rights lawyer, bemoaned that he was entering a race “knowing that those who rule this nation cannot accommodate integrity. … Yes, we have taken on a battle that some see as impossible to win, not because of the strength of our rival, but because of the injustices in the conditions of the competition, its circumstances and context.”










https://www.voaafrique.com/a/le-neveu-de-l-ancien-president-sadate-renonce-a-lelection-presidentielle-en-egypte/4208282.html (FRANCAIS)

http://fr.africatime.com/articles/egypte-le-neveu-de-lancien-president-sadate-renonce-lelection-presidentielle (FRANCAIS)

https://www.africarivista.it/egitto-elezioni-presidenziali-due-candidati-sfidano-al-sisi/118464/ (ITALIANO)



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