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France: Magistrats agressés : la procureur de Nanterre tire la sonnette d’alarme

le 12 janvier, 2018

Catherine Denis, procureur de Nanterre, annonce la fermeté contre ceux qui agressent ses troupes, les juges et les policiers.

Malmenés ou carrément agressés, verbalement ou physiquement, les magistrats du tribunal de Nanterre ont été victimes d’une série d’incidents ces derniers mois. Lors de l’audience de rentrée judiciaire, ce vendredi, la procureur Catherine Denis s’en est alarmée. Tout en rappelant la fermeté de sa politique pénale à l’égard de ceux dont le comportement traduit « purement et simplement le refus de la loi républicaine », dit-elle.

« Les incidents et prise à partie de magistrats et fonctionnaires se sont multipliés, principalement dans les services pénaux », a affirmé la procureur avant d’en égrener la liste : une mère de famille qui s’en prend verbalement et physiquement à un juge des enfants, un père de famille qui en menace un autre, une adolescente qui renverse le bureau d’un troisième… Et les substituts insultés quand ils ont fait prolonger des gardes à vue, une magistrate giflée au dépôt, un agent de sécurité frappé…


https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/jan/12/law-body-worried-over-attack-on-judiciary-as-dutton-steps-up-african-gangs-rhetoric?CMP=soc_567 (ENGLISH)

Egypt: Appeal heard January 13th against 2 year sentence for Rights Lawyer Mahienour El-Massry

January 13, 2018

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Tomorrow is the appeal for Mahienour and Moatassem’s two year sentence, in the case of a protest against the Tiran and Sanafir Land transfer agreement.

Accusations are based on the 2013 Protest Law and 1914 Assembly Law.

غدا الاستئناف على الحكم الصادر ضد ماهينور ومعتصم بسنتين سجن في القضية الخاصة بوقفة تيران وصنافير.

التهم الموجهة لهم مبنية على خرق قانون التظاهر لسنة ٢٠١٣ وقانون التجمهر لسنة ١٩١٤.

الحرية لماهينور – Free Mahienour 12/01/18 Facebook)



Solidarity with Mahienour and Moatasem: jailed for defending the right to protest and strike


https://alencontre.org/moyenorient/egypte/egypte-solidarite-avec-mahienour-et-moatasem-emprisonne%C2%B7e%C2%B7s-pour-avoir-defendu-le-droit-de-protester-et-de-faire-greve.html (FRANCAIS)



(Egypt Solidarity Initiative Facebook)

Turkey: Turkish police arrest 17 FETO terror suspects

January 11, 2018

Turkish police arrest 17 FETO terror suspects

Turkish police arrested at least 17 people on Thursday over alleged links with the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), the group behind 2016 defeated coup, according to security sources.

An Istanbul-based operation which netted 16 arrests took place across 16 provinces, said the sources, who asked not to be named due to restrictions on talking to the media.

Under the investigation, Istanbul prosecutors issued arrest warrants for nine alleged leaders of the terror group and 17 FETO-linked lawyers.

Separately, police arrested another FETO suspect in the northwestern province of Tekirdag.

FETO and its U.S.-based leader Fetullah Gulen orchestrated the defeated coup of July 15, 2016, which left 250 people martyred and nearly 2,200 injured.

Ankara also accuses FETO of being behind a long-running campaign to overthrow the state through the infiltration of Turkish institutions, particularly the military, police, and, judiciary.



Lawyers to Alpay, Altan say Constitutional Court rulings are binding on all



India: Judges’ Statement Raised Urgent Questions About Independence of Judiciary and Democracy : Indian Association of People’s Lawyers

January 12, 2018

The Indian Association of People’s Lawyers applauds the courageous step taken by the four senior-most judges of the Supreme Court in placing, before “we, the people” as the ultimate authority, the impasse that has been created by the refusal of the Chief Justice of India to respond to their legitimate and responsible concerns over his recent administrative actions. In their letter written to the CJI two months ago and made public today, they have raised in particular the allocation of various important and sensitive cases in a manner that is violative of court traditions, norms and decorum to junior or handpicked judges thus raising apprehensions regarding the integrity of the Supreme Court. They have stated that Democracy is in danger if the Judiciary is not independent.

In doing so, they have affirmed what several courageous senior lawyers – Dushyant Dave, Prashant Bhushan, Indira Jaising, Kamini Jaiswal, Rajeev Dhawan etc. have been facing and fighting in sensitive matters such as the “Aadhar” case, the case for instituting an SIT into Judge Loya’s death in suspicious circumstances, the CJAR matter, the Ram Janmabhoomi- Babri Masjid matter and many others.

This is the time when lawyers all over the country must rise to the occasion to publicly debate the issues of judicial appointments, judicial accountability, and judicial integrity in our Supreme Court and High Courts. The concern is not only regarding pendency, delay and corruption; but also the erosion in Constitutional values of social justice and nondiscrimination, freedom of speech and association, secularism and a socialist pattern of economy, while adjudicating cases. As “officers of the court” let us play our role in breathing life into our Constitution.

Adv. Surendra Gadling, General Secretary, IAPL
Adv. Sudha Bharadwaj, Vice-President, IAPL


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Full text of the letter four supreme court judges wrote to India’s chief justice


SC judges’ revolt: Issues not personal, but institutional, says Justice Joseph