Turkey/France/Greece: Athens and Paris Bar Associations denounce the ongoing persecution against Turkish lawyers

January 4, 2018

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Paris Bar Association made a statement on the occasion of Turkey’s Erdogan’s forthcoming official visit (dated 5 January) to French President Emanuel Macron. It was said in the statement dated 4 January 2018 by lawyer Mr. Basile Ader who is vice president of the Paris Bar Association:

“The Paris Bar has noted that the situation of Turkish lawyers and magistrates has steadily worsened for a year, victims of a large purge in defiance of all international conventions and the most basic rights.

Turkey can not claim to be a respectable regime within nations without a rule of law whose lawyers, magistrates and journalists are sentinels.

The Paris Bar expresses to them the solidarity of the lawyers and mobilizes all the means necessary for them to regain their place and their role.

Chairman of Athens Bar Association  Mr. Dimitris Vervesos “..as has been widely judged by the European Court of Human Rights and has occasionally highlighted by the neighbor Bar Associations, Turkey has been had systematic violations of international law against the persecuted Turkish citizens and a large number of Turkish lawyer colleagues. The safeguarding of international law is a self-evident duty of the Bar Association, which has past struggles for democratic gains at national and international level..” said in his intervention in a case.


Athens and Paris Bar Associations denounce the ongoing persecution against Turkish lawyers

http://www.avocatparis.org/avocats-poursuivis-emprisonnes-et-tortures-en-turquie-basile-ader-demande-leur-liberation-immediate (FRANCAIS)

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https://www.econostrum.info/La-France-demande-a-la-Turquie-des-gestes-tres-concrets-sur-les-droits-de-l-homme_a23972.html (FRANCAIS)

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