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Turkey/France: Motion de soutien des Barreaux de Bordeaux et de Toulouse à nos confrères Turcs

le 18 décembre, 2017

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Iran: Six Prominent Lawyers Call for Prosecution of Iranian Officials Who Incited Violence Against Protesters

January 4, 2018

Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi and five other prominent Iranian human rights lawyers have called for the prosecution of state officials who have encouraged violence against protesters in the anti-government demonstrations in Iran.

“We demand the immediate termination and independent prosecution of some officials whose statements have had a critical impact in inciting emotions and violence during the people’s lawful and peaceful demonstrations,” said the lawyers in a joint statement sent to the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) on January 3, 2017.

The human rights defenders also called for the release of demonstrators arrested for exercising their right to peaceful assembly, which is guaranteed by Iran’s Constitution.

In addition to Ebadi, the statement was signed by Nasrin SotoudehAbdolkarim LahijiMohammad Seifzadeh, Mohammad Olyaeifard and Mahmoud Rahmanifar Esfahani.

Nasrin Sotoudeh, who spent three years in Evin Prison for legally defending dissidents and activists, told CHRI that the right to freedom of assembly is also recognized by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, both of which have been ratified by Iran.

Sotoudeh added that those who revised Iran’s Constitution after the 1979 revolution fought to grant the people the right to freedom of assembly without a permit to allow dissent.






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Turkey/France: Avocats poursuivis, emprisonnés et torturés en Turquie : Basile Ader demande leur libération immédiate et l’abandon des poursuites

le 4 janvier, 2018

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– Visite officielle en France du président Turc Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – 

Le barreau de Paris constate que la situation des avocats turcs et des magistrats n’a cessé de s’aggraver depuis un an, victimes d’une purge de grande ampleur au mépris de toutes les conventions internationales et des droits les plus élémentaires.

La Turquie ne peut prétendre être un régime respectable au sein des nations sans un état de droit dont les avocats, les magistrats et les journalistes sont les sentinelles.

Le barreau de Paris leur exprime la solidarité des avocats et mobilise tous les moyens nécessaires pour qu’ils retrouvent leur place et leur rôle, avec, parmi les membres du Conseil de l’Ordre deux spécialistes de la question turque : Martin Pradel et Rusen Aytac.

Torturés pour certains d’entre eux comme Engin Gokoglu, avocat au barreau d’Ankara, détenu à la prison de Tekirdag, battu le 30 octobre 2017 par les gardiens, ils sont aussi poursuivis et emprisonnés arbitrairement.

Basile Ader, vice-bâtonnier de l’Ordre des avocats, demande donc à la France, terre des droits de l’Homme, qu’elle interfère avec fermeté auprès du président turc pour la libération sans condition des 71 avocats condamnés à de longues peines d’emprisonnement et l’abandon des poursuites qui visent au total 1486 avocats. Parmi eux, le barreau de Paris demande la libération de Selcuk Kozagacli, qui a été honoré lors de la rentrée solennelle du barreau en 2016.





Iran: Where Iranians Fighting for Freedom Will Be Tortured

January 4, 2018

Widespread protests against the regime have been ongoing in Iran since Thursday. What began as protests about the sky-rocketing cost of living soon broadened to target government corruption, Islamist rule and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The government has detained at least 450 people, while 21 people were killed in clashes across the country.

Many of those detained will be sent to special wards for political prisoners. The most notorious of these is Section 350 of Evin Prison located in Tehran. It has been the primary prison housing political dissidents in Iran since  it opened in 1972

Among those who have shared its walls is Abdolfatah Soltani. A prominent lawyer, Soltani founded the Human Rights Documentation Center in 2001, an organization formed by five well-known lawyers to offer pro-bono legal assistance to prisoners of rights. The center was shut down in 2008 on the day of a planned ceremony to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights. Soltani was arrested in 2011 and sentenced to 18 years in prison. It was later reduced to 13 years by an appeals court.

In 2014 Soltani was placed in solitary confinement after a violent raid on Section 350 by prison guards. One-hundred riot police conducted a surprise search of the ward accompanied by intelligence ministry officials and members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, the regime’s second army, charged with guarding the Islamic character of the revolution and owners of half the country’s oil and gas reserves (among many other businesses).

When the inmates objected to the search, guards beat them and destroyed their personal items. Over 30 prisoners were injured and 32 were subsequently transferred to solitary confinement, including Soltani.

Soltani’s experience in Evin is typical of prisoners there where beatings, torture, mock-executions, unsanitary and cramped conditions and more are all regular features of life in Evin prison.






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Ukraine: Stab wounds found on Nozdrovska’s body, there are no suspects yet – police

January 3, 2018

According to preliminary results of the forensic examination, stab wounds were found on the body of murdered lawyer Iryna Nozdrovska, but the final cause of death has not been established yet, the National Police of Kyiv region reported.

“We do not have the results of a final official examination yet. These data are preliminary. There is no definitive cause of death. There are stab wounds, but we cannot yet say what exactly she died from,” head of the Kyiv region’s national police communication department Mykola Zhukovych told Interfax-Ukraine agency on Wednesday.

According to him, the theory about the rape has been dropped. Law enforcers work through the remaining lines of investigation, there are no suspects yet.

Answering the question when the final results of the examination are to be expected, Zhukovych said: “We do not conduct it. We think that on Friday there will be some results of our investigation.”

As reported, human rights activist and lawyer Nozdrovska disappeared at the end of 2017 and was found dead in a river in Vyshgorod district, Kyiv region, on January 1. Her body was sent to a forensic medical examination. The police have opened a criminal proceeding on counts of deliberate murder.





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Egypt: Khaled Ali’s appeal case against 3-month jail adjourned to March 7

January 3, 2017

Lawyer Khaled Ali - File photo

The Dokki court of misdemeanors adjourned to March 7 an appeal filed by lawyer Khaled Ali against a three month jail sentence issued against him.

On September 25, the court sentenced Ali to three months in jail over charges of waving with an indecent hand gesture during a protest over the handover of Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia.

Ali’s act came after a judicial ruling by the Supreme Administrative Court in January in the islands case.

Ali will have to pay 1,000 pounds on bail as part of the sentence.











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France/Israel/Palestine: Palestinian-French prisoner punished by Israel for interview with journalist

January 3, 2018

Palestinian-French human rights defender Salah Hamouri has been punished by the Israeli authorities after conducting an interview with a French journalist.

According to prisoners’ rights group Addameer, for whom Hamouri works as a field researcher, the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) moved the 33-year-old dual national from al Naqab prison to Megiddo prison “under the pretext that he has been engaged in incitement”.

“Salah had participated in an interview with a French journalist where he discussed visits from his lawyer, the process of administrative detention, and the techniques used by the IPS against administrative detainees. He was informed of his being transported on 28 December 2017”.

Hamouri was arrested on 23 August from his home in a dawn raid, and is currently serving a six-month administrative detention order (no charge or trial).

“Hamouri has previously been held in Israeli prisons twice, with the first time amounting to around two years”, Addameer notes. “Subsequently, in 2005, Salah was sentenced to seven years. He was released after six and a half years as a result of the ‘Shalit’ agreement in 2011”.

Read: Amnesty slams Israel’s detention without trial of French-Palestinian activist

Following his release, Hammouri “began studying law at al Quds University in Abu Dis. He had completed his degree, and passed the Palestinian Lawyers Union exam three days prior to his arrest”.



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December 8, 2017

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Change is possible, especially when people come together and take action. From writing letters of support and campaigning outside corporate headquarters, to welcoming refugees into our homes and changing laws for the better, hope overcame fear time and time again in 2017 – and it was all thanks to you.

Here are 30 incredible moments Amnesty International’s supporters made happen…

Peru reached landmark decision for environmental defenders

The legal case against human rights defender Máxima Acuña Atalaya was quashed in a landmark win for environmental activists in Peru! After almost five years of proceedings in relation to unfounded criminal charges of land invasion, the Supreme Court of Justice ruled that the accusations were baseless. Ahead of the decision, more than 150,000 messages of support and solidarity from Amnesty supporters were collected. Our staff delivered the boxes of letters to Maxima in-person at her home in the mountains in Peru.



https://www.lavozdelsur.es/no-es-lugar-para-mujeres-valientes (ESPANOL)

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