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France: Les avocats de Thionville lisent une motion en audience contre la réforme de la carte judiciaire

le 3 janvier, 2018

Une quarantaine d’avocats se rassemblés au tribunal de grande instance de Thionville ce mardi après-midi pour lire en audience correctionnelle une motion contre le projet de réforme de la carte judiciaire du gouvernement.


Une quarantaine d'avocats se sont rassemblés au tribunal de grande instance de Thionville

Nouvelle action ce mardi des avocats de Thionville pour protester contre la réforme de la carte judiciaire. Ils ont profité de l’audience consacrée au procès des militants de Greenpeace (finalement renvoyé) pour lire une motion devant les magistrats. Une motion pour protester contre ce projet du gouvernement qui pourrait selon eux compromettre l’avenir de plusieurs tribunaux en Moselle : Thionville, Metz et Sarreguemines.

La ministre de la justice a annoncé son projet en octobre dernier, 2 anciens parlementaires doivent lui remettre des propositions concrètes le 15 janvier. Et même si Nicole Belloubet assure qu’aucun lieu de justice ne fermera, l’un des objectifs est bien de réduire le nombre de compétences judiciaires de certains tribunaux. D’où la crainte que certains deviennent des coquilles vides et que les justiciables soient obligés de se déplacer toujours plus loin explique Me Marc Monossohn, bâtonnier de Thionville:  “Demain, le tribunal de Thionville pourrait ne plus s’occuper   que des affaires commerciales par exemple, et ne plus être que le quart de ce qu’il est aujourd’hui. Et ça implique un éloignement du justiciable avec son juge. Aujourd’hui, la personne de Sierck-les-Bains ou d’Audun-le-Tiche va à Thionville pour se faire juger. Demain, elle devra aller à Metz“.









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Journée « justice morte » à SARREGUEMINES, METZ et THIONVILLE le 11 janvier.


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Egypt: Appeal of Judicially Persecuted Labour Lawyer & Presidential Candidate Khaled Ali heard January 3rd – Case postponed


خالد علي - صورة أرشيفية

استمعت محكمة جنح مستنأنف الدقي بالجيزة، برئاسة المستشار عماد الدرمللي، الأربعاء، لأقوال مديرة ومنتجة سينمائية، صفاء الليثي، شاهدة نفي في قضية اتهام خالد على، المرشح الرئاسي المحتمل، بالفعل الفاضح.

وقالت الشاهدة إنها تعمل في مجال الإنتاج السينمائي منذ عام ١٩٧٥، وبعرض الفيديوهات المنسوبة لخالد على أمامها تبين لها العبث في فيديو الفعل الفاضح، إذ ظهر إصبع خالد على بإشارة بذيئة في الكادر رقم ٦٠٤ حتى الكادر ٦٠٨، وتبين للشاهدة أن هناك تلاعبا بالفيديو حيث ظهر إصبع زايد باليد اليسرى له، أثناء هتافه أمام محكمة القضاء الإداري بـ«مصرية جزيرتي تيران وصنافير»، وهذا الإصبع لونه يختلف عن لون بشر خالد على، فصلا عن أن الإصبع كان أضخم عن باقي الأصابع.



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Egypt: Solidarity with Mahienour and Moatasem: jailed for defending the right to protest and strike

January 3, 2018

Campaigning lawyer Mahienour el-Massry and leading trade unionist Moatasem Medhat have been jailed for two years by an Egyptian court, for breaching a law on public gatherings imposed by the British colonial authorities in 1914. Mahienour and Moatasem have been in jail since their trial in November and will appeal the sentence on 13 January. Lawyers Asmaa Naeem and Waleed El Ammary, and activist Ziad Aboul Fadl also received three year sentences in absentia. In addition to the 1914 Assembly Law, the prosecution claimed the defendants breached the repressive 2013 Protest Law, engaged in “thuggery” and “insulted the President”. The only witness for the prosecution is a police officer, whose written report on the incident stated that the defendants had left before he arrived at the scene.

The charges against Mahienour and Moatasem and their colleagues relate to a demonstration during the wave of protests against the transfer of the Tiran and Sanafir Islands from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, but it is clear that the real goal is to lock up campaigners who put themselves at risk to defend workers and activists persecuted by the authorities.

Mahienour, an award-winning human rights lawyer, is well-known for her work defending activists, trade unionists and Syrian refugees from persecution by the authorities. She was jailed in 2015 in a case connected with protests over the acquittal of policemen charged with the murder of Khaled Said, the young Alexandrian man whose death in 2010 sparked the protest movement which paved the way for the 2011 uprising. While in prison she was awarded the Ludovic Trarieux International Human Rights Prizefor her work defending so many people ground down by Egypt’s oppressive judicial system. Even in jail she continued to fight for the rights of her cell-mates, many of whom were working-class women jailed for debts they couldn’t pay.

Solidarity with Mahienour and Moatasem: jailed for defending the right to protest and strike




http://www.agoravox.it/Egitto-processi-contro-gli.html (ITALIANO)

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Day of the Endangered Lawyer/Egypt: London

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Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2018 (Egypt)

Event Type:Seminar
When:24/01/2018 17:30 – 20:15Add Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2018 (Egypt) To Your CalendarAdd To Your Calendar
Venue:The Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1PL
Cost:Free event 
SRA competence: A1 and C3
The Law Society is organising this seminar on the Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2018. This day aims to raise the visibility of the difficulties faced by lawyers who find themselves at risk because of the work they carry out. This year the focus is on Egypt.In this seminar, we will discuss the challenges faced by lawyers and human rights defenders in Egypt, as well as the current political context in that country. More generally, threats to the independence of the legal profession will be addressed, also with regard to other jurisdictions.Speakers:

  • Dr. Nancy Okail is a human rights defender from Egypt. She is the Director of the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy in Washington DC. In 2013, she was tried in absentia and convicted to five years imprisonment in proceedings in which 43 NGO workers were charged with using foreign funds to foment unrest in Egypt.
  • Prof. Lynn Welchman is Professor of Law with particular reference to the Middle East and North Africa in the SOAS School of Law, where she teaches Law and Society in MENA, Human Rights and Islamic Law, and the International Human Rights Clinic. Before and alongside her academic career, Professor Welchman has had both a professional and a volunteer NGO human rights engagement, mostly in the Middle East. She is a member of the founding editorial board of the Muslim World Journal of Human Rights, the Board of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Foundation, and the Board of Trustees of INTERIGHTS.







Day of the Endangered Lawyer/Egypt: Halifax Canada

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CBA-NS Joint Young Lawyers and Constitutional & Human Rights Law Section Meeting

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Event date:
Wednesday, January 24, 2018 – 12:00 to 13:30
Name of Organization:
Canadian Bar Association Nova Scotia
Contact Email:
Schulich School of Law, Halifax NS

Day of the Endangered Lawyer – International Experiences and Opportunities

Speakers: Danny Graham, QC, McInnes Cooper, Shanisha Grant, Supporting Access to Justice for Children and Youth in East Africa [SAJCEA] Project, and Christine Hanson, NS Human Rights Commission

In honour of the Day of the Endangered Lawyer, a panel discussion will take place about international issues and opportunities for lawyers and law students to promote human rights, support human rights defenders and defend the rule of law, in partnership with the CBA-NS Constitutional & Human Rights Law Section, Lawyers Rights Watch Canada, and Dalhousie’s International Law Society.