December 14, 2017

A well-known human rights lawyer was summoned by police Thursday to hear charges of violating the Computer Crime Act and contempt of court.

Arnon Nampa, who has represented numerous pro-democracy activists and rights advocates, denied any wrongdoing and said the charges were lodged because of his activism against the military regime. A string of junta opponents has faced similar charges in recent months.

Arnon responded to the news by posting the summons letter he received from the police and in his irreverent and chauvinist style suggested that potential suitors seek him out while they can.

“Girls who want to screw this little lawyer better hurry because this time I’m in for serious charges = contempt of court, violating the court’s authority and the Computer Crime Act! If I am imprisoned, it will be long. You can send a message to my inbox. First come, first served,” he wrote today on Facebook.

Thailand’s contempt of court statute has become broadly interpreted to punish any remark deemed offensive or even critical of the courts and their rulings.

Apart from serving as a lawyer, Arnon also leads an activist group called Resistant Citizens.


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