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India: Delhi police breaks open door to arrest lady lawyer, Delhi HC bar goes on strike

December 19, 2017

Delhi High Court. Photo: Anil Shakya

The Delhi High Court Bar Association (DHCBA) on Tuesday (December 19) went on a flash strike, protesting the forcible break-in and arrest by the Delhi Police (Safdarjung Enclave Police Station) of a 60-year-old lady lawyer on charges of “stalking”.

The DHCBA resolution (see below) states it has called an emergent meeting at 11.30 am on Tuesday and that its executive committee had “discussed the shocking and unfortunate incident” of December 18, “while the police official… trespassed into the house of Mr R K Saini, advocate, when he was in the High Court and… forcibly detained a lady advocate, aged about 60 years and forved her in the police Gypsy. It has also been noted that the Delhi High Court had passed an order at about 3.45pm on the assurance of the…” additional public prosecutor “Mukesh Kumar that no coercive action shall be taken against the lady advocate.”

A case – Delhi Commission For Women (DCW) Chairperson Ms Swati Maliwal Vs CP Delhi – is already in court, before the bench of Justice Pratibha Rani. The case is about the quashing of an FIR against the DCW Chairperson.

That case did not have any hearing on Tuesday, with the matter adjourned to January 11, 2018, but a bench of Justices Siddarth Mridul and Deepa Sharma heard the instances of the day over which the DHCBA has called a strike.








Nigeria: Family of murdered lawyer alleges harassment by SARS

December 20, 2017

MEMBERS Ozongwu family of Okwojo Ngwo in the Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State, whose son, Mr. Ejiofor Ozongwu, was murdered in 2015, have alleged that some operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad were harassing them.

Ozongwu, the former secretary of the Committee for the Actualisation of Adada State, was killed at Okwojo Ngwo on December 23, 2015, over a land dispute.

The lawyer was reportedly attacked by some youths, who beat him up and ran over his body with a vehicle, when he went to inspect the disputed land.

Some youths from the Okwojo Ngwo community have been arrested and remanded in prison over the development.

However, the Ozongwu family said some highly-placed members of the Okwojo Ngwo community, who allegedly masterminded the murder of their brother, were using SARS operatives from Abuja to harass and intimidate them in a bid to force them to drop an ongoing court case against the suspects.





Canada: Man who shot Toronto lawyer Randall Barrs sentenced to 9 years in prison

December 19, 2017

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A 52-year-old man who pleaded guilty to five charges, including aggravated assault, for shooting Toronto criminal lawyer Randall Barrs in the leg twice outside his law office in 2016 was sentenced to nine years and seven months in prison on Tuesday.

Grayson Delong, 52, was originally charged with attempted murder in connection to the shooting but the crown withdrew the charge as there was no reasonable chance of a conviction.

Barrs told reporters outside the Toronto courthouse on Tuesday he is upset by the plea deal and refused to participate in the sentencing process saying this case should have gone to trial.

“If there going to take an aggravated assault, they at least had to insist on the full 14 years, because it’s the worst aggravated assault I can envision because in fact it is an attempt murder,” Barrs said.

Man who shot Toronto lawyer Randall Barrs sentenced to 9 years in prison



Barrs blasts soft sentence, shoddy cop work on gunman who ambushed him



Egypt: Ragia Omran: Tirelessly pursuing human rights with one foot in corporate law

December 19, 2017

In December, lawyer Ragia Omran was one of 15 rights defenders from around the world to receive the Franco-German Prize for Human Rights and the Rule of Law. She was also awarded the Robert F. Kennedy award for human rights in 2013.

At the award ceremony for the Franco-German Prize, held at the German Embassy in Cairo, a feisty Omran said, “Some people speak about the hypocritical nature of politics, but I don’t use such language. I am a pragmatic person, but it is not pragmatic to sell arms to warring factions in countries mired in terrible conflicts where children are dying and then support a human rights investigation at the same time. It is counterproductive to give a human rights award but be selective about rights, to talk the talk, but not walk the walk.”

Omran, who comes from an affluent background, has been entrenched in the human rights movement in Egypt for two decades, mostly as a volunteer, while simultaneously maintaining a practice in corporate law. Mada Masr sat with her for an hour as she reflected on these different aspects of her life.

Mada Masr: You have a career in corporate law, while being extremely engaged in human rights. How did this happen?