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AI: States worldwide failing to prevent killings and disappearances of human rights defenders

December 5, 2017

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States around the world are failing in their duty to effectively protect people who defend human rights, leading to an escalation in preventable killings and enforced disappearances, Amnesty International said today.

The organization’s new report, Deadly but Preventable Attacks: Killings and Enforced Disappearances of Those who Defend Human Rights, highlights the growing risks faced by human rights defenders – people from all walks of life who work to promote and defend human rights.

The report includes testimonies from friends, relatives and colleagues of human rights defenders, including environmentalists, LGBTIQ and women’s rights activists, journalists and lawyers, who have been killed or disappeared. Many described how victims’ pleas for protection had been repeatedly ignored by the authorities and how the attackers had evaded justice, fuelling a deadly cycle of impunity.

“We spoke to families of killed and forcibly disappeared human rights defenders all over the world, and kept hearing the same thing: these people knew their lives were at risk,” said Guadalupe Marengo, Head of Amnesty International’s Global Human Rights Defenders Programme.

“Their deaths or disappearances had been preceded by a string of previous attacks, which authorities turned a blind eye to or even encouraged. If states had taken their human rights obligations seriously and acted diligently on reports of threats and other abuses, lives could have been saved.”

Amnesty International’s new report brings together stories from around the world to illustrate the rise in preventable attacks on HRDs and highlights a chilling pattern of impunity. Cases include:


France: Assises à Pau : procès renvoyé en raison de la grève des avocats

le 4 décembre, 2017

Assises à Pau : procès renvoyé en raison de la grève des avocats

Le procès qui devait s’ouvrir ce lundi matin devant la cour d’assises des Pyrénées-Atlantiques à Pau a été renvoyé en raison du mouvement de grève des avocats.

Une nouvelle session d’assises devait débuter ce lundi matin à Pau. La cour s’est réunie mais, compte tenu du mouvement de grève des avocats en faveur du maintien de la cour d’appel à Pau, la première affaire qui devait être examinée a été renvoyée.

Il s’agissait du procès en appel d’Emmanuel Moucouta rejugé pour tentative d’assassinat à l’encontre d’un co-détenu de la centrale pénitentiaire de Lannemezan: le 7 avril 2014, il l’avait en effet poignardé à plusieurs reprises au niveau du cou dans les douches.



Turkey: Turkish Police Torture Brother Of A Human Rights Lawyer In Southeast Anatolia

December 4, 2017

A Turkish human rights lawyer has reported the torture of his brother under custody of anti-terror police in the southeastern city of Şanlıurfa, Cumhuriyet newspaper reported on Monday.

The Şanlıurfa branch of the Human Rights Association (İHD) is to submit evidence from İlhan Öngör, who is the co-chair of the Adana branch of İHD, to a prosecutor and ask for an investigation into what happened to his brother, Mahmut Öngör, in police custody.

“Physical torture was carried out: electrocution, bastinado, beatings, etc.” he wrote in his submission to the association.

According to a report by online news outlet Ahval, İlhan Anger has stated that “He cannot use his left hand from the wrist down. His nose is covered in wounds and there are scars across different parts of his body. There is extreme bruising above the left part of his groin. The scars resemble those made through electrocution. He struggles to talk and his entire body shakes.




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Israel/Palestine: Three Palestinian lawyers seized by Israeli occupation

December 4, 2017

Israeli occupation forces seized three Palestinian lawyers well-known for their involvement in defending Palestinian human rights and particularly the rights of Palestinian prisoners in armed, overnight, pre-dawn raids. The three lawyers are:

All three of the lawyers’ homes was stormed at night by police and intelligence agents who ransacked the home before taking him. The three were taken to the Petah Tikva interrogation center.

Zabarqa is one of the most prominent lawyers defending Palestinian political detainees and prisoners in occupied Palestine ’48. Most recently, his advocacy on behalf of imprisoned Sheikh Raed Salah has highlighted the sheikh’s solitary confinement and political targeting. Zabarqa has been targeted in the past, barred from entering Jerusalem in 2015. Misk is also the former legal director for Defence for Children International – Palestine and, as current director of legal work for the Prisoners’ Affairs Commission, has a leading role in defending many Palestinian prisoners before Israeli occupation courts.

Al-Sabbah is the director of al-Meethaq Foundation, which offers public legal services to the Jerusalemite population, including dealing with Israeli occupation entities like insurance officials, the municipality, and the interior department.