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Turkey: Turkish Police Bar İstanbul Rally To Show Solidarity With Jailed Journalists, Lawyers

December 2, 2017

Turkish police have intervened into a protest organised by journalists and lawyers in İstanbul to show solidarity with the jailed journalists and lawyers in Turkey on Saturday.

A group of free journalists has organised a protest under the banner of “We Have a Say” in Kadıköy district of İstanbul. However, İstanbul police have not allowed the group, consists of  journalists, lawyers and academics, to rally to show their solidarity with their imprisoned colleagues.

The group, which has chanted “justice now”, “freedom now, immediately”, “shoulder to shoulder against OHAL (the rule of emergency)”, “Nuriye and Semih are not alone”, has also made a press statement during the demonstration.

It was stated in the statement that “We have a promise to peace, truth and justice. Fascism starts when the freedom of expression is over.” The group has also requested freedom to the imprisoned journalists.

It is said in the statement, read by the journalist Ertuğrul Mavioğlu, that “We pass through difficult times. We know that the most curing medicine of such hard times is to walk together hand in hand, arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder. That is why we resist against all suppressions which aim at reducing our passion for peace and freedom, and to blind our conscience and our sense of justice.”


India: A year on, bitter memories haunt slain lawyer’s family

December 2, 2017

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A year after the brutal murder of 32-year-old lawyer Ruchita Jain in Udaipur, life is yet to return to normalcy for her husband and two kids. Though they have shifted to a new house, but bitter memories continues to haunt them.
Jain was murdered in her flat on December 1, 2016 by her neighbour, a 22-year-old CA aspirant, Divya Kothari. He was arrested and had also confessed to have committed the crime because Ruchita resisted his sexual advances.
Ruchita’s children Arnav and Avishi are still under deep shock and cannot sleep properly. Door bells frighten them and they are scared to be left alone in home. Ruchita’s husband K B Gupta has been making frantic efforts to give the kids a congenial atmosphere but fear seems to have set deep inside the young minds, he said.