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Turkey: Turkish Gov’t Issues Detention Warrants For 85, Including 10 Lawyers, Over Links To Gülen Movement

November 28, 2017

Turkish police has detained 16 people in an Ankara-based investigation in 30 provinces as part of Turkish government’s massive post-coup witch hunt campaign targeting the alleged members of the Gülen movement on Tuesday after Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s Office issued detention warrants over 85 people including 10 lawyers.

Online news portal Aktif Haber has reported that 75 people were identified former police academy students along with 10 lawyers, five of whom were allegedly using ByLock which is a controversial mobile phone application that Turkish authorities claim to be the top communication tool among the alleged members of the Gülen movement.

While 16 of those people were taken to Ankara Security Directorate after being detained following detention warrants, the police officers have still been carrying out the operation.

According to data compiled by independent monitoring site The Arrested Lawyers’ Initiative, 565 lawyers have been arrested as of November 28, 2017 since July 15, 2016 and 1,448 lawyers were under prosecution as of Oct. 27, 2017. Sixty-nine lawyers have received lengthy prison sentences thus far. Some of the arrested lawyers were reportedly subjected torture and ill treatment. Fourteen of the detained or arrested lawyers are  presidents or former presidents of provincial bar associations.



Iran: Demand the Judiciary to #FreeNarges Now

November 28, 2017


The Appeals Court has upheld the 16-year prison sentence against prominent human rights activist Narges Mohammadi. She was sentenced to 10 years for “membership in the [now banned] Defenders of Human Rights Center,” five years for “assembly and collusion against national security,” and one year for “propaganda against the state.” She will become eligible for release after serving 10 years in prison.

(Center for Human Rights in Iran Facebook)





Turkey: Human Rights Defender Elçi Remembered On 2nd Anniversary Of Death Across Turkey

November 28, 2017

Human rights defender Tahir Elçi, who was the former head of the Diyarbakır Bar Association, was commemorated on the second anniversary of his death on Tuesday, with several events organised across Turkey and in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır.

Elçi, who was also a vocal human rights activist, was killed in broad daylight on Nov. 28, 2015, in the central Sur district of the city while making a public statement to draw attention to the damage done to the district’s historic sites, including the area surrounding the famous Four-Legged Minaret. Despite two years passing since the incident, not a single suspect has been determined in connection to the murder.

According to a report by Hurriyet daily news on Tuesday, a ceremony was held near the Four-Legged Minaret with the participation of lawmakers, bar heads, writers, activists and non-governmental organization representatives, as well as Elçi’s relatives and Diyarbakır residents. The ceremony started with a moment of silence in memory of Elçi.

“The pain and anger in our hearts is growing,” current Diyarbakır Bar Association head Ahmet Özmen said at the ceremony, which was followed by the laying of carnations on the police barricades set up in front of the Four-Legged Minaret.




http://www.kedistan.net/2017/11/28/hommage-tahir-elci/ (FRANCAIS)

https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tahir_El%C3%A7i (FRANCAIS)

Vietnam/HRW: EU Should Press for Release of Political Prisoners

November 28, 2017


The European Union should press the Vietnamese government to release all political prisoners and detainees; end repression of freedom of speech, association, and assembly; and take steps to end police brutality, Human Rights Watch said today. The EU and Vietnam will hold their 7th annual bilateral human rights dialogue in Hanoi on December 1, 2017.

The Vietnamese authorities have previously used the occasion of the human rights dialogue to target activists. In December 2015, prominent human rights lawyer Nguyen Van Dai was arrested on his way to meet the EU delegation in Hanoi during the 5th EU-Vietnam human rights dialogue. He remains in detention awaiting trial. In November 2017, police detained and interrogated rights activists Nguyen Quang A, Pham Doan Trang, and Bui Thi Minh Hangafter they met with an EU delegation.

“The EU should publicly press Vietnam to release Nguyen Van Dai and all other political prisoners, and amend its penal code so that it is impossible for Communist Party-controlled courts to imprison critics,” said Brad Adams, Asia director. “This dialogue should lead to concrete commitments on rights and not just be yet another talk shop.”






Azerbaijan: Lawyer Disbarred in Azerbaijan After Filing Torture Complaint

November 27, 2017

Yalchin Imanov.

When a lawyer files a complaint alleging his client was beaten in custody, you would expect it to lead, at best, to justice for the victim, or at worst, to inaction.

In Azerbaijan, that’s sadly not the worst possible outcome. Unless something changes, prominent human rights lawyer Yalchin Imanov is at imminent risk of disbarment for publicizing the beating of his client in custody.

A practicing lawyer and Bar member since 2007, Imanov has defended the rights of many government critics, including award-winning investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova, and several imprisoned opposition members.

In early August 2017, after visiting his client, Abbas Huseynov, in Gobustan prison, Imanov gave interviews to media outlets, saying his client was repeatedly beaten and tortured by the prison staff and put in punishment cells under inhumane conditions. The lawyer reported that multiple bruises were visible on Huseynov’s body, and he could hardly sit and had difficulties walking.





Turkey: Tahir Elçi Diyarbakır’da anılacak! Tahir Elçi kimdir?


Diyarbakır Barosu, Sur ilçesinde bulunan Dört Ayaklı Minare önünde 28 Kasım 2015’te basın açıklaması yaptığı sırada öldürülen Diyarbakır Baro Başkanı Tahir Elçi’yi 2’nci yıl dönümünde öldürüldüğü gün ve saatte aynı yerde anacak. Tahir Elçi kimdir? Tahir Elçi, neden öldürüldü? 

Anma etkinlikleri kapsamında 28 Kasım’da Elçi’nin öldürüldüğü Dört Ayaklı Minare önünde saat 10.53’te anma töreni düzenlenecek. Aynı gün saat 14.00’te Elçi’nin Yeniköy Mezarlığı’ndaki kabri ziyaret edilecek. Saat 18.30’da ise Cegerxwin Kültür Merkezi’nde “Tahir Elçi-Kırık Saat” adlı belgeselinin gala gösterimi yapılacak.

29 Kasım Çarşamba günü ise Diyarbakır Esnaf ve Sanatkar Odaları Birliği (DESOB) Konferans Salonu’nda saat 13.30’da “Tahir Elçi ve Faili Meçhul Cinayetler” adlı panel gerçekleştirilecek. Diyarbakır Barosu Başkanı Ahmet Özmen moderatörlüğündeki panele avukat Eren Keskin, HDP Urfa Milletvekili Osman Baydemir, Demokrat Yargı Eş Başkanı Orhan Gazi Ertekin ve gazeteci İsmail Saymaz konuşmacı olarak katılacak.

























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Elçi anmaElçi anmaElçi anma

Congo Brazzaville: Arrestation de Maitre Steve Bagne, avocat au barreau de Brazzaville

le 28 novembre, 2017

Maitre Steve Bagne, avocat au barreau de Brazzaville a été arrêté à son cabinet au mépris des règles régissant la protection du domicile professionnel des avocats. Cette arrestation a eu lieu en présence de Monsieur le Bâtonnier Quenum.



MISE A JOUR, le 2 décembre 2017: Selon un confrère congolais il s’est tenu en ce jour une assemblée générale des Avocats du barreau de Pointe Noire pour faire suite à l’arrestation de notre confrère Steve BAGNE. un seul point était à l’ordre du jour, precisément la validation par l’assemblée générale de la pétition signée par les avocats de Pointe Noire en vue de décreter un grève illimitée à compter du lundi 4 décembre 2017.  Contre toute attente, l’assemblée a été dispersée par la police sur instruction du procureur général de la circonscription judiciaire de la cour d’appel de Pointe-Noire.  A présent, nous restons mobilisé pour s’assurer de l’effectivité de la grève dès matin.  Les avocats ont décidé d’une grève illimitée.

La communauté des avocats du mode entier est alertée sur les pratiques quotidiennes dont sont victimes les avocats congolais dans l’exercice de leurs missions.


News and media website
Centre Ville de Brazzaville, 99 Brazzaville

Déclaration de l’association des jeunes avocats de Pointe-Noire suite à l’interpellation et l’arrestation de Maitre Steve BAGNE BOTONGO

Suite à l’arrestation illégale, sauvage et barbare, à son bureau, le lundi 27 novembre 2017 à Brazzaville, dans le coup de 16 heures du confrère Stève BAGNE BOTONGO, Avocat domicilié au Cabinet d’Avocats BANZANI, Barreau de Brazzaville, par les éléments de la force publique,
L’Association des Jeunes Avocats de Pointe Noire, en sigle l’AJAP, réunie en Assemblée générale extraordinaire ce Mercredi, 29 Novembre 2017, à 14 heures 00 minute, dans la salle des audiences du Tribunal de Grande Instance de Pointe-Noire,

Considérant que la République du Congo est un Etat de droit, tel qu’il ressort du corpus constitutionnel en vigueur en son article premier,

Considérant que l’idéal d’Etat de droit renvoie à un Etat dans lequel l’ensemble des autorités politiques, administratives, judiciaires et militaires tant centrales que locales, agit en se conformant strictement aux règles de droit en vigueur et dans lequel tous les individus bénéficient, également des garanties procédurales et des libertés fondamentales ,

Considérant que la profession de foi en l’Etat de droit par les constituants du 25 Novembre 2015 n’est pas une simple parure scripturale,

Considérant que la loi n°026 -92 du 20 Août 1992, portant organisation de la profession d’Avocat au Congo fait partie intégrale du corpus normatif national,

Consciente que la loi organisant la profession d’Avocat au Congo offre des garanties de procédure à l’Avocat,

Consciente que le Cabinet d’Avocat, tout comme le domicile de tout citoyen congolais, est protégé par la loi et déclaré inviolable,

Consciente que le même texte constitutionnel, en son article 11, interdit tout acte de traitement cruel, inhumain ou dégradant,

Rappelant que le dispositif constitutionnel en vigueur au Congo fait obligation à tout citoyen de se conformer à la constitution, aux lois et règlements de la république, dont fait heureusement partie la loi n°026 -92 du 20 Août 1992, portant organisation de la profession d’Avocat au Congo,


– L’arrestation voire même l’enlèvement et la séquestration du confrère Stève BAGNE BOTONGO en violation flagrante, sous l’œil complice des autorités judiciaires, des règles procédurales gouvernant l’arrestation d’un Avocat en République du Congo.

– La violation de la loi 026-92 du 20 janvier 1992 organisant la profession d’avocat en République du Congo, en l’occurrence, l’article 53 de ladite loi.


– L’attitude coupable de certains agents de la force publique qui agissent sous le fallacieux prétexte de l’exécution des ordres donnés par leurs supérieurs hiérarchiques.

– L’attitude passive, voire permissive du parquet général de Brazzaville face à une telle violation flagrante du droit applicable aux Avocats en cas d’arrestation.


– La libération immédiate, sans conditions aucunes, du confrère Stève BAGNE BOTONGO.


Son adhésion à la constitution du 25 novembre 2015, aux lois et règlements de la république, aux instruments internationaux de protection des droits de l’homme et à l’idéal de l’état de droit revendiqué par les constituants congolais de 2015 ;

Vive la République,
Vive l’Etat de droit,
Vive l’Association des Jeunes Avocats de Pointe-Noire

Fait à Pointe Noire, le29 Novembre 2017
L’Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire

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