India: Three who fled after attacking woman advocate apprehended

October 14, 2017

The city police arrested the three accused in the case of attacking advocate Bayana Venkata Ramani on Tuesday and presented before media on Friday. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Kranthi Rana Tata said the three, Banka Ganesh, Banka Shiva and Srinivas, entered Ramani’s house forcefully and attacked her by punching her face.

Ganesh planned to get rid of the lawyer who is also his distant relative after she failed to win a land dispute case that he brought to her a few years ago. “With the motto to kill Ramani, the three entered her house knowing that she is alone. Ganesh gave `1 lakh to Shiva and Srinivas to kill Ramani,” the DCP said.

In the attack, Ramani received injuries on the nose and face and was later rushed to a private hospital. Following a complaint, a case was registered against the duo in Two-town police station. “When she shouted for help, the three fled from the spot as neighbors escorted her. The three were arrested on the basis of Ramani’s complaint and sent to custody,” Kranthi told.–woman-advocate-apprehended-1673737.html


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