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India: Three who fled after attacking woman advocate apprehended

October 14, 2017

The city police arrested the three accused in the case of attacking advocate Bayana Venkata Ramani on Tuesday and presented before media on Friday. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Kranthi Rana Tata said the three, Banka Ganesh, Banka Shiva and Srinivas, entered Ramani’s house forcefully and attacked her by punching her face.

Ganesh planned to get rid of the lawyer who is also his distant relative after she failed to win a land dispute case that he brought to her a few years ago. “With the motto to kill Ramani, the three entered her house knowing that she is alone. Ganesh gave `1 lakh to Shiva and Srinivas to kill Ramani,” the DCP said.

In the attack, Ramani received injuries on the nose and face and was later rushed to a private hospital. Following a complaint, a case was registered against the duo in Two-town police station. “When she shouted for help, the three fled from the spot as neighbors escorted her. The three were arrested on the basis of Ramani’s complaint and sent to custody,” Kranthi told.




The Philippines: Lawyer group: Duterte tirades undermine checks and balances in gov’t

October 13, 2017


An alliance of lawyers denounced on Friday President Rodrigo Duterte’s “brazen assaults” against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, saying these attacks “deliberately undermine” the independence of their respective institutions.

The Alternative Law Groups (ALG) said the President’s tirades and the moves to unseat the two officials are a threat in maintaining the checks and balances in the government.

“We, the Alternative Law Groups (ALG), denounce the brazen assaults against democratic institutions of President Rodrigo Duterte, which undermine the independent bodies mandated by the Constitution to maintain the system of checks and balances in the government,” the group said in a statement.

“These acts deliberately undermine the independence of the institutions whose duties primarily consist in upholding public trust by cleansing the government’s ranks of graft and corruption and maintaining checks and balances so that tyranny would not arise from any branch of the government again,” it added.

Duterte has criticized Sereno and Morales, who have been vocal against his violent campaign against illegal drugs several times and on other different issues.

He had criticized the chief justice for “sitting” on the temporary restraining order against two provisions of the Reproductive Health Law, and the Ombudsman for handing down “selective justice.”





Venezuela: Venezuela: violations de Caracas soumises à la CPI

le 13 octobre, 2017

L’ancienne procureure générale du Venezuela Luisa Ortega, en exil, va donner un dossier à la CPI sur des exécutions extrajudiciaires et d’autres violations menées par son gouvernement. Elle a rencontré vendredi à Genève le Haut commissaire aux droits de l’homme.

Ce document pour la Cour pénale internationale (CPI) sera accompagné “d’un ensemble d’expertises” qui prouvent ces exécutions, a-t-elle dit à quelques journalistes après sa discussion avec Zeid Raad al-Hussein. Après s’être réfugiée fin août en Colombie, Luisa Ortega, entrée en dissidence, avait entamé une tournée à travers l’Amérique latine, au Brésil, au Costa Rica et au Mexique.

Elle avait présenté des indications à charge sur la corruption présumée du gouvernement. Son successeur a expliqué qu’il n’ouvrirait pas d’investigations contre le président Nicolas Maduro sur ces allégations. Luisa Ortega avait été congédiée de ses fonctions début août par la nouvelle Assemblée constituante controversée, acquise au chef de l’Etat.

De son côté, M. Zeid a dénoncé en septembre devant le Conseil des droits de l’homme de possibles “crimes contre l’humanité” dans ce pays, accusations qualifiées de “mensonges” par le gouvernement. Il a demandé un mécanisme international d’investigations sur les violences de ces derniers mois entre le régime et les opposants qui ont fait au total au moins plus de 120 victimes.



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UK: Muslim activist’s fight for privacy after ‘degrading digital strip search’

October 13, 2017

Muhammad Rabbani.

A British Muslim legal advocate has appealed to the High Court after he was convicted of a terrorism offence for failing to hand over his phone and computer password at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Muhammad Rabbani is now fighting to change a controversial law in the United Kingdom that allows police to carry out ‘digital strip searches’ without any specific suspicion.

Mr Rabbani is the International Director of CAGE, an organisation that fights policies developed as part of the global War on Terror.

He told SBS World News that embarrassing airport interrogations have become a routine part of travel for him and he has lost count of the amount of times he has been stopped at airports – it is in excess of 20 times.

“It’s a difficult ordeal, I mean it’s ever-degrading,” he says.

Mr Rabbani said he had flown home from Qatar in November 2016 when authorities “crossed a red line”.



Greece: Police examining the cases undertaken by murdered lawyer

October 13, 2017

Police on Friday stepped up an investigation into the murder of prominent lawyer Michalis Zafeiropoulos, who was gunned down in his central Athens office on Thursday night, apparently by perpetrators posing as clients.

According to authorities, the two men who entered the building on Asklipiou Street at around 7 p.m. had an appointment with Zafeiropoulos.

Once they were alone with him, they shot him in the head and chest.

As Zafeiropoulos’s office has no surveillance cameras, police are focusing on the footage of cameras from shops in the area in their bid to identify the killers.

The police investigation was focusing on recent cases undertaken by the 52-year-old criminal lawyer as investigators believe one of these may have provoked the perpetrators.

Among the cases handled by Zafeiropoulos are the defense of a suspect in the Energa-Hellas Power embezzlement affair (which has been linked to an attempted contract killing), the defense of the publisher of Parapolitika in a case against Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, the defense of arms dealer Thomas Liakounakos as well as theft and drug cases.

Zafeiropoulos was a well-known criminal lawyer and the son of former New Democracy MP Nondas Zafeiropoulos. His murder prompted a reaction from Greece’s political parties.






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Egypt/Prix Martin Ennals: Egypte: Mohamed Zaree,lauréat du «Nobel des droits de l’Homme», risque la prison

October 13, 2017

Mohamed Zaree

Le juriste Mohamed Zaree, fervent défenseur des libertés d’expression en Egypte, a remporté le 10 octobre 2017 le prix Martin Ennals, l’une des plus prestigieuses récompenses dans le domaine des droits de l’Homme. Le lauréat n’a pas été autorisé à se rendre à Genève pour recevoir sa distinction.

Mohamed Zaree, directeur du bureau égyptien de l’Institut du Caire pour les études sur les droits humains (CIHRS), n’a pas le droit de quitter le territoire égyptien depuis mai 2016. L’activiste égyptien est sous le coup d’une enquête judiciaire qui pourrait lui valoir une lourde peine. «Les chefs d’inculpation dont je fais l’objet suffiraient à m’envoyer en prison pour 25 ans», explique-t-il dans une vidéo diffusée lors de la remise du prix Martin Ennals. C’est sa femme qui a fait le déplacement en Suisse pour réceptionner le prix décerné par une dizaine d’organisations internationales comme Amnesty ou Human Rights Watch.

Les ONG sous pression 
Mohamed Zaree, 34 ans, est accusé de bénéficier de fonds étrangers. Sous la pression des autorités, le siège de son organisation de défense des droits de l’Homme a été transféré à Tunis en 2014. L’activiste égyptien a choisi de rester dans le pays pour mener le combat de la liberté malgré les menaces de mort et les intimidations. Une nouvelle loi promulguée en mai 2017 par le président égyptien Abdel Fattah al-Sissi impose des restrictions sans précédent aux ONG.




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