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October 8, 2017

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Responding to news that a prosecutor has filed an indictment calling for jail terms of up to 15 years on terror charges for 11 human rights activists including Idil Eser and Taner Kilic, the director and chair of Amnesty International Turkey, John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s Europe Director said the following:

“This outrageous indictment contains no new information but instead reheats absurd allegations against some of Turkey’s most prominent human rights defenders.

“These brave activists have languished in jail for months on end for no reason other than their belief in human rights. For them to have spent even day behind bars is a gross injustice.

“This indictment is little more than a tatty patchwork of fabrication, innuendo and untruths and is a damning indictment of Turkey’s flawed justice system. The court must reject it in its entirety and ensure that our friends and colleagues are immediately and unconditionally released.”






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https://www.volkskrant.nl/buitenland/15-jaar-cel-geeist-tegen-directeur-en-medewerkers-amnesty-international-in-turkije~a4520751/ (NEDERLANDS)

http://www.epochtimes.com/b5/17/10/9/n9712975.htm (CHINESE)


Maldives: UN rights expert urges Maldives reforms after mass suspension of lawyers

November 9, 2017

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The UN Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, Diego García-Sayán, has urged the Maldives to introduce urgent reforms and rectifications after the indefinite suspension of 54 lawyers.

“I call on the authorities to create an independent bar association to oversee lawyers’ affairs,” said the Special Rapporteur. “Its priorities should include protecting lawyers’ independence, defending their interests and enforcing disciplinary measures. It should be self-regulating as well as independent.”

The suspended lawyers had signed a petition raising serious concerns about the independence and functioning of the country’s justice system. Some of them had assembled outside the Supreme Court on 30 August trying to submit the petition and calling for judicial reforms. Their suspension was announced by the Department of Judicial Administration less than two weeks later, on 10 September.

“Just like everyone else, lawyers are entitled to freedom of opinion, expression, association and peaceful assembly,” said the Special Rapporteur. “In particular, they have the right to take part in public discussions on matters concerning the law, the administration of justice and the protection of human rights.

“This alarming mass suspension clearly did not abide by international standards regulating disciplinary proceedings against lawyers and protecting their independence, and I strongly condemn it. Not only are the grounds for suspension dubious, but the lawyers have so far not been granted a fair hearing and they have no avenue for appeal.”

The Special Rapporteur noted that the suspended lawyers could represent one third of the lawyers in private practice in the Maldives, and more than half the lawyers licensed to practise before the Criminal Court.




Click to access EN_HRL_20171031_Maldives_Concerns-regarding-the-suspension-of-56-Maldivians-lawyers.pdf

France/Israel/Palestine: Appel pour la libération de Salah Hamouri, avocat Franco-Palestinien

le 9 octobre, 2017

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(Liberté pour Salah Hamouri Facebook)

Pour signer  http://libertepoursalah.fr










https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salah_Hamouri (ENGLISH)

http://en.abna24.com/news/middle-east/israel-arrest-14-palestinians-every-night_860137.html (ENGLISH)

https://www.change.org/p/emmanuel-macron-demand-the-immediate-release-of-human-rights-defender-salah-hamouri (PETITION IN ENGLISH)

http://brecha.com.uy/cronica-del-ensanamiento-salah-hamouri/ (ESPANOL)

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Soirée de Solidarité avec Salah Hamouri

le 10 octobre, 2017 à 19h30

Salle Le Royal, 13 avenue Anatole France, 94600 Choisy-le-Roi

Soirée de solidarité avec Salah Hamouri, avocat franco-palestinien arbitrairement détenu en Israël, en vue de consittuer un comité de soutien local.

🎬 Projection du documentaire “L’affaire Salah Hamouri” suivie d’un débat avec :
➡ Nadir Dendoune, réalisateur du documentaire “l’affaire Salah Hamouri”
➡ Elsa Lefort, femme de Salah Hamouri et porte parole de son comité de soutien.

Soirée à l’initiative de l’Association Solidarité Choisy Palestine, avec le soutien de la LDH Choisy-Orly-Thiais, du PCF Choisy, de la FI Choisy, et de l’UL CGT Choisy.

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Turkey: Lawyer Ramazan Demir IBA 2017 Human Rights Award

October 9, 2017

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