Egypt/Brazil: Allard Prize for International Integrity awarded today (LIVESTREAM)

September 28, 2017

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Want to see the #AllardPrize ceremony but can’t make it in person? Check it out on Facebook Live today at 6.30pm Vancouver time:

Finalists include Brazil’s anti-corruption Lava Jato (Car Wash) Task Force which has successfully prosecuted and found guilty more than 100 businessmen and politicians, including former President Lula, and Egyptian human rights lawyer Azza Solimon. (FRANCAIS) (BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE – Supporters of the Brazilian Workers Party (PT) threaten to prevent Lava Jato from receiving the Prize and to protest at the Ceremony in Vancouver.) (BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE) (BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE),estudantes-e-juristas-protestam-para-barrar-premio-a-lava-jato,70002016566 (BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE) (BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE),903632/estudantes-e-juristas-protestam-para-barrar-premio-a-lava-jato-no-cana.shtml (BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE) (BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE) (BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE) (BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE) (BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE) (ARABIC) (AZERBAIJANI)

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