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Israel/Palestine/France: “On m’a taxé d’antisémite parce que je soutiens mon confrère Salah Hamouri emprisonné en Israël”, Alexandre Braud, avocat au barreau de Béthune

le 19 septembre, 2017

Alexandre Braud est avocat au barreau de Béthune, dans le Pas-de-Calais (62). Quand il a appris qu’un de ses confrères, Salah Hamouri, avait été arrêté en Israël le 23 août dernier, puis jeté en prison (voir nos éditions), il a tout de suite interpellé son syndicat mais aussi ses collègues, comme il l’aurait fait pour “n’importe quel autre avocat détenu dans le monde”. Il ne s’attendait pas à de telles réactions… 

LCDL : Êtes-vous militant de la cause palestinienne  ?

Alexandre Braud : Pas spécialement. Comme beaucoup, je m’intéresse à ce qu’il se passe au Proche-Orient mais je ne me considère pas comme un militant de la cause palestinienne. Je sais que l’Etat d’Israël ne respecte pas le droit international. Que les Nations unies condamnent sans cesse, en vain, la colonisation et l’occupation de la Cisjordanie.

Quelle a été votre première réaction quand vous avez appris l’arrestation de votre confrère Salah Hamouri  ?

Je me suis d’abord renseigné sur qui était ce jeune homme. De nombreux articles racontaient en détail l’histoire de ce Franco-Palestinien de 32 ans. J’ai vu qu’il avait déjà été arrêté entre 2005 et 2011. J’ai très vite compris qu’il avait été jeté de nouveau en prison injustement, simplement parce qu’il défendait ses positions politiques. Parce qu’il dénonce l’Occupation.









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China: Ongoing arbitrary and incommunicado detention of Mr. Wang Quanzhang

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CHN 003 / 0917 / OBS 101

Arbitrary detention /

Torture / Judicial harassment


September 19, 2017

The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a partnership of the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) and FIDH, requests your urgent intervention in the following situation in China.

Brief description of the situation:

The Observatory has been informed by reliable sources about the ongoing arbitrary and incommunicado detention of Mr. Wang Quanzhang, a human rights lawyer with Fengrui Law Firm in Beijing. Mr. Wang was detained in the context of the “709 crackdown”[1].

According to the information received, since Mr. Wang Quanzhang’s arrest by police in August 2015, Chinese authorities have repeatedly prevented his wife and his lawyers from having access to him.

After he was taken into custody on August 3, 2015, Mr. Wang was held under “residential surveillance at a designated location” (RSDL) for six months, until he was formally arrested on January 8, 2016 and transferred to Tianjin No. 2 Detention Center. His family assumes he is still detained at Tianjin No. 2 Detention Center but neither his wife nor his lawyer has been able to meet him since his transfer to Tianjin. On some occasions, Tianjin police claimed they did not know where Mr. Wang was.

On February 14, 2017, Mr. Wang was indicted on charges of “inciting subversion of State power” (Article 105 of the Chinese Criminal Law), punishable with prison terms ranging from 10 years to life imprisonment.

Moreover, it is strongly believed that Mr. Wang was subjected to various forms of ­torture, including electric shocks, while in custody. Since his arrest, his relatives have also been subjected to harassment. In particular, his wife, Ms. Li Wenzu, has been constantly monitored, and was arbitrarily detained on several occasions. Their son has also been forcibly removed from kindergarten by police order.

Mr. Wang has been practicing law since 2003, and has represented a wide array of clients in human rights cases, including Falun Gong practitioners, members of the New Citizens’ Movement, housing rights activist Ni Yulan, and journalist Qi Chonghuai. He also wrote or co-authored many articles on the legal profession and human rights, and led many human rights and legal training sessions for less experienced human rights defenders around China. He has faced constant harassment and suffered retaliation for his work.

The Observatory strongly condemns the arbitrary detention of Mr. Wang Quanzhang, and urges the Chinese authorities to immediately and unconditionally release him, ensure his right to access to his relatives and a lawyer of his own or his family’s choosing, and respect his rights including those stipulated in the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners and the UN Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers.






Kenya: Statement of Hon. Chief Justice Maraga – Kenya Judiciary on Threats Against the Judiciary

September 19, 2017

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You will recall that four weeks ago, the Judicial Service Commission addressed Kenyans through a press conference at this very place over the increasing incidence of attacks by various groups of people who were given to making threats and demands intended to interfere with the work of the Judiciary. Since the Supreme Court delivered the judgement on the 2017 Presidential Election Petition on September 1, 2017, these attacks have become even more aggressive, culminating in lengthy uninterrupted demonstrations right outside the Supreme Court Building yesterday and today. Whereas we recognise and respect the rights of citizens to picket as provided in the Constitution, these demonstrations have bordered on violence and are clearly intended to intimidate the Judiciary and individual judges.

Further, in a particularly unfortunate incident yesterday in Kirinyaga County, Hon. Martha Karua was blocked by demonstrators from accessing the Kerugoya Law Courts for the hearing of her own petition. This amounts to intimidation of petitioners and should never be allowed to happen. It is notable and worrying that these attacks are occurring at a time when the Judiciary is starting to hear the 339 petitions already filed in various courts. At the same time, individual judges, particularly of the Supreme Court, as well as other judicial officers and staff, have been attacked, threatened and negatively profiled on social media. Senior political leaders have also threatened the Judiciary promising ‘to cut it down to size’ and ‘teach us a lesson’. These attacks are denigrating, demeaning and degrading and are meant to intimidate, threaten and cow the institution and individual judges. Such acts are not only unlawful but also savage in nature.

In view of these unfortunate developments, the JSC would like to state that we unreservedly condemn these mindless acts of aggression against the Judiciary and reiterate that if anything happens to the individual judges, staff or their families, those making inciting statements will be personally held responsible. JSC notes with dismay that the Inspector-General of Police, who is expected to provide security to all Government facilities, has repeatedly ignored calls to act, exposing Judicial officers, property and litigants to danger. The Judiciary is an arm of Government equal to the Executive and the Legislature. If leaders are tired of having a strong and independent judiciary, they should call a referendum and abolish it altogether. Before that happens, the Judiciary will continue to discharge its mandate in accordance with the Constitution and individual oaths of office. The Judiciary has not and will never seek to direct the other arms about how to perform their functions. In the same vein, we will not allow anybody to dictate to us how to discharge our mandate as given by the people of Kenya under the Constitution. We want to state that the rule of law must be allowed to prevail at all times.

The Judicial Service Commission supports the Independence of the Judiciary as an institution as well as the independence of every Judge, Magistrate or Kadhi. We urge all judicial officers to proceed with their work in accordance with their constitutional mandate without any fear, favour or bias and in accordance with the responsibility accorded us by the people of Kenya. All sovereign power belongs to the people. We therefore will never agree to work in accordance with the whims and desires of the executive and Parliament. The Judiciary as currently constituted cannot and shall not guarantee a particular outcome to any individual. We call upon Kenyans of goodwill to stand up for the independence of the Judiciary and the rule of law. On our part, we are prepared to pay the ultimate price to protect the Constitution and the rule of law.”













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Indonesia: The Foundation of the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute Raided and Attacked

September 19, 2017


On 17 September 2017, thousands of anti-communist demonstrators surrounded and besieged the office of the Foundation of the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute (YLBHI) in Jakarta, on false allegations that a gathering held inside the building was attended by supporters of the former Indonesian Communist Party. On 16 September 2017, police raided the same premises to cancel an event held by Jakarta Legal Aid to discuss human rights violations which occurred during the mass killings in 1965-1966, which targeted communist sympathisers. The YLBHI office was sealed by the police on 18 September, and lawyers from Jakarta Legal Aid have been prevented from entering the building.

On 17 September 2017, at roughly 9:30pm the headquarters of the Foundation of the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute were attacked by anti-communist protesters. The protesters wrongly believed that an event at the YLBHI was a gathering of supporters of the Indonesian Communist Party, which was banned in 1966. The YLBHI was holding a discussion and musical performance to protest against the dispersal of the Jakarta Legal Aid event the previous day. Some demonstrators attempted to enter the premises while the mob shouted nationalist slogans and death threats. Around roughly 1:20 am, the protestors began pushing against police and threw bottles and rocks at them. Clashes erupted, which led to  several police officers being injured. Several people trapped inside the YLBHI’s office suffered panic attacks and one individual was injured by shattered glass caused by large rocks being thrown at the building. Everyone inside the YLBHI office were safely evacuated shortly after 2:00 am, once the protesters had dispersed.

On 16 September 2017, a group of scholars, activists, survivors and families of victims of the 1965-66 massacres gathered for an academic discussion on the human rights violations that occurred between 1965 and 1966. However, this event, which was organised by Jakarta Legal Aid, and attended by members of several human rights organisations, was forcibly broken up by the police. Police raided the headquarters of YLBHI, where the event was taking place without a warrant, removed the banner of the event and intimidated Jakarta Legal Aid’s lawyers.









Poland/L4L/CCBE/ICJ: HDIM 2017 Side event: Lawyers Need Legal Protections too

September 19, 2017

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Justice International (JI), Lawyers for Lawyers (L4L), the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE), International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) and Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (HFHR) worked together to bring a panel of experts, lawyers and human rights defenders to discuss the important role lawyers play while performing all of their professional functions in challenging conditions under intimidation, hindrance, harassment or improper interference. –> http://bit.ly/2ffZJuq

The Human Dimension Implementation Meeting 2017 (HDIM)
“Lawyers Need Legal Protections too: Human Rights Lawyers Working in Challenging

Warsaw National Stadium (PGE Narodowy), Aleja Poniatowskiego 1, GATE 1, 2nd floor
September 20, 2017, Room 1, 13:15-14:45

Refreshments will be provided

Panel Speakers: 

Maria Slazak  Moderator, Former President of CCBE
Temur Shakirov Legal Adviser, International Commission of Jurists
Olga Salamatova           Legal Expert, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
Anara Ibraeva Lawyer from Kazakhstan, Public Association “Dignity”
Nikolai Polozov Lawyer from the Russian Federation, working in Crimea
Farangis Zikriyaeva Lawyer from Tajikistan, Human Rights Matter
Ruslan Myatiev Human rights defender living in exile, Alternative Turkmenistan News
Dmitry Tihonov Human rights defender from Uzbekistan living in exile


Turkey/AED: Free our 16 colleagues, members of ÇHD (Progressive Lawyers Association), arrested in Turkey:


September 12, 2017


We have been informed that our 16 colleagues are currently under detention in Ankara, Istanbul and Diyarbakır. We are very worried about the situation of the lawyers Barkin Timtik, Engin Gökoglu and Ozgur Yılmaz. They may have been subject to torture.

The president of ÇHD Selçuk and Betül Kozağaçlı have not been arrested but we have been informed that their practice of lawyering has been limited and their phones and computers seized.

In the early morning of the 12th September a new police operation took place, which culminated with the arrest of 16 lawyers. These lawyers are members of the People’s Law Office and have represented the activists Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça, who are currently on hunger strike after being dismissed from their teaching positions. Their trial will take place on the 14th of September.

As we have been informed, with this last wave of crackdowns against lawyers, the number of lawyers under criminal prosecution in Turkey is now 1343. 524 of them have been arrested since the coup attempt in July 2016.

We urge the Turkish government to ensure that the 16 lawyers mentioned above are immediately released because we believe that they were taken into custody solely because of their professional activity as lawyers.

We demand to take all necessary measures to guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of lawyers in Turkey as well as their ability to perform their professional duties without fear of reprisal, hindrance, intimidation or harassment.


http://lesaf.org/liberez-nos-confreres-membres-du-chd-arretes-en-turquie/ (FRANCAIS)

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¿Sabes que en Turquía ya van mas de 1.300 abogadas represaliadas y más de 520 han sido detenidas? Y en total más de 100.000 personas han sido inhabilitadas, suspendidas o detenidas gracias al régimen de excepción instaurado por el Presidente Erdogan.

Así que este jueves 21 concentración ante la Embajada, a las 13:30, para pedir que paren estas persecuciones y se restaure el Estado de Derecho en Turquía.

Aquí el comunicado conjunto de Avocats Européens Démocrates a la que pertenecemos: http://ala.org.es/21-septiembre-concentracion-ante-la-embajada-de-turquia/

(Asociación Libre de Abogadas y Abogados Facebook)

Donderdag 1600 uur –jan evertstraat 15- den haag –turkse ambassade

Beste allen

Afgelopen weekend werd het voorstel om in zoveel mogelijk steden maandelijkse  estafette- demonstraties te houden voor de belaagde en vervolgde turkse collegas ,met veel enthousiasme aanvaard door de AED vergadering in Berlijn .

De VSAN –sociale advocatuur- heeft haar leden opgeroepen in grote getale deel te nemen (zie onder).

De stichting dag van de bedreigde advocaat werkt van harte mee  met dit goede initiatief

De turkse rechtsstaat lijkt steeds meer in sneltreinvaart te verdwijnen.

Duizenden mensen zijn in turkije vast gezet ,er komen steeds meer meldingen van marteling binnen .

Een jurist muatafa Erdogan genaamd is tengevolge van zijn detentie overleden door  het hem onthouden van voldoende medische zorg bij hartproblemen .

Weer 16 advocaten zijn zojuist gearresteerd waaronder Aytac Unsal met wie ik een vrienschapsband heb ;hij zette zich in voor eerder gevangen gezette collegas

en andere slachtoffers van de crackdown .

We hopen  dat zoveel mogelijk advocaten ,maar zeker ook andere beroepsgroepen en hun vak- organizaties ,dit korte termijn -initiatief willen ondersteunen en as donderdag  in den haag verschijnen .

Ook amnesty international is ingeseind –zoals u weet is de turkse amnesty-voorzitter ook onlangs gevangen gezet .

Journalisten /schrijvers /rechters /officieren van justitie/parlementsleden  die voor hun eveneens gearresteerde en vervolgde collegas willen opkomen worden verzocht zich bij dit project aan te sluiten .

Graag doen wij  een beroep op u om de as demonstratieve bijeenkomst in den haag om 1600 bij de wonen.

Hieronder vindt u de oproep voor de vsan leden ,maar zoals gezegd iedereen is node  welkom

Hartelijke groet


Hans Gaasbeek


Beste vsan-leden

Zoals jullie waarschijnlijk weten is in de afgelopen dagen opnieuw een aanzienlijk aantal Turkse collega’s  gearresteerd. Zie het nieuwsbericht op de VSAN-website en bijgevoegd statement.

Op verzoek van de AED en de CHD (onze Turkse zusterorganisatie) roepen we jullie op om op donderdag 21 september om 16.15 uur voor de Turkse ambassade in toga te verschijnen voor een demonstratie.  Adres Turkse ambassade: Jan Evertstraat 15. Lees hier de routebeschrijving.

De tekst van de petitie kunnen jullie hier vinden.

Jullie aanwezigheid is van essentieel belang omdat onze collega’s in gevaar zijn.

We hopen op een mooie opkomst!

Bestuur AED


Stichting “Dag van de bedreigde advocaat”

India: An Appeal For Support To The Terminated Dalit Judge Prabhakar Gwal

September 19, 2017

Dalit Judge Prabhakar Gwal

This comes as an urgent appeal to you seeking support and solidarity for Mr. Prabhakar Gwal. Gwal has been a well known people’s judge from Chhattisgarh. Gwal a Chief Judicial Magistrate who was known for his integrity was dismissed in April 2016. He was last posted as Chief Judicial Magistrate in Sukma where from he was dismissed from his services by state government.

Who is Prabhakar Gwal?

Prabhakar Gwal has been born in a Ganda community in a small village namely Nanakpali, near Saraipali of Mahasamund district. A community and region which has a history of bonded labour He has come up through all the pains his parents faced and bore the burden of the social system of caste in every day life from his childhood. After completing his early studies, he joined for law and become a lawyer. He practiced for 10 years after which he joined the judicial service in 2006. Life as an untouchable has given him the orientation on socio-cultural and political patterns of Indian society, which reflected in his tenure as a judge.

Gwal had reputation of an upright judge who had become an eyesore for the powerful politicians and bureaucrats, as he took cognisance of corruption related complaints and took strong action. He has questioned the manner in which the police have been indiscriminately arresting tribals in the conflict zones of Chhattisgarh.

What was his crime for the termination?

Gwal came into limelight after his remarkable judgement in which he sentenced five persons to six years imprisonment each in a case relating to leakage of question papers of PMT, being conducted by Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board or Vyapam, in 2011. He passed the order as Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Bilaspur.