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Egypt/Italy: Egitto: scomparso l’avvocato della famiglia Regeni


Egitto: scomparso l’avvocato della famiglia Regeni

E’ ufficialmente scomparso Ibrahim Metwaly, uno degli avvocati egiziani della famiglia Regeni. Il legale, da anni attivo nelle battaglie per i diritti umani negati dal regime di Al Sisi, ieri avrebbe dovuto prendere un volo per Ginevra, dove era atteso a una conferenza stampa delle Nazioni Unite, proprio per denunciare le gravi violazioni che continuano in Egitto.

A quanto si apprende, Metwaly sarebbe stato prelevato in aeroporto e da lì si sono prese le sue tracce. La denuncia è partita dai colleghi dell’Egyptian Commission for Right and Freedom. L’avvocato, 53 anni, ha perso un figlio che non è mai stato ritrovato. Fin dalla scoperta del corpo martoriato di GiulioRegeni, si era battuto per riuscire a ricostruire la verità su quanto successo.

Ora il suo misterioso rapimento, che lascia intendere quanto sia ancora complicata la situazione nel Paese. Dove, dalla prossima settimana, riaprirà anche la sede diplomatica italiana e arriverà il nuovo ambasciatore Giampiero Cantini.






http://www.ansamed.info/ansamed/en/news/nations/jordan/2017/09/12/alfano-to-meet-egyptian-counterpart-on-sept.-14-in-london_28aa3f46-8bb8-4ae3-89d2-393e8889e289.html (ENGLISH)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Giulio_Regeni (ENGLISH)

Ibrahim Metwaly, 53 ans, l’un des avocats égyptiens de la famille de Guido Regeni, l’enquêteur italien tué en Egypte entre janvier et février 2016, a disparu  alors qu’il était sur le point d’embarquer sur le vol Egyptair MS 771 pour Genève, pour participer à une conférence de presse des Nations Unies pour dénoncer les graves violations qui se poursuivent en Égypte. ll semble qu(il a été intercepté et disparu à l’aéroport du Caire, selon ses collègues de la Commission égyptienne du droit et de la liberté. Son retour était prévu pour le 16 septembre.

http://www.idhae.org/observatoire-fr-wews1709.htm (FRANCAIS)

(Ibrahim Metwaly, the lawyer of Italian student Giulio Regeni who was abducted and tortured to death in 2016, has disappeared.)


Maldives: Maldives suspends lawyers demanding rule of law

September 11, 2017

The Maldives' image as a tourism paradise is being tarnished by political unrest

Maldives authorities suspended 56 lawyers on Monday, including all those who are defending dissidents, for demanding the rule of law in the politically restive archipelago.

The Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) said those who signed a petition making the demand were suspended indefinitely because they had violated several laws and were in contempt of court.

“The petition is an unlawful document and signing it is an act that interferes and puts pressure on the justice system,” said a DJA statement.

The ban applies to over a third of the 150 lawyers in private practice in the Maldives and to the entire legal team of exiled opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed and other dissidents.

An alliance of four opposition parties said the suspension by President Abdulla Yameen’s government means dissidents would no longer have access to quality legal counsel.

“An immediate practical implication of the suspension is that individuals unfairly targeted by President Yameen´s regime will find it virtually impossible to find effective legal counsel,” they said in a statement.








Maldives Must Respect its Commitment to Protect the Independence of Lawyers

The UIA has learned about the recent, immediate and unwarranted suspension of more than one third of the Maldives Bar Association members, and is profoundly concerned by the situation.

Last Monday, September 11, 2017, the Maldives authorities indefinitely suspended 56 lawyers, charging them with contempt of court. The indefinite suspensions were announced hours after the lawyers submitted a petition to the Attorney General expressing concern that courts were conducting cases in disregard of the Rule of Law.

Last June the Maldives adopted a UN Human Rights Council resolution recalling the Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers, expressing deep concern about the significant number of attacks against lawyers as well as unlawful interference with the independent practice of their profession, and highlighting the necessity to protect lawyers against attack.

Today, the Maldives’ authorities must immediately comply with their commitments and take all necessary measures, as required by the separation of powers, to revoke the suspension order against the 56 lawyers, respecting and protecting the immunity of lawyers in the exercise of their functions. The government of the Maldives must safeguard the development of the legal profession and ensure that present or future actions that impact the exercise of the legal profession are consistent with the Maldives’ international obligations under international human rights law, including with respect to the rights of lawyers and the independence of the legal profession.

https://www.lextimes.fr/actualites/maldives/luia-denonce-la-suspension-de-cinquante-six-avocats (FRANCAIS)

India: Bikers attack woman lawyer

September 11, 2017

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woman lawyerwas attacked by unidentified men while she was on her way home to Greater Kailash-I from a meeting with another lawyer in Niti Bagh. The incident took place around 1pm on Sunday in front of Gargi College.

Recalling the incident, the lawyer told TOI that she left the lawyer’s office around 12.30 pm and was crossing Gargi College when two men sped towards her on two bikes.
At first, she didn’t realise they were heading towards her. Soon, one of the men came next to her Toyota Altis and started using expletives. The woman, sitting on the left side of the back seat, said that before she could react, the man pulled out a rod from a huge bag and smashed the rear window of her car.
The glass broke and she got injured when the shards fell all over her. She immediately made a phone call to her relatives, who reached the spot and informed the PCR.
Soon, cops reached and rushed the lawyer to a hospital. She was treated for her injuries and discharged later.
“The incident has shaken us. My daughter has been fighting a court case for quite some time. The opposite party may have been involved in attacking her,” said the woman’s mother. Cops are scanning CCTV footage of the area to ascertain the sequence of events and to identify the attackers.


Iran: Free detained human rights lawyer Abdolfattah Soltani


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مگدلینا مغربی معاون بخش خاورمیانه و شمال آفریقا عفو بین الملل با اشاره به ششمین سالگرد حبس عبدالفتاح سلطانی، وکیل برجسته‌ی حقوق بشر و زندانی عقیدتی که به خاطر دفاع از حقوق بشر به ۱۳ سال زندان محکوم شده است، گفت: «حبس طولانی مدت عبدالفتاح سلطانی یک بی‌عدالتی عظیم و گواهی تلخ بر سرکوب شدید مقامات ایران علیه کسانی است که شجاعانه برای حمایت از حقوق بشر و ارتقای آن فعالیت می‌کنند. او هرگز نباید زندانی می‌شد و تاسف‌بار است که مجبور شده شش سال گذشته را که تقریبا معادل نیمی از حکم ناعادلانه‌اش است در زندان بگذراند.»
مگدلینا مغربی افزود: «مقامات ایران باید فورا و بدون و قید و شرط عبدالفتاح سلطانی را آزاد کنند و به استفاده سوء از نظام کیفری برای خاموش کردن صدای مدافعان حقوق بشر پایان دهند. آن‌ها باید همچنین ادعاهای تماما بی‌اساس خود مبنی بر همکاری وی با گروه‌های تروریستی را رسما پس بگیرند و کارزارهای افترا و اتهام‌زنی به عبدالفتاح سلطانی را پایان دهند.

در متن کیفرخواست علیه عبدالفتاح سلطانی، ده‌ها نمونه از فعالیت‌های مسالمت‌آمیز حقوق بشری او به عنوان مصداق «اقدام علیه امنیت ملی» مطرح شده است. این موارد شامل پذیرش وکالت زندانیان سیاسی و عقیدتی آن هم به طور رایگان، اعتراض علنی به شکنجه و دادرسی‌های ناعادلانه در مصاحبه‌های رسانه‌ای، ارسال اطلاعات مربوط به نقض حقوق بشر در ایران به سازمان ملل، محکومیت تبعیض علیه اقلیت بهایی و مخالفت با مجازات اعدام، می‌شود. وی همچنین به دلیل پذیرش جایزه‌ی بین المللی حقوق بشر نورمبرگ از طریق همسرش به «پذیرفتن جایزه‌ی غیرقانونی و کسب مال نامشروع» متهم شده است.


متن كامل بيانيه در كانال تلگرام عفو بين الملل

Turkey: Eren Keskin : Plutôt qu’aller à l’étranger, je vais aller en prison

le 11 septembre, 2017

eren keskin

Nous avons considéré essentiel de traduire cette interview d’Eren Keskin, avocate et militante des droits humains en Turquie, qui embrasse l’ensemble des questions de justice, d’aujourd’hui et d’hier.

Au dehors même de l’hommage qu’il faut rendre à cette femme et son combat, revenir sur les procédures, les enquêtes d’injustice en cours, le fonctionnement ubuesque des institutions judiciaires à travers son regard acéré constitue une archive incontournable vers laquelle nous aurons malheureusement souvent l’occasion de renvoyer dans les mois à venir.

Attendons-nous également à devoir organiser, pour elle aussi, un soutien conséquent lors de ces procès à répétition à venir, malgré qu’elle-même ait une vision très “réaliste” des désormais réactions européennes sans convictions.

Un article de İrfan Aktanpublié en turc sur Gazete Duvar le 8 septembre 2017

Eren Keskin : Plutôt qu’aller à l’étranger, je vais aller en prison

Qui aurait pu penser que Eren Keskin, qui a subi des attaques armées dans les années 90, emprisonnée seulement parce qu’elle a utilisé le mot “Kurdistan”, qui a perdu de nombreux amiEs dans des assassinats non résolus, une défenseure des droits humains qui a participé à des procès de torture, d’agressions et de viols, préférerait ces années là à celles d’aujourd’hui ? Ce qu’on pense impossible peut arriver. L’avocate Eren Keskin dit que malgré toute leur noirceur, les 90, étaient mieux que ce qui se passe aujourd’hui. Et elle s’étonne de se l’entendre dire !

Les droits humains se forgent en les défendant et ce qu’on appelle la dignité humaine prend vie à la hauteur de ces conquêtes. Et celles-ci voient le jour, grâce aux luttes menées par certaines personnes courageuses, malgré les menaces d’exil, de prison et de mort. En effet, les defenseurEs des droits humains qui ont voué leur vie à élever la dignité humaine en Turquie, sont actuellement sous la menace et l’oppression, comme jamais.

L’avocate Eren Keskin, qui est une des figures emblématiques de la lutte pour les droits humains en Turquie, est assiègée par 143 différents procès ouverts à son encontre.


http://gazetekarinca.com/2017/09/turkiyede-yargilanan-eren-keskine-isvecten-insan-haklari-odulu/ (TURKCE)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eren_Keskin (ENGLISH)

https://stockholmcf.org/new-research-decodes-how-turkey-brands-law-abiding-peaceful-people-as-terrorists/ (ENGLISH)

https://www.annadahlbacksminnesfond.com/ (ENGLISH)

https://stockholmcf.org/un-high-commissioner-for-human-rights-urges-turkish-govt-to-stop-attacks-on-human-rights/ (ENGLISH)

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Taner Kılıç, a lawyer and the chairman of Amnesty International Turkey’s board, is in the 98th day of his arrest. #amnestyinternational

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Amnesty International’s Turkey director and lawyer Idil Eser is in the 68th day of her arrest. #amnestyinternational#Turkey

(Turkey Purge Facebook)