The Philippines: House to hear impeachment complaint vs CJ Sereno on Wednesday

September 8, 2017

Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno - August 9, 2016

The impeachment complaints against Supreme Court Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno and Comelec Chairman Andress Bautista have been referred to the House Committee on Justice on Thursday.

Committee Chairman Reynaldo Umali said they will begin with the two complaints filed against the chief magistrate, followed by the complaint against the Comelec chairman.

The hearing will determine if the grounds indicated in the complaints are sufficient in form and substance.

In Sereno’s case the committee may possibly invite the justices who would want to testify against the chief justice.

“If they are willing to testify wala naman problema yun (there’s no problem). We will issue invitation maybe, and better still since voluntary, so they can come over,” Umali said.

The committee, however, will give Sereno a chance to answer all the allegations against her.

It can be in writing or in person should she wish to come over.

“If she wants to confront the witnesses then she can go with it that’s her constitutional rights,” Umali added.

Once the complaints passed in the committee level and get 1/3 or 98 votes from the plenary it will be transmitted to the Senate who will stand as the impeachment court.




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