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Egypt: Mohamed Azmy and Maysara Abdoun arrested at peaceful protest

September 8, 2017


On 3 September 2017, approximately 24 demonstrators including human rights defenders Mohamed Azmy and Maysara Abdoun were arrested at a peaceful protest to campaign for the rights of the Nubian population. The demonstrators are currently detained in the Aswan Central Security Camp in Shalal.

Mohamed Azmy is a lawyer and human rights defender and is currently President of the General Nubian Union, based in Aswan. He advocates for the land rights of Nubian people and fair resettlement to their historical homeland in the south of Egypt. The General Nubian Union in Aswan is a recently founded movement that actively promotes the right to return of the Nubian community to their ancestral land. The Nubian people were subjected to forced displacement as a result of various government-led projects such as the construction of the Aswan High Dam in the 1960s.

Maysara Abdoun is a Nubian human rights defender actively involved in the defence of minority and Nubian rights in the Aswan governorate. He is the training coordinator at Border Center for Support & Consulting (BSC), an organisation led by a group of youth with experience in  community development and human rights.

The protest held on 3 September 2017 included a peaceful march and the singing of traditional songs on the occasion of Eid al-Adha in order to campaign for the Nubians’ ‘right of return’ as guaranteed by article 236 of the 2014 Egyptian Constitution. The demonstration was scheduled for 3.00 pm in the centre of Aswan. However, due to the presence of security forces, it was relocated to the square of Midan Al-Guzzayra. At Midan Al-Guzzayra, the demonstrators were met by eight security vehicles and two military tanks. Armed police reportedly physically assaulted protestors and arrested approximately 24 individuals, including human rights defenders Mohammad Azmi and Maysara Abdoun. The human rights defenders are facing charges of ‘disrupting public order’ and ‘inciting protest’. The demonstrators are currently detained in the Aswan Central Security Camp in Shalal.



http://www.liberation.fr/planete/2017/09/06/egypte-la-torture-des-detenus-politiques-probable-crime-contre-l-humanite_1594559 (FRANCAIS)

UPDATES, September 9, 2017:

Nubian detainees were not transferred to the court today. the judge sentenced them a week in detention. #Nubia #Egypt

Update: Nubian detainees started hunger strike today.there is no medical care offered to them& their health might deteriorate #Nubia #Egypt


India/Kashmir: Lawyers to boycott courts today

September 8, 2017

Rising Kashmir

The lawyers have decided to stay away from courts in the Valley on Friday while the High Court Bar Association has written a letter to Chief Justice of India (CJI) on the NIA raids in the Valley.
A general body meeting of High Court Bar Association was held at High Court premises today. In the meeting, it was unanimously decided that in view of continuous questioning of President Bar Association Mian Qayoom by NIA all the lawyers would abstain from court work tomorrow (Friday).
The members expressed their satisfaction over support and resentment shown by all the district and Mufassil Bar Associations of the valley over questioning of Bar President by NIA.
In the meeting, the members also decided to hold another meet on Friday it was decided that the strike shall continue tomorrow as well.
Accordingly, all the members of the Bar Association as well as all the District and Mufassil Bar Associations of the valley are requested to support the strike call and abstain from court on September 8.
Meanwhile, J&K High Court Bar Association has written a letter to Chief Justice of India.
In the letter, the Bar Association has said that its president Mian Qayoom does not own directly, indirectly or otherwise any property in the areas of Jammu, Hyderpora, Peerbagh, Zakura, Lal Bazar, Lasjan, Pantha Chowk, shopping complex at an unknown place, as is being publicly stated on the social networking sites.







The Philippines: House to hear impeachment complaint vs CJ Sereno on Wednesday

September 8, 2017

Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno - August 9, 2016

The impeachment complaints against Supreme Court Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno and Comelec Chairman Andress Bautista have been referred to the House Committee on Justice on Thursday.

Committee Chairman Reynaldo Umali said they will begin with the two complaints filed against the chief magistrate, followed by the complaint against the Comelec chairman.

The hearing will determine if the grounds indicated in the complaints are sufficient in form and substance.

In Sereno’s case the committee may possibly invite the justices who would want to testify against the chief justice.

“If they are willing to testify wala naman problema yun (there’s no problem). We will issue invitation maybe, and better still since voluntary, so they can come over,” Umali said.

The committee, however, will give Sereno a chance to answer all the allegations against her.

It can be in writing or in person should she wish to come over.

“If she wants to confront the witnesses then she can go with it that’s her constitutional rights,” Umali added.

Once the complaints passed in the committee level and get 1/3 or 98 votes from the plenary it will be transmitted to the Senate who will stand as the impeachment court.










Tanzania: Lissu in Critical Condition – Mbowe

September 7, 2017

Tundu Lissu, Singida East MP who has been shot in Dodoma by unknown assailants is in critical condition.

Chadema national chairman, Freeman Mbowe, told a local radio station a few minutes ago that Lissu is in critical condition.

“He was been shot at his home… his condition is critical, I will talk later,” a vividly shaken Mbowe told the radio station.

A number of government and parliament officials as well as Members of Parliament have rushed to Dodoma General Hospital where Lissu has been taken for treatment.







http://www.jeuneafrique.com/472428/politique/tanzanie-tundu-lissu-figure-de-lopposition-grievement-blesse-par-balles/ (FRANCAIS)

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http://www.bbc.com/afrique/region-41187490 (FRANCAIS)

Israel/Palestine/France: Macron must act, says wife of French citizen Salah Hamouri held by Israel

September 6, 2017

An Israeli judge reduced the amount of time Palestinian-French citizen Salah Hamouri is to be held without charge or trial.

But lawyers say this provides little comfort, since the Israeli military can indefinitely renew administrative detention orders – a relic of British colonial rule.

Nonetheless, Addameer, the prisoners rights group where he works, said it believes that the decision “comes in response to the international pressure and campaigns calling for the immediate release of Hamouri.”

Technically, the Israeli judge rescinded a six-month administrative detention order issued against Hamouri last week and reinstated the remaining three months of a previous sentence he did not complete because he was released as part of a prisoner exchange in 2011, before that sentence was due to expire.

Bad faith

Addameer called the reinstatement “an attempt at legitimizing Hamouri’s detainment.” But Israeli military prosecutors are expected to challenge the decision, likely seeking to impose the longer administrative detention.

The reinstatement also represents yet another instance of Israel’s bad faith. Occupation authorities have rearrested dozens of Palestinians released in the 2011 exchange.

Under a military order issued by Israel, former detainees can have their sentences reinstated by a military committee on the basis of “evidence” kept secret from the detainee and their lawyer.

Hamouri is well-known in France, where lawmakers and solidarity campaigners have demanded that the French government act to secure his release.




https://www.fidh.org/fr/themes/defenseurs-des-droits-humains/israel-territoires-palestiniens-occupes-arrestation-arbitraire-et-du (FRANCAIS)

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http://libereznotreconfrere.com/ (FRANCAIS)

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Morocco: Le procureur d’Al Hoceima convoque l’avocat Elbouchattaoui

le 7 septembre, 2017

Le procureur d'Al Hoceima convoque l'avocat Elbouchattaoui

Objet d’une plainte déposée par une personne inconnue, l’avocat des détenus du Hirak, Abdessadak Elbouchattaoui a reçu une convocation du procureur d’Al Hoceima.

Joint par Ladepeche.ma, l’avocat affirme avoir été convoqué pour comparaitre devant le procureur d’Al Hoceima le 18 septembre. “La convocation indique que je fais l’objet d’une plainte, mais aucune mention du dépositaire de la plainte n’y est citée”, nous a-t-il expliqué.

Me Elbouchattaoui a été convoqué en sa qualité d’avocat, puisque, dit-il, le bâtonnier de l’ordre des avocats d’Al Hoceima a été appelé par le procureur à l’accompagner lors de sa comparution, conformément à la loi organisant l’exercice de la profession d’avocat.

Convoqué à cause du Hirak ?

Abdessadak Elbouchattaoui est un activiste du Hirak, et est connu pour ses posts Facebook en soutien à la “cause du Rif”. Des posts souvents critiques envers le traitement par l’Etat des contestations à Al Hoceima.





China: Chinese Rights Lawyer Writes to China’s Leaders Calling For Amnesty

September 7, 2017

Human rights lawyer Xie Yanyi is shown in an undated photo.

A prominent human rights lawyer has penned an open letter to the leaders of the ruling Chinese Communist Party calling for an amnesty for political prisoners and democratic reform.

Xie Yanyi, who was among hundreds of lawyers and associated rights activists detained during a nationwide police operation targeting the legal profession since July 2015, said he wrote to President Xi Jinping and members of the all-powerful Politburo standing committee because he believes a democratic future is the only viable one for China.

“I just wanted to speak truthfully … this is something that concerns everyone, and everyone shares responsibility,” Xie said. “I am still optimistic about the future.”

“I believe that people, whether they be the highest leaders within the current system or my compatriots, want the best for our country and for it to complete its transformation into modernity,” he said. “We want to move past dictatorship and towards civilization.”

The letter accuses the authorities of perpetrating a “conspiracy” against the country’s rights lawyers and nongovernment organizations (NGOs), citing repeated allegations by detained lawyers and activists of torture and mistreatment.




le 6 septembre, 2017

Razan Zaitouneh a survécu dans la clandestinité pendant deux ans, avant de disparaître.

Justine Augier a mené une enquête fournie et édifiante sur les traces de Razan Zaitouneh, avocate enlevée en 2013, qui documentait les exactions du conflit.

De l’ardeur, mais aussi de l’audace et du labeur, il en a fallu à Justine Augier pour retracer le parcours d’une icône de la révolution syrienne qu’elle découvre après la disparition forcée de l’une et de l’autre. Un pari risqué pour une étrangère qui s’introduit dans une histoire récente et incandescente, par fascination légitime pour une héroïne, sa cause et son sort, sacrés pour des centaines de milliers de Syriens. L’auteure rapporte dans le prologue de son livre la réaction de l’un d’entre eux : «Il m’a dit que quoi que j’écrive, cela ne lui plairait pas, que je n’y arriverais pas, qu’après tout, son histoire ne me concernait pas.» Elle persiste dans son entreprise, reconnaissant la quête d’identification avec son héroïne, «parce que ce fut une longue période où j’aurais voulu être – et j’ai même cru pouvoir devenir – comme Razan». Elle note : «Nous sommes du même âge. Razan et moi.»

Razan Zaitouneh avait 37 ans quand, dans la nuit du 9 au 10 décembre 2013, elle a été enlevée à Douma, ville à la périphérie de Damas, «libérée» des forces du régime de Bachar al-Assad et contrôlée par des groupes armés de l’opposition syrienne. Le lendemain matin, l’appartement qu’elle occupait avec ses trois compagnons de planque – son mari Wael Hamadeh et des amis militants, Samira Khalil et Nazem Hamadi – est vidé de ses occupants et de leurs seuls ordinateurs et téléphones portables.