Turkey: Head of İstanbul Bar Association: No rule of law in Turkey

September 6, 2017

The chairman of the İstanbul Bar Association Mehmet Durakoğlu warned against the threat of political favoritism in judiciary and said there is no rule of law in Turkey.
Durakoğlu’s remarks came on Tuesday during an interview with Cumhuriyet daily following the opening of the new judicial year in Ankara.

Referring to government decrees issued under a state of emergency announced immediately in the wake of a botched coup attempt in July 15, 2016, lawyer Durakoğlu argued Turkey is not committed to rule of law anymore.

“Turkey has today lost its characteristic of being a state under rule of law and the reason for this is OHAL [state of emergency] process that was initiated after July 15, the KHKs [government decrees] issued due to that and Turkey’s Supreme Court decisions which stopped doing the constitutional monitoring of KHKs. Before these qualities are gained again, I believe it is not possible for the rule of law and democracy to function again in Turkey.”

Underlining that Turkey is going through the most serious judicial crisis of its history due to political favoritism in judiciary initially ensured by a constitutional referendum held in 2010, Durakoğlu noted that majority of Turkish people did not trust the justice system.



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